My short bio: Hi, I'm Jared Champion, drummer for Cage the Elephant. Here's your chance to ask me anything about Cage the Elephant, playing drums, our new album Melophobia (dropping Oct 8), or anything else you can think of. By the way I'm not here for PR, no one put me up to this. I've been a lurking redditor for years--I love Reddit!

So fire away, I'll be here for a couple hours!

(by the way, we'll be playing Letterman the 11th, so check that out!)

My Proof:

EDIT: Alright, almost four hours in! This has been a blast, wish I'd done it sooner! I'm gonna go jam some badass blues music with Thomas and John cuz these guys are just sitting here waiting on me while I answer these kickass questions. I'll have the computer and try to answer some questions between songs but it'll be slower. After we're done I'll answer some more, so upvote anything you want answered that I haven't answered yet. Thanks so much everyone!

EDIT 2: Alright guys these dudes are bitching because I keep trying to type answers instead of jam the blues. It was fun as hell, let's do it again sometime! Thanks for all your comments and questions! Reddit is a beautiful place. Except for /r/spacedicks.

Check out our album on Tuesday October 8, watch us on Letterman October 11, and come see us play live next chance you get!

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rebelevenmusic939 karma

I once made a music video for "Around My Head" where I ran around in my underwear... That same week you guys recognized me in the crowd from the video and pulled me on stage where I started to strip and stumble around drunkenly. That same night I met a girl who would become my girlfriend, and eventually I hope to be my wife. So... thanks for being a part of that unlikely chain of events.

jchamp0227777 karma

Glad we could help, I'll be on the lookout for those wedding invitations.

jaiex599 karma

How did you guys get "Ain't No Rest For The Wicked" into Borderlands? Did they approach you?

This is where I originally heard you guys, when the game first came out, and I've loved you ever since. :) Thanks for doing this AMA!

jchamp0227761 karma

Yes, they did approach us and I was the one who convinced the band to approve it. It was an awesome game and the Borderlands crew did an amazing job choreographing the video to the song. It's a great opening to the game, fits it perfect.

LeConnor4 karma

I was the one who convinced the band to approve it

It sounds like it took approving. Was there some opposition to allowing Borderlands to use it? Why would there be opposition?

jchamp022710 karma

No, no opposition, the other guys just don't play video games. They didn't understand what the game was about. So, by convince them, I mean I just said this sounds like a pretty cool game lets do it. They were like "cool!"

worrywot259 karma

How did you feel when Dave Grohl took your place for a few shows when you couldn't play? Were you honored? How do you like him as a drummer?

jchamp0227424 karma

Yeah, after the first show I played with the foo fighters i was hospitalized (appendicitis) and in my drugged state i asked our manager if he thought Dave Grohl would fill in for me so our tour wouldn't be cancelled.

He placed a call to Dave and called me right back and said "Hey mate, Dave Grohl's going to fill in for you!"

I was more than honored because he was one of my idols growing up, and me and him have become really close friends because of it. I think he's a great drummer, great performer. But Taylor Hawkins is better than him--don't tell him I said that. (ha ha).

Just to add one more thing, everything awesome you've heard about Dave is true, and more. check this out

Aiomon252 karma

What inspired the writing of "In One Ear"? Who was talkin' shit? Love you all.

jchamp0227417 karma

We were really young and naive and we were just talking about a lot of the haters and critics in our home town who thought we were just playing shitty pop music.

Garrettdb239 karma

When did you realize that you and your band had "made it?"

jchamp0227618 karma

when we played lollapalooza about two years ago i think, it started pouring rain and the whole crowd was singing "Shake me Down". It was one of the most memorable moments of my life and that's when I realized how much people love our music.

takennotgranted302 karma

confession:I went to arctic monkeys instead and they didnt play for half the allotted time cuz they didn't want their equipment to get wet. later, I watched your videos and saw the complete lack of fucks that were given and realized i had made a terrible choice

jchamp0227359 karma

Personally we've been acquainted with Arctic Monkeys and i like their music. But the rain at Lolla just gave us motivation to rock harder-- we didn't care about what got wet (or who got electrocuted)

ringman97159 karma

What is the weirdest thing that has ever happened backstage?

jchamp0227434 karma

One time we were backstage and Courtney Love came up to us and just started mumbling something about cool kids sounding weird or something. She just walked off after that, it was weird.

