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heard that guitar player sucked at trivia though.

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Im a full time commercial editor and sound designer that freelanced for nearly 15 years before taking a salary position. I worked substantially more as a freelancer because my fear for work drying up far outweighed my need to make my own schedule and call my own shots. Do you advocate freelancing over taking a salary position when you’re not dealing with someone who’s new to an industry? What’s your tips for work life balance in a freelance roll? What’s your strategy on health coverage since that was by far one of my biggest worries as a a freelancer.

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Thats the nicest mobile home Ive ever seen. They don't look like that where I'm from. Inspiring story none the less.

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Have you ever worked thunder over louisville or any of the major international shows? If so how do they compare to your run of the mill small town show on the 4th?