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This AMA just went super cool because HeisenberSpecial actually can turn legos into Meth

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What is the hottest thing you have seen.


The most disgusting?

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I too was there when we first went in. Can't believe it has been a decade already.

Any ways trading is the only way to make you meals work. What I found interesting though was you Americans loved our British ration packs and we loved your MRE's. I think it was down to the fact that you eat so much of them during training you just get sick of them. I remember one 2 week exercise the fuck wit planners only managed to get one menu type. I still cant eat a mars bar to this day. I fucking hated the things after that exercise.

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Ex-Soldier here reporting in to thank you for your work good Sir!

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Fucking asshole other driver. What happened to him?