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How did you guys get "Ain't No Rest For The Wicked" into Borderlands? Did they approach you?

This is where I originally heard you guys, when the game first came out, and I've loved you ever since. :) Thanks for doing this AMA!

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I was diagnosed with endometriosis 4 1/2 years ago, after suffering since I was 12, and it blows. Sorry to hear she's in so much pain, I've been there. :(

Has she considered an IUD at all? I was told it was my last resort short of a hysterectomy, and they wouldn't give me one at my age - I'm 23. It's helped curb the pain a LOT. I don't know if she would consider this option or has tried it, but it's worth a shot.

Send her my good vibes! I would pass out on the bathroom floor after throwing up from the sheer pain that I couldn't control even with pain meds. It really, really sucks.

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It's definitely comforting knowing you're not the only one out there suffering! My mom had it as well and endured 7 surgeries for it.

An IUD is an Intrauterine Device. It's a small, usually plastic or metal, T-shaped piece of birth control that goes into your uterus. The most common ones are Mirena [plastic, with hormones, lasts 5 years], and Paragard [copper, no hormones, lasts 11 years]. I am on my last year of Mirena and I never get a period. I do still get cramps, but it is absolutely nothing compared to what I used to go through before. I actually plan to get another one after this one's time ends. I had mine inserted when I was out for my laparoscopy, so I don't know what it feels like, but I've heard it can be painful depending on the person.

As for you, I have to give you props. It's incredibly difficult to watch someone you love going through such anguish, especially when you haven't experienced said pain yourself, but it sounds like you do a wonderful job supporting her. You deserve a medal! I bet she really appreciates you. :)

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I'm not sure of an age restriction; I've heard of people as young as 17 having it. I got mine at 19. There's sometimes a taboo, depending on the doctor, that you shouldn't get one unless you've had a kid, but I've never been pregnant and my doc had no problem. I was prescribed vicodin and valium at age 14, and it didn't always help. I went on the pill for a year, twice, and when it wasn't helping, my doctor finally agreed to a laparoscopy and even suggested the IUD to me. I would definitely recommend trying the Mirena. It's been a godsend in terms of pain management.

Best of luck to you!

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Hahahaha love it. Yeah, it's ridiculous...Their motivation is avoiding lawsuits, because they're afraid the woman will change her mind and want kids later, but isn't that what a consent form is for?

Thanks for the comment. Made my day. :)