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Hi Zozan and Julie, What can you say is the biggest need for the people that are fleeing the area?

Also, out of what you have seen, do you think Kurdistan could work as a functioning country and government?

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Why is this thread turning into an r/atheism circle jerk?

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Thank you for the answer. I have a friend who is there right now, wrapping up a winter package distribution for the people at the camps. I never knew it got really cold around that area. Again, thank you for your hard work and kindness.

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As someone that works with legacy devices that use older IE standards this transition has me a bit worried. Can you put me and my fellow folk at ease? Thanks :)

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First time I heard your music was when the movie Kadhalan came out in 1994. Ever since then I have been a huge fan. As a fellow Tamil to another, we are all very proud of you.