Hey guys I'll be here from 2:30-3:30 eastern time answering questions. Go for it!

PROOF: https://twitter.com/donald_faison just tweeted about it!'

EDIT: Look, I gotta bounce but I'm gonna answer a couple more questions. You guys have been awesome! And PLEASE watch The Exes tonight, 10:30/9:30c on TV Land.

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klsi8322091 karma

What if, when your son is in high school, all his friends want to play football but he wants to be a dancer?

donald_faison3110 karma

He can dance if he wants to. He can leave his friends behind.

tommyb701997 karma

On a scale of 1-10, 1 being "Nothing like Turk & JD" and 10 being "Just like Turk & JD", what is your real life relationship really like with Zach Braff? Is it guy love? And well done on being effortlessly cool on Scrubs.

donald_faison2501 karma

It's beyond guy love. It's obviously 10 +100.

PorkRyne1835 karma

I think Turk and JD made it less weird for straight man guy love. Thanks!

donald_faison2400 karma

Agreed! You can cuddle with your man friends and not get a boner.

ImNotTimDuncan1906 karma

I love you, brown bear.

donald_faison2073 karma

I love you more.

ImNotTimDuncan1271 karma

You will always be Petey to me.

donald_faison2500 karma

And you will always be Tim Duncan.

Ajax371825 karma

Is there a picture of Zach Braff on your night stand?

donald_faison2380 karma

Yes, there is actually. Funny you should say that!

Laetha1668 karma

I just wanted to tell you that my favourite moments from Scrubs are each fairly insignificant and they were all courtesy your awesome acting.

1: "Check it Baby! Scootas!"

2: "It's SO HOTT!"

3: "Do you see what you get Carla! Do you see what you get when you mess with the warrior!!!!"

So all I want to say is for these moments, and for everything else you've done, thank you!

EDIT: Everyone's responding with how much they love 1 and 3. Why no love for 2!?!?

donald_faison1185 karma

That's very nice of you to say.

idonotownakindle1626 karma

When will you and Zach do a joint AMA?

donald_faison3124 karma

When EVERYONE can do a joint AMA.

Quashiie1529 karma

I have read that Scrubs was one of the most accurate medical shows that was on tv. My question is, how much did you learn about medicine from playing a surgeon?

donald_faison2346 karma

Zero. I can operate...but not in the OR.

Ingebrigtsen1437 karma

Thanks for being part of my all time favorite show,

Do you still Eagle?

donald_faison2194 karma

With one person, and one person only.

Frajer1278 karma

Did you come up with the Poison dance and if so how?

Also did you get to keep the hat from Can't Hardly Wait?

donald_faison1937 karma

I got to keep the Loveburger t-shirt not the hat. And yeah, the Poison dance was all free-style.

ElBomberoLoco1196 karma

Did you get to keep Rowdy?

donald_faison1931 karma

No, someone stole Rowdy. We had six of them but I don't know where they are.

donald_faison875 karma

I told you already but my answer got deleted! There were six dogs, I got none.

TheFakeTimShady1038 karma


donald_faison1037 karma

I'm confused, what's the question?

roeljb942 karma

Who is your favorite scrubs character?

donald_faison2344 karma

I'm gonna say my mole.

SaddestClown910 karma

Do you let all white people jump on you or is it just Zach?

donald_faison1658 karma

Ask the dude in London who I had to flip! He had it coming.

Erobre842 karma

Did he scream EAGLEEEEEEEE at least?

donald_faison1830 karma

Yeah, he did, right before he fell on his face.

idonotownakindle910 karma

I really hope /u/zachinoz asks a question!

donald_faison1379 karma

He probably won't.

average_gilbert867 karma

Remember the Titans! You can't forget that! "Zero fun, sir." How intense is he to work with?

donald_faison1248 karma

Denzel's the man. That's it.

Vittorious860 karma

Favorite episode of scrubs?

donald_faison1904 karma

My Musical

TerminatioN1337860 karma


Edit: Since I should probably ask a question since this is an AMA... How often do you get recognized on the street? Any interesting/funny stories?

donald_faison1344 karma

ALL. THE. TIME. The only person who I know that's more recognizable than me is television's Wayne Knight.

4dscrub846 karma

Who is the 2nd craziest person you know? (Aside from Hooch)

donald_faison1261 karma

Aside from Hooch? Kristen Johnston.

imfeelingsinister837 karma

Were your braces the real deal in Clueless? Or just a prop to make you look younger?

donald_faison1214 karma

No, they were fake.

Zrock02834 karma

Did you ever develop a crush for any of the ladies on the set?

donald_faison1687 karma

They're like my sisters, man. EW!

McCheesecake818 karma

Do you have any plans to work with Zach Braff in the future?

donald_faison1704 karma

Yes, we're doing a movie together. And he voices my dangle this season on The Exes.

McCheesecake405 karma

Thanks for answering! It's a shame I can't watch it in the UK though.

donald_faison870 karma

Actually, you can! I THINK it's on TLC. But don't quote me on that.

MemoryLame772 karma

Did you ever hook up with Judy Reyes in real life?

donald_faison2104 karma

No, but that ass is righteous!

