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I got my ged at 15. Didnt go to college, I just partied for the next few years. But by the time I was 18 I had gotten it out of my system and already had an awesome job and moved out. No regrets!

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I use a seam ripper to get the hair out. I have long hair, a golden retriever and multiple other pets. I have to do this a lot.

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I learned so much from watching alton browns show good eats. He explains the science behind all the food, and is excellent and explaining technique. My mom and grandma all agree that I am the best cook!

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I live in Miami, I just moved here last year. What should I have to prepare for a hurricane? I already have a bin in my room with lots of water, more water in my garage, storage of food, extra cash, flashlights, batteries, and a hand cranked radio. Anything else I should add? It is for a family of 4.

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He probably used it as a masturbatory aid.