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I just wanted to tell you that my favourite moments from Scrubs are each fairly insignificant and they were all courtesy your awesome acting.

1: "Check it Baby! Scootas!"

2: "It's SO HOTT!"

3: "Do you see what you get Carla! Do you see what you get when you mess with the warrior!!!!"

So all I want to say is for these moments, and for everything else you've done, thank you!

EDIT: Everyone's responding with how much they love 1 and 3. Why no love for 2!?!?

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Radar Love is the ultimate car song and anyone who doesn't think so is objectively incorrect

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Obviously not a perfect measure, but how much research has been put into players' relative performance before and after changing teams, and their new and old teammates' relative performance by the same measure.

With enough data on that, you might be able to start isolating some statistical "bad apples".

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Maybe he chooses for it to look like that so he seems wise

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In addition to this, it's sometimes very hard to see someone who used to be a friend when they're deep into drugs. They're just not the same person anymore.

I'm not excusing their lack of contact, but I've seen friends get lost in drugs, and it's difficult to think of them as the friend I used to know.