Last year my church sent 110 high school students to do mission work in Kenya. We traveled all over Kibera and visited many tribes including the Massai tribe. We stayed for two weeks. The longest two weeks of my life. I went along to assist the students travel and to help provide water for the tribesmen. Two of my coworkers at the church went ahead to start a very special mission. They went in early June to start making arrangements for our arrival and to start drilling for water. They sent us reports and our hearts dropped every week to hear that time and time again drilling attempts had failed. When we arrived we pushed the team to drill 2 more times. Still nothing. One day one of the tribesmen took us on a walk to show us where they were getting their water for drinking and eating. As we neared the water we found that they were not the only ones using it. So were all of the local animals. Im not talking a few goats and sheep. Im talking everything, including lions and buffalo. And they all drank from it. This muddy, brown, disease ridden, shit filled muck. For the most part they survived. However many people still fell gravely ill and died. As we left after working in the slums and other schools all around Kenya we decided that there was more we could do for these people. So we purchased and installed two water holding tanks, I believe they were around 600 gallons each. Then we purchased them a truck to transport water to other people in the area and to go and get water from the nearest clean water source. Yesterday geologists struck water very near to where we were drilling. Knowing how much this water means to them is amazing. They needed it so badly.

My Proof:

EDIT: I am headed to work now. I will try and keep answering your comments as fast as I can but it will be slow going. Thanks for all your response guys!

EDIT 2:This is just becoming an r/atheism circle jerk. If you have any questions about the work that went on in Kenya feel free to post them here. If you have comments or questions about my religious beliefs I will no longer be answering those. You may direct religious questions to r/atheism and r/Christianity.

EDIT 3: Thanks for the Gold stranger!

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Z4W3SOM3302 karma


SammyCraig203 karma

Basically because we saw a need that we believed we could help with and an opportunity to share our beliefs with the Kenyan people.

Calamity_Payne270 karma

How confident are you this new, very valuable, water resource, is going to be distributed properly and fairly? If the history of post capitalist humanity is anything to go by, it'll be sold to the highest bidder and the local area will see none of it. How true do you think this statement is?

SammyCraig321 karma

Im not very confident for it to be distributed fairly. The government there is unstable and clashing with the tribes. It all depends on how quickly the tribes react and rally to claim the natural resource. Im honestly not sure what will happen with this.

Calamity_Payne70 karma

In your opinion what action can the people take without risk of being deemed a security risk?

SammyCraig154 karma

Im honestly not sure. Im no politician but it would be hard for the government to place such a large part of Kenya as a security risk. they practically built Kenya.

Calamity_Payne31 karma

Well I hope you're right. Thanks for doing this AMA. Just out of curiosity what nationality are you? And what made you choose Kenya (one of the more wealthy african nations) to do humitarian work in?

SammyCraig111 karma

Im an American. I was not part of the team that chose where we went, but there were lots of factors to be considered. First off, where we had contacts. We couldn't walk into a foreign country with out people there to back us up. Second, security and safety of the students. At the time it was one of the more stable areas in Africa. Somalia and Uganda are war zones. Just before we left a Somalian airport was bombed. Third of all, Prayer. Our leaders wanted to have a faith based work so they prayed about where God wanted them to go. Those are just three of the many things considered when choosing a mission site.

intheupperleft5 karma

To say the government is "clashing with the tribes" is a bit simple and really false in a lot of ways. The government and politics is dominated by tribes. Their elected leaders and loyalties all fall along tribal lines.

I also want to for the record dispel the notion that all Kenyans live in these tight-knit tribes or that any of them should be called "tribesmen." To them tribe is a far more complicated word that is more like an ethnicity to us.

