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She sent me to the Game of Thrones premiere, so I think the answer is pretty obvious.

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I'm not Jason, but I'm hanging out here too. I'm based in the midwest and my total experience with SF is limited to a couple of childhood vacations, so this is... interesting... to say the least.

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Another remote (Indiana) here.

I've considered the remote aspect of my job to be a huge bonus. It's convenient for me and convenient for the company. My previous line of work required me to be present in an office at a particular time whether I had something to do or not, and I couldn't adjust my hours even when it would have helped the rest of my unit. My work/life balance is a whole lot better than it has ever been, because of both the change in type of work and the company's positive attitude toward maintaining that balance.

It would be nice to see the rest of reddit more often (currently I am the only employee for several states around), but I'll miss my super-cheap cost of living. I'm a cheap person. I look at SF real estate and wonder what kind of crack is being smoked to come up with those prices.

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Honestly, laziness.

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I know the sets and costumes of Star Wars used a lot of military surplus and found objects - what was the most interesting or weirdest item that you used as a prop or set decoration?