Learned_Hand_01746 karma

Were you jealous that Braff got to do all the fantasy scenes with Sarah Chalke?

donald_faison2138 karma

No. Sarah's butt is boney.

BradMoFo74721 karma

Just needed to say that i loved your character in Scrubs. How hard was it to hide your boner when you had steamy scenes with Sarah Chalke?

donald_faison1597 karma

Not hard at all. The thing is, I'm small. But I'm also thin.

lahema670 karma

Hi Donald, my boyfriend wants to know: what's your favorite chip?

donald_faison1991 karma


12and4650 karma

How many takes did it take to do the dance to tryout for the janitors band?

I don't know what it is, but he's got it.

donald_faison1587 karma

One. Next question.

AirPlums626 karma

I still call you chocolate bear before I refer to you in a conversation as Donald Faison. Should I feel bad? Also, do you and Zach Braff keep in touch? I feel like you two have/had a good relationship from what I've seen.

donald_faison1460 karma

You should never feel bad for calling me Chocolate Bear. Unless it's racially motivated, then yes, you should feel bad.

Slightly_Irrelevant563 karma

Did you and Zach Braff ever go to Disneyland together?

donald_faison1261 karma

YES! And we rode Nemo. Holding hands.

Not really, just kidding. But yes we did go to Disneyland together.

omnomcookiez561 karma

Got one. I've heard many tales of your dancing on set. Were you a dancer before you got into acting or is it just a hobby or something?

donald_faison1088 karma

You ever heard of Thunder Down Under?

TheJoePilato548 karma

What would we need to do in order to get Clone High brought back to life? I noticed that many voices from that most excellent show ended up in Scrubs so I figure it can't be thaaaaaaaat hard to get y'all back together, right? The show was paused pretty well...

EDIT: I suggested it to Netflix. Fairly certain that I was talking with a robot named Chelsea who didn't care much what I thought since I don't have an account. But maybe if a few of you paying customers stop over there and make the same suggestion, it can pick up some speed.

donald_faison638 karma

I loved working on Clone High. Yeah, it's due for a second chance.

Lachryman526 karma

I have have a friend whose name is Mike. I call Mike Chocolate Bear and he calls me Vanilla bear. After awhile escalated his nickname to "Black Whale" and he said he didn't like it.

How long until he comes around?

donald_faison1426 karma

Tell him Black Whale means penis size. He'll come around soon enough.

kurfar493 karma

Hey Donald, thanks for doing this AMA. If there was a role that you would like to take, whether in a new, old, or reboot movie, which would it be?

donald_faison1570 karma

Lando Calrissian. Where else could I say "Well well well, what do we have here?"

cabbage16469 karma

Were you born awesome or did you practice?

donald_faison977 karma


jordanbank459 karma

How often do you eat Brinner?

donald_faison764 karma


kimsey7426 karma

What has ever made you cry before? :)

I love you by the way!!! You rock! I'm a big fan! I cant wait to see you in Kick Ass 2!

donald_faison884 karma

Clubbing baby seals makes me cry.

Almost_Cereal421 karma

Ass or boobs?

donald_faison1316 karma

Ass. Then boobs.

whoviangrl393 karma

Besides acting what is your passion? If you never saw a camera again what would you do? (But really, never stop acting, you rock!!)

donald_faison916 karma

Stop motion animation. I love to play with toys.

superfes361 karma

Skyline made me sad ='(

donald_faison791 karma

Me too. They killed a brotha off.

BeautifulVictory304 karma

When will we get more black stormtrooper?

donald_faison465 karma

The next one is soon! Production starts this summer.

sweetnamebro290 karma

Did you write any of your lines? I'm just curious because you've said two of my MOST favorite lines ever to use at the bar.

"Man, she's like school in the summer...No class"

"You're like 7-11...You can never close."

Awesome stuff man.

donald_faison790 karma

"Man, she's like school in the summer...No class" is from Fat Albert and The Cosby Kids.

"You're like a 7-11...You can never close" just reminds me of your mother.

Just kidding!

xM4GNITUDEx267 karma

Truth time.

How often does the mole get you laid?

donald_faison672 karma

Well I'm married now so...

jarrettbraun267 karma

Were you ever aware that Rudd was considered for Murray?

Source: Buzzfeed.

If you did know, I hope you were considered for Paris in Romeo + Juliet.

donald_faison660 karma

That's funny. Rudd would have played a great black man.

sheddinglikeamofo169 karma

Hey Donald!! Loved you in scrubs, always there to make me laugh. Sorry if you've already answered this, or tired of being asked this. But what was your favorite part about your time on the show? Also, did Neil Flynn really improvise as much as people say he did? Just curious :) Thanks!

donald_faison381 karma

Neil Flynn is a genius. And most of his lines were improvised. Also, just being on the show was my favorite part.

Revolutionizer164 karma

Hey Donald!

What are the best things about being on a TV show and being in a movie (SUPER excited for Kick-Ass 2)?