SammyCraig8 karma

Im not saying that all Kenyans live in tribes. But when we were outside of the slums we specifically worked with multiple tribes. And while the government works with the tribes they still had disputes about land and resources

alderscath191 karma

Hi there, was thrilled to hear the great news. Just wondering, what is the animal being eaten in picture 20? thanks

SammyCraig222 karma

That's a hippo, lion killed hippo several days before. Was sticking around to eat him slowly when hyenas showed up to get some lunch. Really cool stuff to watch

StuffHobbes151 karma

Approximately how many jokes (per day) do you hear incorporating "missionary position?"

SammyCraig148 karma

What do you mean?

ramblerandgambler85 karma

There is a common sexual position called The Missionary Position, there are many jokes to be made about this fact if one finds themselves in the position of a missionary....if you like that sort of thing, jokes and laughing and such.

SammyCraig287 karma

oh hahahahaha the sex term. None at all. People are a bit more mature than to make that joke about my group.

TigerWing146 karma

What was your most prominent culture shock when entering Kenya?

SammyCraig289 karma

Everyone was so nice! Not just cause we were white either! They just loved people. no one was really rude or anything. People didn't honk their horns and get pissed off if someone cut them off, everyone was just really nice and happy.

vailstoner9292 karma

Only reason I opened is cause I thought he said mercenary. :/

SammyCraig119 karma

Hahaha no mercenary here. Im not that great of a shot

BrodyIsGay53 karma

You could use the Holy Hand Grenade. Just a thought.

SammyCraig76 karma

FAVORITE COMEDY OF AL TIME EVER!!!! And the Lord spake, saying, 'First shalt thou take out the Holy Pin. Then, shalt thou count to three. No more. No less. Three shalt be the number thou shalt count, and the number of the counting shall be three. Four shalt thou not count, nor either count thou two, excepting that thou then proceed to three. Five is right out. Once the number three, being the third number, be reached, then, lobbest thou thy Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch towards thy foe, who, being naughty in My sight, shall snuff it.'

sprite_n_halo9 karma

In case you haven't seen it yet, check this out :)

SammyCraig11 karma

That was on the front page a couple days ago. Practically everyone saw it. Good stuff

AceAndJace82 karma

What was your coolest experience with the tribesmen?

SammyCraig180 karma

Hearing them tell stories about hunting lions and seing their faces when we provided them with the water tanks. They were so grateful they set ups showers for us and actually boiled the new clean water and fed it into our showers. We didn't want to let them waste their new water on us but our guides said they would take it as insulting if we declined the gift

shaggorama64 karma

Yesterday geologists struck water very near to where we were drilling.

I don't mean to be a dick or anything, but it sounds like you played no role in the find yesterday besides being nearby and not finding it.

SammyCraig116 karma

I really didn't. I looked for it and didn't find it. Over a year later they found it. I was asked to do an AMA after commenting on the original post yesterday.

blargg862 karma

Is it known whether the water is safe to drink? Someone yesterday was saying that there are a lot of problems with chemicals that get into ground water in Africa.

SammyCraig82 karma

It is not known for sure whether the water is safe to drink yet. They will run multiple tests to find out.

Adam917256 karma Is this the same water sources you are talking about?

SammyCraig54 karma

Yes that's the one

halmrazor43 karma

This is going to sound extremely negative and really it's not directly aimed at you but.. Don't you think it's a little perverse to go to an extremely poor country as (presumably) rich white kids and basically say we will help you BUT read this bible first? if it was happening to me, whether you pressure them to visit church with you or not, I would feel as though you were extorting me.

Why can't your church organize a group to kenya without pushing a foreign religion on them. Obviously, the less educated will go.. "Oh look these people are rich and can find water it must be their god. Lets follow that god too." When really your good fortune and wealth was borne from being lucky enough to grow up in a decent country.

I mean, it's great to do nice things and build wells etc. but leave it at that. Whenever a missionary tells his/her tale I feel good that someone is doing out but disgusted when I think about why.