BarelySanitary143 karma

Hey Jared I absolutely love Cage the Elephant. Your music cheers me up in a way nothing else can. Currently waiting on my Melophobia vinyl to come in! Anyway questions:

  1. What's your favorite song by CTE to play on drums?

  2. What's a typical studio session like for you guys? Typical practice?

  3. Where does the inspiration for your songs come from? Songwriting methods? You have such a wide range of songs that you play and I'm interested in where they come from..

  4. Kill, fuck, marry with 3 of your fellow band members?

  5. And finally, any tips for a young fellow drummer? Technical or inspirational either one.

Thanks for the AMA! Your definitely one of my favorite drummers. Keep it up!

Ninja Edit: Where does the name Cage The Elephant come from? I heard the story somewhere but I can't seem to remember.

jchamp0227226 karma

  1. sabretooth tiger
  2. mad fights and brawls but we love each other cuz we're brothers
  3. all aspects of life inspire us
  4. Okay there's only 4 but I'd kill matt, fuck link, and marry matt. In that order.
  5. always play and don't ever overplay. Realize you're the backbone.

clippinc130 karma

How awesome was it opening for Muse? I feel like those shows would've been kick ass to be a part of!

jchamp0227212 karma

It was awesome. Their show and production blew my mind. Me and their drummer became really good friends on that tour he's a cool motherfucker.

they had 5 crew buses and twelve semis and flew a private jet. Crazy.

BallinBrown23119 karma

What would happen if the elephant got out of the cage?

jchamp0227259 karma

hopefully someone would grab that mother before it does too much damage

Better_Call_Paul112 karma

Hi, I'm a huge fan of the band. Melophobia is a great album! How was it touring with the Black Keys (another outstanding band). Any interesting stories?

jchamp0227256 karma

One time, me and Pat (drummer for Keys and good friend) stole a golf cart after a festival show. We got pulled over by the golf-cart police...we were hammered, it was fun!

russiangn32 karma

Did you befriend him before the band started? If not, how'd you meet? If so, how'd you meet?

jchamp022710 karma

We met on tour and bonded over beer. Very cool dude!

Oprah_Nguyenfry84 karma

I just listened to Melophobia on soundcloud and I'm very impressed with the way your style has changed yet retained the "sound" from your previous albums. I hope you guys get some serious recognition for it, you guys never cease to amaze me.

I decided to pick up a guitar because I wanted to learn how to play Lotus. That cow bell opening and visualizing Matt's crazy dancing gets me every time. You guys are awesome and I can't want to hear your music for years to come.

Now for the question. Who is your favorite drummer and favorite band? Also, soda or pop?

jchamp0227171 karma

My favorite drummer is Mitch Mitchell, I was really upset when he died because I was in England at the time (he lived there) and it was my dream to meet him.

And we're from the south so it's all coke.

hopinfusedcorpse80 karma

Back in the old days of perfect confusion you had a different guitar player. Is he really as wonderful, handsome and talented as they say he is?

jchamp0227102 karma

Yes. He's Great. He's here right now. And he's always in my heart.

hopinfusedcorpse50 karma

Yes he is. though kind of a dick sometimes, I hear.... From... ya know ....sources

rosewoods28 karma


jchamp022752 karma

HoPMiX17 karma

heard that guitar player sucked at trivia though.

hopinfusedcorpse32 karma

And he can't hold his booze worth a shit

jchamp022764 karma

yes, can confirm.

Unbeatable2356 karma

Is Matt Shultz as crazy off the stage as he is on the stage?

jchamp022789 karma

not quite. He's a great performer.

alemargonrod54 karma

What is your favorite song on the new cd?! Mine is Halo :)

jchamp0227104 karma

Mine too! you have good taste.

uses_the_twice51 karma

How have you guys liked working with morning teleportation?

jchamp0227116 karma

we love those dudes they're like brothers. But they are all skinny dirty hippies and they smell a little bit.

SabreDance45 karma


jchamp022767 karma

Yes, maybe actually.

Help_I_am_a_cupcake41 karma

Oh man, this is a dream come true. I remember reading an article that Matt was interviewed in, and it mentioned mostly how conservative the town in which you guys grew up in was. What was it like being a punk rock band in small town Kentucky?

Edit: When you guys played in Ottawa I made eye-contact with Matt, so he fell on me from the stage and crowd surfed. It's still the best moment in my life.

jchamp022776 karma

it wasn't as conservative as people think, it is a small town but we were the only punk band amongst a bunch of creed and nickelback sound-alikes. It was hard to really get our music out there to people from outside of Bowling Green but we did it eventually.

