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This is going to sound extremely negative and really it's not directly aimed at you but.. Don't you think it's a little perverse to go to an extremely poor country as (presumably) rich white kids and basically say we will help you BUT read this bible first? if it was happening to me, whether you pressure them to visit church with you or not, I would feel as though you were extorting me.

Why can't your church organize a group to kenya without pushing a foreign religion on them. Obviously, the less educated will go.. "Oh look these people are rich and can find water it must be their god. Lets follow that god too." When really your good fortune and wealth was borne from being lucky enough to grow up in a decent country.

I mean, it's great to do nice things and build wells etc. but leave it at that. Whenever a missionary tells his/her tale I feel good that someone is doing out but disgusted when I think about why.


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Ill leave it at that. Only commenting to say that I read extortionists as contortionists and had to double check what thread I was in and had a little laugh. And then again when you said "twisting." Cheers.

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I assumed that you were Mormon by your answer. Which would be a foreign religion because you would be introducing a new prophet, new books etc. (i know its debatable but serzly guyz.. i could make up a religion tomorrow and include christ and it would be christian?? naw) if not, My apologies.

I was being dramatic. Obviously I don't think that you really say "we will find water but first read this bible." But that is the sentiment behind the actions. Like I said, I would feel as though I was being extorted.

Good for you for doing something positive in the world. Not trying to rain on your parade. I just think that if you do good things there should not be an ulterior motive and you should attribute it to you just being a good person not an old man in the sky. Stay safe and have fun.