SammyCraig384 karma

Well first off the first thing we did was try and find them water. Then we shared the bible with them. We never forced anything or said we wont help you unless you accept our God. And as a matter of fact 83% of Kenya is Christian. This was no foreign religion. When we got there people were inviting us to their churches to worship with them. Even throughout all of their suffering the worship the same exact God I do. They pray and thank him for every breath because they know they weren't as lucky off as us. Over here I provide for myself and its easy to forget that its all a gift from God but over there they are even more devout to God because they know that they cant survive on their own.

imnotminkus227 karma

But the only reason 83% of Kenya is Christian is because of missionaries and European colonialism who convinced them that their traditional beliefs were wrong.

Edit: Yes, this is how influence works and how belief systems are spread, to some extent. However, considering the lasting impacts more-developed nations have left on the entire African continent, I think it's a bit more bad than usual that this has happened to Africa. However, the damage has been done, and safe drinking water is a more important issue.

However, my main point was that saying "83% of Kenya is Christian" as a response to criticisms of religious missionaries is a bit of a circular argument, since most of that 83% is Christian as a direct result of missionaries in the past century-ish.

SammyCraig112 karma

Maybe throughout history. But you go there and talk to them. They make their own choices now. And whatever they do believe in, they believe with all of their hearts. No Kenyan would tell you that he was forced to believe in something or talked out of his beliefs.

halmrazor-5 karma

I assumed that you were Mormon by your answer. Which would be a foreign religion because you would be introducing a new prophet, new books etc. (i know its debatable but serzly guyz.. i could make up a religion tomorrow and include christ and it would be christian?? naw) if not, My apologies.

I was being dramatic. Obviously I don't think that you really say "we will find water but first read this bible." But that is the sentiment behind the actions. Like I said, I would feel as though I was being extorted.

Good for you for doing something positive in the world. Not trying to rain on your parade. I just think that if you do good things there should not be an ulterior motive and you should attribute it to you just being a good person not an old man in the sky. Stay safe and have fun.

SammyCraig3 karma

Yeah im a Christian. While you view God as some ulterior motive for helping people its not the same for those who actually believe the bible. He created us and there really isn't anything good without him. So there really isn't anything else with out him. Hes the only motive for the true believers. Im not trying to debate you or anything I just make my stance and beliefs clear. Unfortunately many people feel as you do, like were extortionists working for some ulterior motives. If you really go into it you get into the meaning and life and all that theology crap. I don't care to get into that but Jesus said that you don't share Christ with words but by showing people that feel hopeless that you love them no matter what because 2000 years ago someone loved you no matter what and gave his life for you. There is to much hate surrounding the church today. Its always been about Christs love for us but to many people have twisted it around.

martin_n_hamel15 karma

You really believe that nothing good can happen without God? Isn't that very aggressive for a person like me who does not believe in God? I think that I'm a good person. You think I'm not?

SammyCraig-9 karma

I believe that you would not exist with God. He created all things. You may be a good person. I don't know you. However you wouldn't even be a person if God had not created you.

martin_n_hamel6 karma

How will we resolve the question about God creating all things? I think it is delusional and you are probably certain about what is written in your book. One thing is certain : I am. For God being the cause of it.. We can have a discussion about it if you are sincere and open minded.

SammyCraig6 karma

Why don't you message me about it. Headed off to work and communication will be limited and slow.

Dutchmaninbeijing6 karma

I will believe in a god as soon as somebody tells me where he came from.

SammyCraig-10 karma

Ill believe in an earth when someone tells me where it came from.


Okay, so let me ask you this: If I wouldn't exist without God, and I'm an atheist, that means god made me an atheist right? God knows everything that has happened and everything that will happen, including the "choices" I make. That's what makes him God. So the question is this: What kind of a loving God would make a person with beliefs that cause them to be banished to hell for all eternity?

Maybe God isn't all that loving after all.

SammyCraig-2 karma

It is put in this short video very well. He created you but if you don't come to him, he cant help you.

halmrazor-1 karma

Ill leave it at that. Only commenting to say that I read extortionists as contortionists and had to double check what thread I was in and had a little laugh. And then again when you said "twisting." Cheers.