Morganmgmt39 karma

What were your grades like in high school?

jchamp0227158 karma

I graduated with a 3.5 academic diploma, bitch!

ranger92239 karma

You guys have such interesting album covers. What is the story behind them?

jchamp022776 karma

We use a guy named R. Clint Colburn out of Lexington KY. He does all of our album artwork and most of our t-shirts. Google him his work is great.

acruzen33 karma

Onea my friends knows some of you guys, he went to Murray State for college, is it true ya'll smoke tons of weed?

jchamp0227109 karma

I frequent /r/trees smokey

TurtleWithLazers32 karma

What was the most difficult song for you and for the rest of the band during the recording process? How did you come to recruit Alisson Mosshart?

jchamp022743 karma

The whole process was somewhat difficult and somewhat magical and somewhat awesome. It was my idea to use Alison Mosshart, the other guys wanted Santi Gold, but she was busy at the time.

Owlskins31 karma

What is your favorite thing to eat for breakfast?

jchamp0227131 karma


geraldchoa30 karma


jchamp0227101 karma

By us: Shake me down because it still gives me chills to play it live--still my favorite to play live so a two for one

By anyone: "Santa" by Lightnin' Hopkins and "When the Levee Breaks" by Led Zeppelin.

youdirtywanka30 karma

What's the weirdest thing a fan has said or done to you guys? You guys fucking rock

jchamp0227121 karma

Well for me personally, one time I had my hair cut here in Bowling Green and I was talking to my hairdresser about my band and touring and when I left, the old lady sitting next to me getting her hair cut bought my cut hair off the floor from the hairdresser to give to her granddaughter because she was such a big fan of the band. It was weirdly flattering.


If you could do a tour with any artist, which one would be? (Can be an artist or group thats not around any more)

jchamp022787 karma

Probably Led Zeppelin, because they're who got me into rock n roll. Or Lightnin' Hopkins.

TinaBinaBear28 karma

I saw you guys are planning to come to DC (where I live)- I'm your FB friend as well, and we've met before in Philly.

But my question is, can I hang out with you guys backstage/in the city when you guys come to the city to tour Melophobia?

jchamp022758 karma

Message my facebook and I'll do my best.

JimBobJimmy28 karma

What is the most exciting thing about being a professional musician?

jchamp0227126 karma

All the sleep I get, all the traveling we get to do and all the inspiring people we get to meet. And we're on break so I already beat GTA V.

smallpetunia26 karma

Most awkward boner story?

jchamp0227256 karma

No boner story is ever awkward when you've perfected the uptuck.

pwaves1325 karma

Inspiration for Ain't no rest for the wicked? Did that actually happen to you?

jchamp022749 karma

That's matt's great story-telling abilities. you should ask him about it.

jordanlolss25 karma

Do you know when you guys will be going on tour? I'd love to see you guys in Florida!

jchamp022765 karma

we're doing a headlining tour next year, probably going to be everywhere!

gratefulspread23 karma

Who is your favorite founding father?

jchamp0227121 karma

George Washington cuz if he was still around the government wouldn't be shut down

JaneCadet21 karma

I LOVE YOU!!! That is all.

jchamp022770 karma

STOP YELLING! I love you too.

agoomba20 karma

Saw you guys in Chicago on NYE 2011, great show.

Just wondering if you guys are playing Bonnaroo 2014!? I believe you guys would be a great addition!

jchamp022726 karma

I believe so.

TheDayOwn19 karma

Hey Jared! Let me just say, I firmly believe Cage the Elephant is one of the most hardest rocking bands out there. I can't tell you how many times I've listened to your first album and received a bangover the next morning.

I like the way you guys have evolved, and my only question is this: What led to the more electronic/indie sounds and songs rather than a more "punk" sound like the first? I really enjoy all of your albums, I'm just wondering where the inspiration came from.

jchamp022723 karma

This new album is definitely more melodic and more instrumentally in depth, but when we play the songs live the energy is still there in translation. You will see if you come to a live show sometime soon!

planbskte1118 karma

This is wierd but I went to one concert in the Sacramento area one time. And I remember you couldn't play! So David Grohl actually played for you guys! He rocked but it sucks you couldn't have play!

jchamp022750 karma

what do you mean, /u/totallynotdavegrohl sucked on my parts, haha just playin.

He took the time to play for me when I couldn't and it was the most commendable thing I've ever seen someone of his stature do for an opening act like us and I love him for that.

