I did an AMA on the MMA fighting subreddit and it got many request for me to do this here... I will be on from 9am-5pm CST like Reddit is my JOB :-) So here goes! Recently my life has been turned upside down, but in the best way possible. I grew up being so heavily bullied that at 13yo I discovered my ULTIMATE dream was to become a fighter in the Ultimate Fighting Championship. So I set out pursuing that. I won multiple National Championships in wrestling... Then at 19yo I started fighting professionally... At 21-22 I was the youngest fighter on the reality tv show The Ultimate Fighter "Heavyweights" with guys like Kimbo Slice, Rashad Evans, & Rampage Jackson. Here's why Canseco don't want none http://i.imgur.com/uHkT3Ao.jpg

Then my life took a crazy turn. Fighting against people didn't fulfill me like I hoped so I found myself as a depressed, drunk, drug addict... So bad I missed being the best man at my best friends wedding and I attempted suicide just over 3 years ago. Now, humbly and excitedly I can say I have COMPLETELY overcome that! I have put those childhood dreams on hold and now I have gone from fighting AGAINST people to fighting FOR people.

Now I am on a pursuit to love people in maybe the most dark, destitute, and dangerous country on the planet. In the last year and a half I've gone DEEP in the Congo jungle to spend two months with the Mbuti Pygmy people... Maybe the most despised people group on the planet. Pygmy translated to some means "Elbow Height" because their men stand ONLY 4 foot 7 on average. In recent years some of the tribe has been hunted, killed, cooked, and eaten. The UN confirmed it, BBC, The Guardian, and CNN reported it. Then in August & September of 2012 I partnered with the oldest university in Congo and their School of Community Development. What I didn't know, was their last EIGHT years of negotiations was about to pay off... BIG!

We saw 60 Pygmy men, women, and children SLAVES be set FREE! Placed on their own land, that they own, for the FIRST time in history. We got an agriculturalist from the school to stay and teach the oldest nomadic, hunter gatherer tribe on the planet how to farm. Since then a ripple effect has occurred. We have seen over 120 slaves be set FREE on 60 acres of land and they are getting ready for their SECOND harvest! Now I have been made family with the tribe... They named me Efeosa, meaning: "The Man Who Loves Us." I'm getting ready to leave for the Congo jungle for a full year. Now I have decided to really get some skin in the game and put my life on the line.

I will sleep in twig and leaf huts, sleep on the dirt, and when it rains in the rainforest I will sink into the mud like my last trip. (huts http://i.imgur.com/8RD1PKV.jpg) The Congolese University and my goal is to see 1,000 slaves be set FREE and DEVELOPED into a fully self-sustainable people on hundreds of acres of land. It's multi purposed 1.Slave Liberation 2. Rainforest Preservation and 3. Wildlife Conservation all while conserving their highly valued and near extinct culture. I want to leave room for questions... So AMA! Here is my cause & where you can help filled with videos and pictures http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/fight-for-the-forgotten Live to LOVE... LOVE to live! Here is a video that I JUST put up specifically for this IAmA crew :-) It's a funny way to make friends, but it works ;-) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pf4IFnSU0MU

My Twitter: @JustinTheViking or www.twitter.com/justintheviking

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The-Armenian557 karma

For your average joe, who doesn't exactly have the funds to travel like that, how can I get involved and help?!?!?

TheManWhoLovesUs420 karma

You can help me spread the word! Tell your loved ones, share it with your facebook friends, tweet it to your twitter followers... Reach out to any media outlets you know or that you would want to be an advocate for the cause for. Here is the link www.indiegogo.com/projects/fight-for-the-forgotten If you can contribute, please do!

The-Armenian67 karma

Thanks! I just want to say, thank you for what you are doing! You are a great man!

BioLogicMC42 karma

this thread needs to be top comment

TheManWhoLovesUs95 karma

I agree! How can we do that?

TheManWhoLovesUs38 karma

I'm hoping today is the day I reach my goal on www.indiegogo.com/projects/fight-for-the-forgotten

renzerbull14 karma

you can join the UN forces in congo

TheManWhoLovesUs26 karma

Not saying this is always... But all i've ever heard is they watch alot... Maybe they do good... But in November they let a town of ONE MILLION people get overtaken by rebels. Maybe they are the good guys. The verdict is still out for me though. In a year... I'll tell ya.

highfivingmagicians419 karma

If people will accept new definitions of how slavery has evolved on this planet, slavery is at an all time high.