SammyCraig6 karma

Haha alright. Cheers friend!

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SammyCraig49 karma


tuigdoilgheas40 karma

Would you go back?

SammyCraig98 karma

In an instant

IxuntouchblexI37 karma

How do you like your coffee?

SammyCraig75 karma

Non existent. I don't care for coffee

evilplantosaveworld17 karma

after going through and upvoting almost every single response you made I chose to downvote this one. Coffee heathen.

SammyCraig20 karma

Sorry. I just don't like it. The only coffee like thing I've ever liked the taste of was the cookie crumble mocha frapachino from starbucks. Its like a milkshake with a kick

evilplantosaveworld11 karma

hmmm....I guessssss that's enough to say you're not a coffee heathen....because that thing is freaking delicious. In all seriousness, though, fantastic work.

SammyCraig6 karma

Haha thanks

tkennedy00737 karma

I just wanted to say great job! I got back from Malawi about a month ago from a medical mission trip with a Christian medical group. Yes people, a Christian group. And you know what? We saw over 2,000 people in a week! 2,000 people got medical treatment. You know how many lives this guy touched just helping them find clean water? Many many more! I'm proud of you! Good job, OP!

SammyCraig34 karma

Thank you, and Im proud of you. Medical support is a difficult one

panty_hunter31 karma

They said it will serve Kenya's requirements for 70 years. What do you think will happen to the reservoir after that?

SammyCraig80 karma

Well in todays times it would probably dry up. However imagine how fast we are moving technologically speaking. In 70 years who knows what our capabilities will be! 20 years ago I couldn't call up my friend wherever I was. Now im unlocking a small device with my fingerprint that gives me access to almost unlimited information! And its smaller than a slice of bread!

7h3dud328 karma

Do you feel that Kenya and its people will take the necessary steps to keep multinationals from capitalizing on the discovery?

SammyCraig40 karma

I believe they will try but if the multinationals want to capitalize on it there is not much the Kenyan government and the people could do. It is not a strong country.

answeReddit1 karma

What would multinationals do with water?

SammyCraig-1 karma

Id be more concerned about them exploiting it because of location not resource

corifus24 karma

Hi /u/SammyCraig. How were the lodgings? Did you guys have any creature-comforts, or were you roughing it?

SammyCraig38 karma

When we were in the slums we had cots in a large secure safehouse. When we were working with the tribes we were roughing it in tents. You can see some of the camp in the pictures in the link.

unknownfy2420 karma

is the water flavored?

SammyCraig169 karma

They water they've been drinking is flavored like animal shit

jeeverz18 karma

Why is this thread turning into an r/atheism circle jerk?

SammyCraig37 karma

Because people don't want to look at the work I did over there. They just want to hate on me for why I did it.

DeejGuzman15 karma

You said one of the tribesmen took you on walk to show you where they used to get their water. How far away is this water source from where the tribe live? Who would typically get the water and once they got it where was it stored?

SammyCraig30 karma

Its a good 5 miles. Really nothing far for them but it was not even remotely clean and they shared it with all the animals

RiddiotsSurroundMe14 karma

is there a way that I can donate to your group?

SammyCraig25 karma

Right now we are rebooting all of our ministry software so our online donations are down. However you could mail a donation in to Burnt Hickory Baptist Church | 5145 Due West Road | Powder Springs, GA 30127

Just include a note that you would like to donate to the Inside Out Missions

RiddiotsSurroundMe10 karma


SammyCraig17 karma

Not a problem!

Zanius5 karma

I live really close to your church! I really appreciate what y'all are doing!

SammyCraig9 karma

Thank you. You should stop by sometime. Im leading worship in the main service downstairs this Sunday and our contemporary rock service upstairs on the 29th. Id love to talk with you sometime

ambivilant3 karma

When you say "contemporary rock service" all I can picture is this.