Also, is there a "special someone" you'd like to work with in the future?

donald_faison350 karma

There is always a possibility that Jessica Alba will guest star on The Exes. I, too, am super excited for Kick-Ass 2.

idonotownakindle153 karma

What tv show would you love to be in?

donald_faison383 karma

It premieres tonight - The Exes! 10:30pm/9:30 central only on TV Land. I'm hosting the night!

ihavechortles146 karma

Do you and Zach ever sing "Guy Love" to each other?

donald_faison338 karma

Yes. When no one's watching.

TheRider1135 karma

Hi Donald, just wondering - do you have a pancake drawer in real life?

donald_faison375 karma

No, man. Pancakes get stale. And there's nothing worse than a stale pancake!

jonok28128 karma

Did you genuinely freak out when you saw Lando Calrissian?

donald_faison299 karma

Absolutely. We then later drank Colt 45.

unknownpleasures5120 karma

Sorry, more important question than any of mine before. How far fetched is a Scrubs reunion? I know it hasn't been 5 years or more since it ended, but c'mon. it would be so cool.

donald_faison398 karma

Absolutely. I think a Scrubs movie would be better though.

nsurugby83108 karma


donald_faison637 karma


LesFusiliers95 karma

What's the best advice you can give to a soon to be newly wed?

donald_faison247 karma

Enjoy the wedding! You'll be high off of it for a really long time.

BridgetteBane90 karma

If you could have cast Zach Braff as one of the roles in Clueless, which would you have cast him in? Do you think you would have stayed with the same role if you had the choice?

donald_faison362 karma

Zach would have played the guy who mugged Cher in the liquor store parking lot.

Winker200974 karma

How Excited are you to be in the new Kick-Ass Movie?

also do you have any Advice fore Wanna Be Actors/Filmmakers?

donald_faison157 karma

I'm really excited to be a part of the Kick-Ass franchise. My advice to you would be keep on truckin'. I don't know.

el_butt73 karma

What is your favorite dinosaur, just curious.

donald_faison363 karma


tushtush72 karma

Hi Donald, just wanted to say what a huge huge fan I am of you, and to thank you for continuing to make me smile through thick and thin with your consistently stunning performance on Scrubs. You have made an incredible difference to my life and I truly adore you.

Now for a few questions: - How have the atmospheres of your TV shows differed?

  • How did the atmosphere on set differ between the first eight seasons of Scrubs and the ninth season? Did it feel like doing a spin-off or did nothing really change?

  • What was it like getting to go to work with your best friend for nine years?

  • Congrats on getting married! The wedding looked extraordinary. Were you much involved in the planning or did you leave it to Cacee? Also did Zach just host it or have an active role in planning?

  • Also congrats on the baby! Do you know the gender yet?/Have you thought of names?

Again, I just want to thank you for being awesome.

P.S. Could you make a youtube tutorial or similar on how to dance like you in this? I want to inherit your superflyness.

donald_faison187 karma

Ok, look. The ninth season of Scrubs was completely different but the same.

1.New characters = new characters 2. It's always fun when you get to work with your best friend. 3. Thank you for your well wishes. 4. The baby's a boy.

P.S. You can NEVER be as fly as me. But I love you!

mrobit63 karma

Did you get asked recently in any interview whether you prefer to smoke weed or animate Legos?

donald_faison173 karma

Animating legos. Stop fuckin around.

StSeungRi62 karma

Thanks for the AMA Donald!

As a massive Scrubs fan who couldn't stop laughing throughout the series I have to ask, which scene did you find hardest to record because of laughter interrupting it?

donald_faison264 karma

Sarah Chalke can't keep it together for shit.

deadpoolicide60 karma

Hey Donald! First, I loved Scrubs. My best friend from high school and I always called ourselves Vanilla Bear and Chocolate Bear (I was Vanilla Bear). As a whole, the show was amazingly written and done. But I wanted to ask,

  • What was working on the set of Scrubs like? Were there times where it got really overbearing and you needed a break, or were there times where you just couldn't stop smiling because of something?
  • Do you still keep in contact with any of the other cast members besides Braff?
  • How much does Braff weigh, considering you had to "EAGLE" him a lot?
  • Can you tell us ANYTHING PLEASE about Kick-Ass 2?

Thanks Donald! You're also the reason I now have a pancake drawer.

donald_faison190 karma

Dude. I get this is AMA but COME ON BUDDY. One question at a time! What's up with the bullet points??

Skeetsurfin100 karma

Ain't nobody got time fa dat

donald_faison204 karma

Best. News segment. Ever.

idonotownakindle52 karma

Who are better friends, Turk and JD or Troy and Abed?

donald_faison346 karma

Who the hell are Troy and Abed?

jlwalk90536 karma

Thanks for doing a AMA! Which role have you done in the past is your favorite? Which one was the most fun to shoot?

donald_faison85 karma

I like working in everything. I like working.

HereHaveMyKid35 karma

Best meal you've ever had: what, where, when, and (if there was a special reason for it) why?

donald_faison126 karma

Pancakes. Dupar's. Before bed. I. Love. Brinner.

brownmasta12 karma

Heat or Spurs?

donald_faison37 karma

Spurs. It should be almost impossible for the Heat to win ever again. That team is way too talented simply for the fact that they have LeBron James.