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Sooooo...um...how's your vagina these days? Everything good? No hickups with the ol' taco?

SarcasmoTheGreat4 karma

Your goals are to inform the public about security issues? Why? What can the public do?

Here's what you've accomplished:

  1. Nothing. You've done nothing, and you've changed nothing. Nothing will be stopped by what you've published here.

  2. Well, you've contributed to paranoia and fear. So there's that.

  3. You've given the public absolutely no recourse, and provided no alternatives. There's literally nothing anyone can do about what you think you've just "disclosed."

  4. You've provided at least elementary instruction and inspiration to whoever wants to sew chaos.

  5. You've given the TSA and Congress one more justification to point their fingers and take a huge steaming shit on the American public while shouting "See? YOU NEED US!"

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Without focusing on the religion aspect, what other projects does your team have planned over there?