He also loves us a lot because he says we remind him of early day foo fighters, the way they used to act.

E-RIZabeth16 karma

A lot of people listen to music to relax and take their mind of work and what-have-you, is that the same way for you when your job is music? What do you do to take your mind off things?

jchamp022748 karma

I put on the Lightnin' Hopkins Pandora and listen to old delta and Chicago blues. I never get tired of that. And when I'm not listening to music, video games are a great way to take my mind off things.

Highway_4815 karma

What did you guys think of the Pittsburgh audience? And do you plan on coming back?

jchamp022724 karma

love pittsburgh! and yes.

MRguitarguy14 karma

What would you say to bands just starting up? Trying to get noticed?

jchamp022737 karma

be persistent and practice, practice, practice. The better you are live the more people will like your music.

And one of the most important things is to gel together as not just a band but as brothers (or sisters). That's the one thing about bands that most people don't understand- how hard it is to keep kosher with everyone after being trapped on tour buses and planes for years and years together.

Goliath213 karma

Any UK festivals in the works for next year? Can't wait for new album by the way!

jchamp022743 karma

Yeah, working on that right now--we're doing a europe and england tour with Foals in February so come check that out!

Tediri13 karma

What inspired you to start playing the drums? What's your favorite song to play(not just by CTE)? Where do you see yourself in 20 years?

jchamp022724 karma

My dad Bill Champion got me started. All credit for me starting drums goes to him.

Me and Thomas from PC have a small side project where we just jam some blues and cover songs and one of the songs we do is "Grown So Ugly", a song the Black Keys covered, and we cover their version and it's a lot of fun to play. That or "Ball and Biscuit." The blues is my favorite music to play.

In 20 years hopefully still kickin it and jamming.

SwallowMyCream13 karma

What's the most insane place you performed at?

jchamp022750 karma

Scotland, because whether they love you or hate you they still throw bottles at you no matter what. That's what makes Scotland so badass.

crom5511 karma

What music do you like that isn't rock related?

jchamp022735 karma

i'm a fan of every genre of music, although every genre has good and bad stuff.

Knub6410 karma

It sucked that you couldn't play for a couple of your shows, but you did manage to get Dave Grohl to fill in. How was that? Did he ever ask for help for your guys songs? Any funny stories while you guys toured with him?

Btw, saw you guys in Vancouver! You absolutely killed it! Definitely my all time favorite concert!

jchamp022762 karma

They are by far our favorite band to tour with. It was awesome--sitting in a hospital bed. But I know my band members loved the experience.

Funny story, I accidentally kissed Dave Grohl on the lips as we were leaving a show after partying with them. We were saying goodbyes and we went for a hug, then we both went for cheek kisses and we connected with the lip kiss. /u/totallynotdavegrohl's lips are very soft and nice! He is dreamy.

tdawgsmitty10 karma

hey jared! how are you doing today?

jchamp022760 karma

sseexxttoonn9 karma

Hey, big fan of all of your work (especially Perfect Confusion). How long did it take Matt Shultz to recover from his set at Reading 2011 ?

jchamp022712 karma

not long, he's a resilient mofo and a durable frontman

MaximumPad9 karma

Would you rather live in a Mexican Russia or a Russian Mexico?

jchamp022718 karma

Russian Mexico because I'm a warm-blooded kind of guy.

j_platypus9 karma

Can you tell me why I should start listening to your band in the form of a haiku?

jchamp022797 karma

Yes I can because

we are cool motherfuckers

so buy our album

GeorgioAntonio8 karma

Who came up with the name of your second album, and what's the meaning behind it? "Thank You, Happy Birthday" is quite the funky name.

jchamp022741 karma

collaborative, and we wanted anyone buying it to feel like they were receiving a present.

1van57 karma

You should do something with Morning Teleportation

jchamp022714 karma

we do stuff with em all the time it'll happen again

Fishstixxx167 karma

Coming back to Grand Rapids soon?

jchamp02278 karma


cooliajulia7 karma

What's your favorite ocean animal and why?

jchamp022724 karma

dolphins because they're very smart and they look friendly. it's been a goal of mine to try to swim with one and get him to let me ride his fin. Also, seals, because they're so damn cute they look like the dogs of the seas.

