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Hi Julian, I have 2 questions.

First, what do you do to stop yourself going mental with boredom? From my understanding, you cannot leave the embassy or you'll be arrested, so you've basically placed yourself under house arrest. What are you day to day activities?

Second, (and I don't mean this to sound inflammatory), why did you start a website to leak classified information? Surely you can understand that many things kept confidential are for the reasons of national security, and releasing secret documents puts lives and international relations at risk?

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Have you ever refused to wear an outift they gave you because it was too absurd even for you?

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Hello Eva, and welcome to reddit! I have two questions for you:

Did you struggle with the decision to forgive the nazis?

What was Dr. Mengele like as a person? Was he the evil psychotic monster the world has come to know him as, or was he simply a man interested in his experiments and didn't let ethics stand in the way?

EDIT: one more. How does Schindler's List compare to the reality? Did it capture the feeling well?

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OP has provided proof

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A lot of your roles seem to be a man who is always willing to do what it takes; someone who goes the extra yard when nobody else will, someone who will do the wrong thing for the greater good, etc. do you find that you emulate this persona, or is it just a character you are good at playing?