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Doesn't say anything about the number of unsuccessful attempts. We want statistics, man!

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But the only reason 83% of Kenya is Christian is because of missionaries and European colonialism who convinced them that their traditional beliefs were wrong.

Edit: Yes, this is how influence works and how belief systems are spread, to some extent. However, considering the lasting impacts more-developed nations have left on the entire African continent, I think it's a bit more bad than usual that this has happened to Africa. However, the damage has been done, and safe drinking water is a more important issue.

However, my main point was that saying "83% of Kenya is Christian" as a response to criticisms of religious missionaries is a bit of a circular argument, since most of that 83% is Christian as a direct result of missionaries in the past century-ish.

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AHA! Two are adopted.

Jeannette and Steven Levitt of Hyde Park have adopted two daughters from China. The Levitts decided to adopt after their first child, Andrew, died shortly after his first birthday.

And now I feel sad :(

Anyway, he gets credit for two successful aims.

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Here is a list of all official NASA social media accounts. I definitely agree that they should be used more, especially by astronauts, but there are probably more accounts to follow than you think.