TheManWhoLovesUs484 karma

Very educated post!!! There are MORE slaves on the planet than ever in human history! An estimated 27 million or every THIRTY SECONDS a new slave is added to OUR world... Notice I didn't say "their world."

highfivingmagicians229 karma

I have never been praised on reddit before. I may swoon.

TheManWhoLovesUs292 karma

I thought I read spoon... and I was going to say "I have a girlfriend." ha!

ShitsAndGigglesSake29 karma

What does she think of the risk you're taking?

TheManWhoLovesUs20 karma

Great question: It's hard for her... Without a doubt. She has wavered back and forth between loving what I'm doing, and me staying here and us getting married. Definitely understandable... We are on a journey that is unique I know, trying to be delicate with the situation. She loves me, I love her, we both have a heart to help these people... I just think it can put a damper in it for her when that helping them means a full year of me not seeing her and me being at risk.

MagnusTheGreat79 karma

We live together on a rock with more molten metals than anyone can imagine beneath us. This rock moves faster than our fastest vehicles. Its closest neighbor is another rock, except it is lifeless and no man can live there. While the universe is 13.7 BILLION years old, the human race is 100.000, maybe 200.000 years old... We are living on, as far as we know, a unique place in the cosmos and we are still able to be so ignorant that we want others to obey us. To the universe, that is like a tiny speck of matter trying to control another speck. It is all so ridiculous. We should live in peace and be kind to each other. Instead, we, humans, destroy lives of others, accidentally or deliberately. It's just crazy that we wage wars against others of our kind. And we have the nerve of calling ourselves civilized. Until we learn to show kindness, compassion and love to others instead of hate and anger, we cannot move forward.

TheManWhoLovesUs67 karma

We are ALL one

StochasticLife15 karma

I fucking love me some World Order/Genki Suda too.

TheManWhoLovesUs21 karma


dottmatrix234 karma

This is quite possibly the most interesting AMA title I've ever seen.

TheManWhoLovesUs302 karma

BOOMSHAKALAKA!!! How about this... I just uploaded this never before seen video from my iPhone for the people on this IAmA thread :-) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pf4IFnSU0MU As funny as it is... This is how I show them initially that I am friendly, that I'm there to love them, and that I trust them and they can trust me. Unique, fun, and we spend HOURS laughing a day it seems.

mcdxi11123 karma

That video just gave me the biggest smile. Thanks bud, I needed that. Keep up the good work. It's not who you are in life that defines you, but the impact that you leave on every one else. You're doing a damn good job with that

TheManWhoLovesUs105 karma

If I could vote you up a ton I would bro... Great message man. Glad I could give you a big ole grin :-)

ToxinArrow60 karma

The 40-50 year old man coming in for a grab about a minute in made me lose it.

It's incredible how something as mundane and common here as a beard makes children giggle and freak out across the planet.

TheManWhoLovesUs80 karma

Isn't that nuts! I WISH you coulda seen his FACE! His jaw was DROPPED! That is now my brother in the tribe, Manu!

jaypeeps57 karma

I remember seeing your other AMA a while back, right after that video hit it big on reddit. Just wanted to say you are one of my favorite people! Glad there are people like you in the world. It must be rough sometimes

TheManWhoLovesUs51 karma

It's definitely rough, but it is MOST definitely worth it!

Yazy11728 karma

If you found this interesting, I think joe rogan did an interview with him on his podcast the joe rogan experience that I found intriguing as well

TheManWhoLovesUs28 karma

Someone posted the link earlier!

TheManWhoLovesUs131 karma

Here is the video Reddit made go viral! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ide5YjD6AhI

Here is one I just posted for this reddit... I'm wondering if it will do well too? Let me know what you think! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pf4IFnSU0MU

deathsmaash44 karma

I just wanna point out what I noticed in these videos and that is that in both, the children are clearly the subject of the videos. I don't see any attempt to frame yourself front and center or even draw a whole lot of attention to yourself. First time I've seen these videos or heard of this cause and I just want to say you are very inspiring. Good luck and I look forward to your results AMA in a year.

