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Hey Donald! First, I loved Scrubs. My best friend from high school and I always called ourselves Vanilla Bear and Chocolate Bear (I was Vanilla Bear). As a whole, the show was amazingly written and done. But I wanted to ask,

  • What was working on the set of Scrubs like? Were there times where it got really overbearing and you needed a break, or were there times where you just couldn't stop smiling because of something?
  • Do you still keep in contact with any of the other cast members besides Braff?
  • How much does Braff weigh, considering you had to "EAGLE" him a lot?
  • Can you tell us ANYTHING PLEASE about Kick-Ass 2?

Thanks Donald! You're also the reason I now have a pancake drawer.

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Back when I still lived in Miami before moving for college, I listened to the station almost every day (I won tickets for Silversun Pickups that way).

I wanted to ask, how do you guys gauge your listener base? Do you see what songs are being requested and move more toward songs of that type/genre or do you play a more varied approach and try to keep everyone listening and happy?

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Hey Bill! Saw your link on FB and actually wanted to ask you some things I've been thinking:

  1. How did you find your "voice" in doing stand-up? Did your jokes go through dozens of rewrites before you found what worked and sounded natural, or were they always a natural extension of you?

  2. What's the most exciting part of the novel, to you, that readers will enjoy the most (if you had to pick)?

  3. Who the fuck is Bill O'Connor?