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Were you jealous that Braff got to do all the fantasy scenes with Sarah Chalke?

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Do you enjoy having skin?

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What do you have against the Dakotas that kept you from going there?

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It doesn't make sense to have a fight over a parrot though because it only bonds to one person. Whoever the parrot was bonded to should have taken it.

Either there was a case in that divorce where one person liked the parrot much more than it liked him or her, or someone had a BBQ all picked out in case of victory.

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That’s interesting, my son just got his Eagle and shotgun shooting was one of his badges. It was not a difficult one for him, I think our family just has good aim.

My son couldn’t even be bothered to talk to a Merit badge counselor to complete his final two merit badges in order to get a Palm, just getting over the line was enough for him. Also, he never even bothered to get his badges attached to his sash. When he wanted to dress up he would just wear his OA sash.

Congratulations on your achievement!