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How Excited are you to be in the new Kick-Ass Movie?

also do you have any Advice fore Wanna Be Actors/Filmmakers?

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Jason, Which Movie Directed by Kevin Smith was your favorite to be a part of?

Kevin, Which Film was a Favorite of Yours to Direct?

Any Chance of getting the old gang back together for another round in the View Askewniverse?

Any Advice for an wannabe director??

*Ninja Edit: Twitter Handle @BWinkdizzel #FF

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Micheal Freakin Rosenbaum!! My Favorite On Screen Lex Luthor. I'd first want to thank you for all the entertainment you provided on your years on Smallville as well as Poolhall Junkies and Sorority Boys (One of my Guilty Pleasures.)

My Question for you is do you have any advice for Aspiring Directors/Actors?

Thanks for Your Awesome Work and I hope to continue to see more from you!