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Is this the clip? I know it is, I found it on your other AMA. I just wanted to ask a question.

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Yes, he is a chief of trauma, I believe that means he oversees others....More like he realizes he can't let emotions override a huge aspect of his work. Michael Scott is what happens when you let emotions control everything.

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I just listened to Melophobia on soundcloud and I'm very impressed with the way your style has changed yet retained the "sound" from your previous albums. I hope you guys get some serious recognition for it, you guys never cease to amaze me.

I decided to pick up a guitar because I wanted to learn how to play Lotus. That cow bell opening and visualizing Matt's crazy dancing gets me every time. You guys are awesome and I can't want to hear your music for years to come.

Now for the question. Who is your favorite drummer and favorite band? Also, soda or pop?

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With a bottle of jack. No tooth brush, just rubbing my teeth on a glass bottle.

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carpets cleaned weekly

You mean the place isn't entirely tile flooring (or that textured garage floor material)? Oh man!