TheManWhoLovesUs62 karma

Yeah bro THANK YOU for the detailed observation. This isn't about me. It's about THEM! One of the things they asked of me was... "Can you help us have a voice? We have none." I told them "Absolutely." That is what I am doing right now on Reddit. Giving them a voice. I want it to develop into a platform where they have their OWN voice. That is what I want. That is my hope. It's not about me... It is about WE.

AFspectre108 karma

What will you be doing to help free the people from slavery? Much respect for what you are doing.

TheManWhoLovesUs264 karma

This is a question with MANY different elements. First, negotiations... For hours, sometimes days we discuss all aspects with the Pygmy Chief, The Bantu Chief (the slavemaster tribe) and the local government Chief's. We do this with the dean of the University as well. We catch EVERYONE up to speed so there is not any room for miscommunication. When we all agree, we get a hand written copy, and a typed out copy signed by everyone involved on both papers. I'm talking about 7-10 signatures on every paper. We make copies of the handwritten and typed paper for everyone involved and the University catalogs them. Then we purchase land. The Pygmies have never had opportunities to purchase anything, only to trade the meat they've hunted. So the University purchases land in the Pygmies name, and once again all parties keep copies of the records. We move the pygmies onto their new land. We give them the freedom to cultivate their culture in anyway necessary, hence... They are now free. However, we do add to their physical needs. Just because they are free from slavery does not mean they are now free from malnutrition, starvation, thirst, water borne disease, malaria, Tuberculosis, etc. We try to meet these needs in stages. With them being prioritized and if we can meet them at the same time we do. Our main goal, is to get a University Research Center on the land we purchase on their behalf. If we do this, then there will be year round staff and students on the land to develop the Pygmies. I obviously have a real heart for the Pygmies with being accepted as family. However, I should also point out that the former slavemasters WANT the University close. Part of the agreement is that University Students will help the slavemaster's with things such as getting clean water, better ways of agriculture, farming, livestock, etc. It's a win, win, WIN! The Pygmies are free, the slavemasters learn MUCH better ways of sustainability, and the students get UNIVERSITY credit to help. :-)

AFspectre71 karma

That is awesome, thanks for the well explained answer.

TheManWhoLovesUs115 karma

Absolutely brother! Should I get some pics and videos up in this post? :-)

faster_tomcat41 karma

What's to stop the slavemasters from re-enslaving the pygmies after you're gone?

I'm specifically thinking of the line "This is Africa" from the movie Blood Diamond. I know how Africa can be.

Source: I lived in West Africa for 15 years.

TheManWhoLovesUs65 karma

This is why it is absolutely imperative that we get an University Research Center for the School Of Community Development on the land. This is "The Peacekeeper" as I've been referring to it. The slavemasters WANT the university in their backyard... Because they will benefit LEAPS AND BOUNDS by having the oldest, most respected, and highly valuable university on the land we plan to purchase for the Pygmies. There will be year round university students that will gain college credit to develop the former slaves AND former slavemasters in ways of sustainability that they have never had possible... and never THOUGHT possible. Still a short answer, but hopefully it explains more for you.

STFUandLOVE29 karma

So the slaveowning tribe is fulling willing to give up slavery for clean water, better agriculture, farming, livestock, etc., most of these being pretty intangible? Is that really all there is to it (I know these are huge issues, but its very hard to quantify)? It's a major shift in their way of life, especially in their belief system that they are the leaders and the others are the slaves. That obviously will not be the case in the near future if the Pygmy people are released. I guess I'm having trouble understanding why the Bantu people are agreeing to it. It may be as "simple" as the things listed. I don't know, I'm ignorant.

TheManWhoLovesUs57 karma

No you have a good question... Just the reality is that the slavemasters don't have an incredible way of life they live by any means. Yes... Not having to walk 7 miles one way and then 7 miles back with 5 gallons on your head and 5 gallons on your back... DAILY will change your way of life. Also having the most valued and respected university in your back yard there to teach you about sustainable living, isn't a game changer, it's a life transformer.

tiddertits25 karma

I stumbled across a NGO that focuses on open source technology and I thought these people seemed like they could really benefit/experiment with it. If you can get an internet connection to these people somehow then they could start to educate themselves on how to take the next step in developing their new society as long as they can source parts through trading or small investments. [open source ecology]http://opensourceecology.org/

TheManWhoLovesUs27 karma

This is awesome! I'll look into it more in a bit! Thank you so much!

linkrobin92 karma

Thanks for doing this AMA, I'm sorry I don't have any questions, I have seen your fights and I am a big fan. I just wanted to use this as an opportunity to say hi.