-Kilgore_Trout-6 karma

I saw you guys perform with Manchester Orchestra a few years ago in Florida. Any plans to tour with them again? It was great seeing two of my favorite bands in the same show.

jchamp022712 karma

no plans atm but they're really good friends and I'm sure we'll do something together again soon.

figsfoo6 karma

As a fellow drummer, how much time a day do you spend practicing or just having fun outside of what you do in the studio/playing gigs etc?

Love CTE, keep being awesome :)

jchamp022713 karma

I try to spend as much time practicing as possible but most of my practice comes from touring and playing gigs. When I'm off me and Thomas from PC play the blues in our side project which I like to think keeps my skills up to par.


go show [/r/cagetheelephant]( some love! Thats where your hardcore fans live!

edit: i fucked that formatting all up and i now need an adult

jchamp02273 karma

I'm on it! I've stopped by that sub before and the posts are pretty sparse.. But maybe this AMA will liven it up a little bit!

Leafofmaples5 karma

Who were your favorite drummers growing up and who are your favorite now?

jchamp022731 karma

My dad, Bill Champion, first and foremost, Bonham, Mitch Mitchell, Nick Mason. Now, all the same but I really like the drummer for Alt-J, I think he's very creative.

shelbzaazaz5 karma

Can I have sex with you? That is my question.

jchamp02276 karma

The definitive answer to this question is dependent upon too many variables.

shelbzaazaz5 karma

I'm cute and legal?

jchamp02277 karma

Pics & proof or gtfo.. Or nice try TCAP! Haha

S1mplejax5 karma

What are your 3 favorite places to play based on energy and fan reaction alone?

jchamp022728 karma

Chicago, Tidball's in Bowling Green. Seattle and Dallas are both pretty crazy, but I enjoy playing shows in any city because it's the fans' energy that makes the show good for us, and every city has good fans.

Stryk-Man5 karma

No question, just wanted to say my first time hearing you guys was when you opened up for STP at Jones Beach. It was the most intense performance I have ever witnessed. Ever since I've been a huge fan, but have never been able to get to one of your shows.

I guess one question is when are you coming back to DC? (but not as an opener)

jchamp022713 karma

most likely next year, we'll be doing a headlining tour and chances are we'll hit DC.

tehsaltyberber4 karma

Hey Jared! I've been a huge fan of yours and have been since your first album and I LOVE Melophobia! But my question is, your band has gone through a lot of stylistic changes album to album, how does that process go down? Are those transition more of a group idea or does Matt come in one day and say, now we're gonna sound like this!

Thanks so much Jared!

...P.S. My band did a pre-cover of Cigarette Daydreams a week or so ago... We'd love to know that you heard it!!

jchamp02274 karma

our writing is collaborative, matt doesn't say how we're gonna sound. I think our individual talent that makes the sound just has matured as we've gotten older. Like a fine jagermeister. Ha.

mess_is_lore3 karma

If you had to choose any song as the last you've heard, what would it be?

jchamp022715 karma

you mean the last song i'd ever hear? At this moment, either Cannon by the White Stripes, Shelter by the XX, or breezeblocks by Alt-J.

kickpuncher13 karma

I've been a huge fan of yours and the band since the first time I heard "aint no rest for the wicked". For me your performance at Lolla 2011 will go down as one of the best shows that I have seen in my life. So thank you for that.

What has been your most memorable show that you have played?

What are your favorite cities to tour in?

What would you say is the biggest difference in how you guys write your music now as compared to when the band started?

I love the new album and can't wait to catch you guys on tour. Two Chicago dates please!

jchamp02277 karma

memorable show - lollapalooza when it rained

favorite cities - every city is my favorite when we're playing in it

writing - we write the songs as a collective, it's always been that way.

ringman973 karma

If you could give any piece of advice to a budding drummer what would it be?

jchamp022717 karma

never stop playing and if you're striving to be in a rock band always play for the song and not for yourself.

eon9973 karma

Any music recommendations?

jchamp022717 karma

completely dependent on your personal preference of your favorite musical genre.

TheRose6563 karma

Do you guys intend on touring for Melophobia? If so who do you think you'll have open for you?

jchamp022711 karma

yeah next year. We're opening for foals in Europe and they're coming to the US to open for us for the first part of the tour, after that we're still considering our options.

KiloSopher3 karma

Intro to Come a Little Closer--- 16th or 8th notes on the ride? Been bugging me. Ps what amount of money do i have to pay one of you to get me into the oct 9 show.. Twould make my life as a die hard Cage fan!

jchamp02277 karma

It's 8th notes for me but it all depends on what your personal quarter note is. PM me your name and I'll try my best to get you on the list but it's a small showcase show and I can't guarantee anything so don't hate me if it doesn't happen.

