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I've never had this specific surgery, but I've has my wisdom teeth removed. You use a bunch of pillows propped up against the back of the bed, and you lean back against them so you're in a mostly vertical position. This lets gravity help with reducing the swelling.

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Check out precordial catch syndrome. It has a similar buildup-release feeling.

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I saw my grandfather's body an hour after he died. He hated hospitals, so he had in-home hospice care. Hospice workers are absolutely amazing.

He was reclined in the hospital bed, and his skin was already looking a bit yellow. However, the most disturbing thing was the jaw hanging open. My mom got there a few minutes after he died, and she tried to close the jaw, but it wouldn't stay closed. His dentures were taken out, so his face was all sunken in and hollow. That was the most disturbing part. He didn't look like the grandfather I knew and loved.

I burst into sobs the minute I saw his body, and I still wonder if I should have stayed at home. The memory is stamped into my mind, but I still think it was a valuable experience.

Thanks for all that you do, and thanks for hearing my story.

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It's not the compound that creates the effects, it's the receptor. Psychedelics target the serotonergic 2A receptor, activating it. Most of the classical psychedelics are chemically related to serotonin. Fun fact, there was a paper published last year that showed that LSD's longer duration was a consequence of how "tightly" the receptor held on to the molecule.

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My sister and some of her friends are in the process of organizing a sex-ed class for freshman during orientation at Emory University. Do you have any tips or advice to offer about the process of establishing these programs?