TheManWhoLovesUs94 karma

Well hello then :-) I really appreciate that encouragement buddy!

TheAbomidableKumquat82 karma

Have you been in any physical confrontations in the Congo? What is the most dangererous situation you have been in?

TheManWhoLovesUs200 karma

Not in Congo but in Tanzania I had a spear put to my chest by a Maasai man who killed a lion with the very same spear... My hands were out in the "FREEZE!" postion, in the dark, around a fire, and I don't think I've ever been more scared. He had never even heard of a white dude in the VERY remote part of the very hard to reach places in the bush.

In Congo I've been bribed on multiple occasions. First trip I caved in... and paid... They had machine guns. Second time I was with Shalom University meaning "Peace." Even when people had machine guns and threatening to arrest us, they were cool, calm, and collected. It did the same for me, and we didn't cave and didn't pay any bribes. In six tribes I did have people come to me (slavemasters) saying in an aggressive tone "What do you want with MY property... I own these people!" In the other 3 villages I had 3 slavemasters look me in the eyes saying "These are MY animals, you can't talk to them until you get my permission." Our goal is to educate the slavemaster's that no, Pygmies are not half man half animal... They are fully human, and deserve to be treated as such.

mynameisalso68 karma

How do you convince somebody to give up a slave?

InterimIntellect52 karma

With a gun.

watershot71 karma

Provide them with more advanced means of cultivating their land in exchange for freeing their slaves. This way, their quality of life improves, they need less slaves, and slaves are freed.

TheManWhoLovesUs62 karma


blitzed84074 karma

Justin, I've been following your story, and it truly is inspirational.

For a long time I have wanted to get involved in foreign aid work, but have never had the opportunity present itself. I began investigating ways I could follow a dream, and investigated an International Development program through University, after more and more research I realized that program was not what I wanted to do. It was more involved with the economics and government relations, then actual helping people on the ground which is what I am interested in.

My question is Justin, what avenues do you know of that I can begin a path to do something similar to what you're doing? As both a huge MMA fan, and a passionate supporter of 3rd world development, you truly are a hero of mine.

Thank you for the time.

TheManWhoLovesUs104 karma

This posted encouraged & blessed me bro... Let me try to answer. You said investigating ways I could follow a dream. Here is one of my favorite quotes... "If your dreams don't scare you, they aren't big enough." It seems like your on the right track, you actually want to help and make a difference. That is HUGE! This is what I have to say... If you don't see anyone doing it the right way, you can always be the one to do it the right way. My goal was to go to the worst, go to the least, go to the ground floor. If you bypass the high up corrupt and go straight to the source you can do a LOT before anyone notices, and probably by the time anyone notices... You'll have established yourself doing something great among people who really need it. You may hit bumps in the road, you may have to hurdle many obstacles, but you can do it. If you have a heart willing to do whatever it takes to see people benefit... People take notice of the intent. When there is a good intent, people receive it well. Be that guy. Be the guy that even when people want to resist the change, they don't want to resist you, because they like you. I know it sounds weird... But you can do it. Normally it's hard to find people initially with the same dream and drive as you, I had to actually get on the ground in Congo... My first trip I found NO ONE who had the same vision I had. The next time I went I found the university with only 4 people committed to this. Now the University and me have a team of about 30 Congolese people that are going from part time to full time at this. At first people didn't think "those people were worth anything." Now they see a passion and purpose in us, and now others have a passion and purpose for doing everything we can to help them. When you change the worst off... at the bottom of the pyramid... It's going to have an affect all the way up to the top... Instead of going to the top and hoping some will actually trickle it's way down. Long answer, but hope it kinda helped.

pyjamalovingbanana66 karma

My friends always make fun of me for not knowing how to punch properly (I'm weak as fuck) - do you have any suggestions?

