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As a person who is 2 classes away from a bachelors in both biology and chemistry, with an emphasis on biochemistry and interest in both genetics and virology, I would just like to say thank you for being such a level headed 18 year old. You researched on your own using peer reviewed material and used the results to form a logical answer.

I do have a question that I dont has been asked yet- do you have any idea what you want to do when you're older? You seem like you would fare well in the science field

Edit: ah saw that someone did ask. Follow up question then- what are you interested in writing about?

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Wait... So she just wore it around on her wrist... Like... Externally? I don't know what to think...

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Hi! I agree with what OP said. I got the surgery almost 10 years ago and when I have flares up, the best thing for me is to put heating pads and watch movies to distract myself (I love Disney movies, so Beauty and the Beast and Frozen are a great distraction). Bad weather definitely makes it worse, so try to keep her out of rain or inside with it's cloudy- atmospheric pressure is denser at those times and puts more pressure on the spine. Keep her nice and warm too! Cold can aggravate the rods as well. My mom never lets me leave the house without a jacket :)

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How old are you? Depending on your age, you can go to your high school and they can provide a record of the shots you had when you were a student. We have had patients who graduated 10+ years able to obtain their vaccines that way.

If you're older, you can request for blood work to be done. There are titers for the viruses to see if you have the antibodies against them. Though, you might have to have a reason for the doctor to order the labwork, or else insurance might not cover it.

To my knowledge, getting an extra dose of the vaccines this far from the initials shouldn't be a huge issue, but you might have an issue for insurance paying for it. But always ask your doctor