SammyCraig2 karma


Excelsior_Kingsley14 karma

Do you see yourself going back soon? How was it working with that many high school students at once?

EDIT: Just cause I have to say something silly, Britta, Annie or Emma Watson...who do you take on the next trip?

SammyCraig28 karma

I was supposed to be on the follow up trip my team is taking this week however it didn't work out financially. It was actually incredible to see the students step up physically and mentally the way they did. We were under some pretty harsh conditions at time working off of 3 to 4 hours of sleep a night. They had their rowdy fun teenager moments at times but when we called them to step up and lead they really came through. They were a lot of fun and a blast to work with and watch them mature. And Annie, but Jeff isn't allowed to come with. Summer of 2014 we will go on another international trip with the students. We find out where that will be January 2014

Cerbiekins12 karma

Man, to get a picture that close of a lioness, you must have balls the size of cantaloupes.

SammyCraig37 karma

we were a good 40 ft away. With a big ass lens

valtambok11 karma

Stories like these makes my day. I don't really have a question but just for the sake of Asking You Anything, how much does it usually cost there for a gallon of potable water?

SammyCraig28 karma

Like 3 U.S $. However in Kenyan money that's a lot. Like $50 US dollars.

KingsleyIV11 karma

Any problems with militia traveling around the area?

SammyCraig24 karma

Not where we were. They operated closer to the border

TurtleSmurph10 karma

Hey, thanks for doing an ama, my family lived in east Africa for a few years, and my sisters went to boarding school in Kenya, what parts of Kenya were you in?

SammyCraig14 karma

Nairobi, Kibera, and northern Massai Tribes

redit_usrname_vendor4 karma

Sounds like you missed out on the beautiful parts of the country. Kenya has some really amazing sights to behold too. Would have been great if you got to experience those too.

SammyCraig19 karma

Absolutely. We just weren't willing to stop work to go on a sightseeing trip. The locals offered tho

Fuddy_DuddyNameTaken7 karma

If you could be saved by any super hero who would it be?

SammyCraig14 karma

Iron man

jedi38816 karma

I just want to say that it's really awesome what you and your church is doing! Keep up the good work!

SammyCraig14 karma

Thank you so much! That means a lot to know we have people supporting us. Especially after seeing all the hostility that this thread has attracted

-TinMan-6 karma

Considering all the backward behavior In that country, do you really think it will change anything?

SammyCraig19 karma

Well this water will mostly affect the tribesmen. The governments and cities have more access to clean water, other than Kibera of course. I do however believe that the tribes will grow stronger and more influential with this new resource

imatworkprobably6 karma

Have you eaten at Carnivore? That was my favorite restaurant in Nairobi...

SammyCraig19 karma

No we never ate at any restaurants. We cooked everything ourselves

Montezum5 karma

Have you seen the book of mormon? (The musical, i mean, not the actual book)

SammyCraig5 karma

No I have not

Montezum4 karma

you should, i'm sure you will love it!

SammyCraig8 karma

Ill look at it! I have a weak spot for a good musical

arodhowe1 karma

Keep in mind that this is a musical written by Trey & Matt of South Park fame. Great musical, but extremely critical of religion and religious culture.

SammyCraig1 karma

Im fine with someone being critical of religion. Just don't hate me for believing what I believe

arcisal5 karma

What were the conditions of the villages/people before they managed to find this water? Is there anything being done currently so that they can have access it? (eg. Pipes being built, wells being drilled etc.)

Thanks for having this IamA!

SammyCraig13 karma

Right now nothing like that is being built. It is only a couple of days old.

nerdsarepeople4 karma

Were you able to see some of the benefits of the new water source (health improvements, etc.)?

SammyCraig10 karma

Not immediately but the people came from miles to see

KamiCrit3 karma

What was the drilling method and equipment used? Have any pictures of the drilling rigs?

