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Reddit, 4Chan, 9Gag and Facebook

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What's on your ipod? Annnddd what's your favorite scifi show? I will accept the answer mimed.

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Did you ever ask the Flat-Earthers who 'they' was and what 'they' got out of it? One of the biggest sticking points to me about conspiracy theorists is that the benefit to 'they' is never explained :/

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/u/UnholyDemigod just got a little bit more unholy.

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Where and how are you going to live for the next week, month or year? It must have been such a shock! Then again, you now have a pretty amazing story to tell your grandkids/kids/alien overlords. 'So I was sitting down , having a nice cup of tea and suddenly BAM, F-18 in my backyard'. Hope it all works out for you :)