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Are you familiar with Randall Munroe's (the xkcd guy) What If? project? He explores very similar questions and also published a book.

What differentiates your project?

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"Be bold" sounds like a great policy for promoting fake news, which I think is precisely why wikinews relies upon a slower, more deliberative method for their publication.

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Came here to ask this question. Highlights from the article:

The number of Purdue administrators has jumped 54 percent in the past decade—almost eight times the growth rate of tenured and tenure-track faculty. “We’re here to deliver a high-quality education at as low a price as possible,” says Robinson. “Why is it that we can’t find any money for more faculty, but there seems to be an almost unlimited budget for administrators?”

At universities nationwide, employment of administrators jumped 60 percent from 1993 to 2009, 10 times the growth rate for tenured faculty. “Administrative bloat is clearly contributing to the overall cost of higher education,” says Jay Greene, an education professor at the University of Arkansas. In a 2010 study, Greene found that from 1993 to 2007, spending on administration rose almost twice as fast as funding for research and teaching at 198 leading U.S. universities.

Emphasis mine.

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This post is only 4 hours old and is getting a lot of attention. I noticed that you're very politely not pushing your website, but when people ask for specific product recommendations you give them links. Can you check back with us tomorrow and let us know how many sales this post generated? I'm really curious.

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What's the last thing you licked?