MrProw3 karma

Your debut album and Melophobia are very different. Which album did you like more and why?

(personally i like your debut album more. don't hurt me?)

jchamp02278 karma

I like all of our albums because there was a piece of my soul on each one of them.

UnkleFranq2 karma

Will there ever be a CTE, Perfect Confusion show? saw you guys for your acoustic show at the botanical garden, hard rock in Boston, and toad place(where I talked to Matt and it was awesome!). I was the kid with the mohawk and got all your signatures in different cities. LOVE YOU GUYS!

jchamp02273 karma

We did a perfect confusion reunion at the legendary Tidball's in Bowling Green last Halloween. It's on youtube.

Tidball's will become legendary- the CBGB's of the south! Check it out if you're ever in the area, highly recommend it. It's where all the good music is here.

what_the_flux2 karma

Today my workmate said he'd kill to see you guys live (says it weekly) then added you never have/will play in Canada. Just how much of an idiot is he? I'd love to see you address "Jeff" in your answer.

Will make my day

jchamp022713 karma

First: Jeff DO NOT kill anything...Ever! Life is bigger than music. Buuut our live show is pretty fucking awesome.

secondly: we have toured canada many times, our first ever tour was there supporting queens of the stone age. We'll be back soon I hope.

Jeff, you are only slightly an idiot.

alman5202 karma

I just wanted to say that I love you guys. Can I open for Cage when I get into the music scene?? And come back to Detroit!

jchamp02274 karma

love you too, sure thing, send us a demo when you've got something recorded and coming to Detroit soon.

Vespie2 karma

Hey Jared! I'm actually from Bowling Green, I wanted to know what you thought about the local music here, and if you thought having a band like Cage come out of here changed anything for the scene. Also, super stoked about the new album!

jchamp02274 karma

yes the local music here right now is unbelievable-- check out Buffalo Rodeo, Fairweather Kings, Schools, and Sleeper Agent.

I definitely like to think that we helped inspire good music to come out of bowling green, but who knows, could be something in the water!

King_DickWeed2 karma

You guys make amazing music. dont ever stop.

jchamp02276 karma


Bobgoalie2 karma

Hey man! I'm a drummer and I love Cage, my favorite band by far, just wondering, were you guys all friends in real life before you started the band? And when can I expect a concert in Michigan?

jchamp02276 karma

Yep, we all went to the same high school together and have been friends for over 15 years.

dranyam2 karma

I know you guys are from Bowling Green, which is only about 100 miles from Cookeville and TTU. They have a big concert once a year at the Hooper Eblen Center (their gym), Would you ever consider playing there?

jchamp02272 karma

we are players and we consider everything.

AMontyPython2 karma

How did you guys become so kick ass and awesome?

jchamp022726 karma

pretty much because i'm the coolest member of the band and everyone in the band emulates and looks up to me.

ap22002 karma

If you weren't in CTE, what would you do for a living?

jchamp02276 karma

Before CTE was making money i was throwing dog food bags at the local PetCo. Sooo probably that.

mransom9092 karma

how many stupid/ill-fitting band names did you guys have to go through before settling on Cage the Elephant? Do any of you guys still have regrets about choosing that one?

jchamp02273 karma

No regrets but when we made the transition from Perfect Confusion to Cage the Elephant it was quite the brainstorming process.

AlphaAlpha782 karma

How many times a night are you offered sex by fans?

jchamp022715 karma

literally at least 5-10 times a night, because I'm so handsome and women can't help themselves. I'm a lion king of the sexual jungle but I save my dominance for my lovely lioness at home.

BisexualPirate1 karma

Hey man, Just wanna say that you guys kick ass!

jchamp02272 karma

You're kickass!

mainstreamindie1 karma

First I want to say thank you for producing such awesome music. You guys are a major inspiration for me. What would you say was the toughest thing about being in a band and touring so much?

jchamp02273 karma

For me, personally, it's keeping the relationships of you and your bandmates on a friendly level for so many years, but I would say equally as hard for a family man to be away from your family so much.

simster71 karma

No question, I just wanted to say that your show in San Diego on Sept. 21 was the best I've ever gone to. Thanks for the amazing experience.

jchamp02275 karma

Yes, I remember that! it was last week, so..

We were very happy with the San Diego crowd. you guys were awesome!