SammyCraig5 karma

Basic drilling rig like the one in the pictures of the site from yesterday. Pictures of the drilling rig aren't on my computer. Looking for one from Glen now

SarcasmoTheGreat3 karma

Without focusing on the religion aspect, what other projects does your team have planned over there?

SammyCraig12 karma

Sex trafficking is a big problem for young women over there. Swaiba Youth Networks is a group we work very closely with in the fight against sex trafficking. We left them 50 tents and 300 sleeping bags so that they could hold conferences and shelter the young girls. Our team that is over there right now is trying to find out other needs they have that we can help with.

jbeezo3 karma

Is there any way to do things like this without being church affiliated? Sorry if I am out of place asking this.

SammyCraig3 karma

Of course. I don't know any specifics but there are disaster relief and other relief trips. Im sorry that you might feel out of place for wanting to help people. It means that Christianity has really failed

jrummer2 karma

Do you have missionary groups that travel the US helping poor people/kids?

SammyCraig2 karma

Previous comment - "To expand on helping those closer to us ill explain how we set up mission trips for the youth. Every other year we do an international mission trip to places like Kenya. Every other year that we aren't doing international trips we do trips centered in the U.S. 2010 - Australia, 2011- Greenville South Carolina, 2012 - Kenya, 2013 - Miami Florida. These trips are no vacation for the students. They work hard everywhere they go. When we were in Miami a lady asked why the students were helping her clean the her school. We told her why we had come down and she said it was amazing that so many students would volunteer to come and work down in the city. Then my friend Scott told her that our students never volunteered. They all paid out of their own pockets to come and work. That particular trip to Miami cost each student $300. The international trips cost significantly more and students do several fundraising events in our community."

meowlolcats2 karma

Presumably you were on anti malaria pills - how did you guys find the side effects? I was in Kenya a couple of years ago and found them pretty debilitating, but they seem to affect people differently.

SammyCraig10 karma

Some of the smaller kids couldn't stand them. The adults and the bigger guys didn't have any issues with it tho.

levy42 karma

Very happy to hear of your awesome experience doing missionary work! I myself went to Beijing a few summers ago to teach English and spread the gospel as well. I found that language wasn't much of a barrier because most Chinese students know English relatively well. Did you have problems communicating? I'm guessing you had a translator? I'd be interested to hear how your experience differed from mine :)

SammyCraig12 karma

Well in the city most everyone spoke English as their second and sometimes first language. But in the tribes we almost always needed a translator.

levy41 karma

Did each tribe speak a different language, or just a different dialect of the same language?

SammyCraig1 karma

They spoke different dialects of Swahilli.

planet8082 karma

I see the aquifer spans across borders. Is there an "I drink your milkshake" situation going on here?

SammyCraig3 karma

Im not sure. They are just now starting to study it

aggieslaughter2 karma

If a community that was starving or thirsting to death absolutely refused to accept your faith, would you still be willing to help them if you knew 100% there was no way they would accept Christianity?

Just curious how important spreading your message is vs. actually helping people. (Not trying to be a smart ass, just looking for an honest response)

SammyCraig5 karma

We really did want to help people. Spreading our beliefs came way after helping the people of Kenya

Hug_A_Ginger1 karma

How will this be divided and protected to prevent another war over commodities?

SammyCraig0 karma

Once again as I have said in previous comments I do not know yet. This is a brand new resource for the Kenyans and they are still deciding how to proceed with it.

Mustaka1 karma

Might I add that the price of flying 110 high school students plus supervising staff you could of done a hell of a lot more than a self serving trip. So what you bought a couple of water tanks and a truck they probably can't afford fuel for.

SammyCraig-1 karma

We made sure they could afford fuel. Those resources are still running today! Our follow up team is there at this very moment

gthcrvn1 karma

Have you already made a deal with Coca Cola?

SammyCraig-2 karma

No but I personally own a fair amount of Coca Cola stocks

dynamite19851 karma

Why do you feel the need to go other countries and convert peoples belief systems? Ever think that they might be better off without Christianity?

