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Writes four sentences; doesn't matter. He's George Clooney.

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You and Braff switch bodies for 24 hrs. How do you spend your day?

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What's the story behind how you got the role of voicing The Joker or how you got into voice acting in general?

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He's chillin' with Rosebud.

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Ever since I drooled over my first screening of Hot Fuzz, "YARP" has permanently replaced "Yup" in my social circle. It's not even consciously said anymore. It's just something I notice from time to time. Sometimes my friends even forget why they're even saying it, text or vocally.

Anyways, which one of you came up with that? Do any of you catch yourselves replying in that manner on a daily basis? I just hope it got equally stuck in your heads as it did ours.