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Did you get to keep Rowdy?

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Are there any fictional characters from literature that you would like to portray?

And I used to always want to play Jesus.

/r/atheism just creamed their collective jeans.

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Totally! A good friend of mine was in tower 1 on 9/11. He was lucky to be on a low floor and got out.....but part of his story told us about these two women who would open the hallway doors at each floor to "see what was going on"......only to let smoke into the stairwell. Seriously....he said they did it like 6-7 times.....even with people yelling at them to keep the door shut.

As a firefighter.....I'm pretty good in a crisis.....and while I understand people react differently.....if you aren't helping....just sit there and do nothing.

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So they don't know what the jazz is all about!

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I love seafood. Shrimps mainly. I go to the Red Lobster because they make a great margarita. :)

I love this guy. Both of my grandfathers have passed...I wish there was a program where you could adopt a grandparent. I'd buy this guy and his wife all the shrimp & margaritas they'd want!