SammyCraig5 karma

Im not off to convert people. I share my religion with them. People have turned me down plenty of times and I've walked away. If you don't like it that's fine.

cpkdoc1 karma

I don't suppose Obama's birth certificate showed up there, did it?

SammyCraig0 karma

No, no signs of any birth certificate

homie935-1 karma

Are you mad that they found it before you did?

SammyCraig3 karma

Not at all. We weren't looking for any glory or fame to be the ones who found a great natural resource. We just wanted to help provide for the tribes. And we did.

Mustaka-1 karma

How old is the Earth?

SammyCraig-2 karma

I have no clue

nursing1-9 karma

Lol scientists and engineers at UNESCO discover the water, white missionary kid swoops in to claim the credit. Classic missionary move!

SammyCraig31 karma

Im not here to claim any credit. Im doing this AMA to share my experiences in Kenya per request of redditors.

nursing1-13 karma

Is English your first language? "IamA Missionary who worked in Kenya to find the water they just found yesterday AMA!"

SammyCraig1 karma

Hey I was asked to do this AMA because of the water they found yesterday, I didn't know what to put. I always sucked at grammar anyways. Im more of a physical kinda guy

imnotminkus3 karma

redditor for 1 day

/u/nursing1 appears to be a troll. You can ignore him/her.

SammyCraig-1 karma

haha thanks I already am

persistentlyimmature-10 karma

What are the length and girth of your erect penis?

SammyCraig7 karma

Over 9,000

Theappunderground-11 karma

Do you ever feel like youre treating poor desperate people in africa as a type of petting zoo basically?

Have you ever considered the fact that since you have absolutely no experience building wells the money you spent on airfare was wasted and would have been put to a much better use by the tribesmen(ie more wells)?

And finallly, do christians go to africa and waste tons of money on airfare/lodging when they could just help those closer to them solely to post pictures of themselves with little black kids on facebook? Does youre preacher not tell you all its a sin to brag about your charity or is that not important because its a vanity trip in the first place?

SammyCraig20 karma

We never treated anyone like they were in a zoo.

They people we were working with had plenty of experience building well and were confident that we should of hit water. The tribesmen needed water. We were trying to help them. They were grateful for everything we did. Never asked for anything other than prayer.

We do help those closer to us. We didn't not go for personal gain. We did not go to get pictures of us with little black kids. Our preacher does tell us its a sin to brag about our charities. I am not bragging. I am answering questions presented to me by redditors. Hence the AMA.

To expand on helping those closer to us ill explain how we set up mission trips for the youth. Every other year we do an international mission trip to places like Kenya. Every other year that we aren't doing international trips we do trips centered in the U.S. 2010 - Australia, 2011- Greenville South Carolina, 2012 - Kenya, 2013 - Miami Florida. These trips are no vacation for the students. They work hard everywhere they go. When we were in Miami a lady asked why the students were helping her clean the her school. We told her why we had come down and she said it was amazing that so many students would volunteer to come and work down in the city. Then my friend Scott told her that our students never volunteered. They all paid out of their own pockets to come and work. That particular trip to Miami cost each student $300. The international trips cost significantly more and students do several fundraising events in our community.

Theappunderground16 karma

So thats my point exactly. You had people that knew how, but you and the other kids each spent 2k on airfare to stand around and "help" even though you couldnt.

Dont you think it would have been much more productive to spend that 2k a person on wells?

SammyCraig5 karma

The kids were there to help witness and show the people that Americans aren't a bunch of jerks who sit around and never do anything for anyone but themselves. I talked to many people while I was there. Some of them told me that they thought Americans just didn't care. Cause no one ever came to talk to them. The British and French have several groups that live down there talking and ministering the the Kenyans. But to them we just didn't care. Our students showed them that people cared and loved for them. We prayed and sang and just talked to people. You may not accept it, but to them just seeing our faces working in those schools and slums was a huge blessing.