TheManWhoLovesUs190 karma

First, thumb on the outside of fist :-) Second, punch with the pointer and middle finger knuckles. IF you punch with the two outside knuckles you may get "boxers break" and break the outside two bones of your hand. You want to "turn your punches over" in a twisting motion so that it puts a "snap" on your punches. It puts more power into it and it protects your elbow from hyper extension if you miss or if they slip (dodge) your punch. Also, power comes from twisting your hips. Most power in ANY sport comes from your core. Build that... and... Sometimes you just gotta suck it up, buttercup. Lift some weights ;-)

AFspectre41 karma

How much do you think admission to watch a fight between you vs Zimmerman and Canseco would be?

TheManWhoLovesUs118 karma

I would do it for free if it'd bring exposure to my real fight... The Fight For The Forgotten... Admission? Donations... Or as many fluffy kittens as possible. I think I'm getting on a cat kick now that I've hung out on Reddit a few too many times :-)

Arbucks38 karma

The only episode of the Joe Rogan podcast I have listened to happened to be the one you were on. Extremely moving stuff, and very selfless of you.

Best of luck with the journey. Stay safe.

TheManWhoLovesUs55 karma

Mine was the ONLY one that you listened to? Well lucky me! Thanks so much for the support. I appreciate it! I have 3 days to raise a minimum of $7,000... Maybe you can help me get it the cause out there in front of more people :-) www.indiegogo.com/projects/fight-for-the-forgotten

northerncree36 karma


TheManWhoLovesUs66 karma

we hope to get them a hunting gathering reserve! That is the hopes... With all the deforestation it makes it VERY difficult for them to survive. They use to THRIVE off hunting... Now they'd starve if they could only get by on what they hunt. The animals FLEE from the trees smashing to the ground. I could see the sun... But somehow I heard this almost earth shaking thunder... It was MASSIVE trees you could drive a mack truck through falling over. Animals run. The agriculture being started is a means to deal with malnutrition. We want them to hunt and gather, it is important to them. We just don't want them to starve. Did that help? GREAT QUESTION!

TheManWhoLovesUs34 karma

Surely my IAmA is better than Jose Canseco's right? AT LEAST more valuable in information and inspiration right? What can I say... I am a competitive guy. Is there a way that I should challenge him to a charity fight for this cause? A fight for the forgotten... A FIGHT for my FAMILY! They really are WORTH fighting for! Can someone go over there and issue the challenge to him? lol

Gay4Moleman31 karma

Glad to see you back friend, last time I passed the info on to some of my family in hopes they would contribute. How is your fight going since the last AMA?

TheManWhoLovesUs64 karma

Bro it's going good man! We are at $41,800 of the initial $50,000 goal with 4 days left to raise it! [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/VO3nsub.png[/IMG] Here is the cause campaign www.indiegogo.com/projects/fight-for-the-forgotten

JumalOnSurnud65 karma

Do a TED Talk and you will make much more money. More people should know about this.

TheManWhoLovesUs25 karma

That'd be AWESOME! I wonder how I can get involved with them?

JumalOnSurnud30 karma

From a quick search I found this link where you can suggest a speaker, and I did see that you are allowed to suggest yourself. I wish you the best of luck, and I'm sure if other people suggest you as well it may help.


kak09k11 karma

Yes, a TED Talk about freeing slaves from a former MMA fighter would be incredible and would raise a lot of money for his cause.

TheManWhoLovesUs5 karma

Speaking at TED is actually a goal of mine! Would be HUGE to be able to do it :-)

TheManWhoLovesUs3 karma

of course... After the year I'm there and see it happen on a much larger scale!

bucketforce31 karma

Don't really have a question but just wanted to say you're a person with a huge heart. I listened to your story on the Joe Rogan experience. It totally blew me away everything you talked about. Link to the podcast http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MWUDckvf2Lo&feature=youtube_gdata_player

TheManWhoLovesUs26 karma

Thanks for the link! I appreciate you!

TheManWhoLovesUs25 karma

I'm gonna do picture thread right here

Picture while landing... Monkeys jumped off our "Runway" http://i.imgur.com/JMXzT.jpg

TheManWhoLovesUs15 karma

Where I will live! Home SWEET home

http://i.imgur.com/8RD1PKV.jpg More to come...

TheManWhoLovesUs15 karma

TheManWhoLovesUs5 karma

Maasai Warriors with spears... The guy turned to the side is the one who gave me his spear... That dude killed two lions... I saw the proof! http://i.imgur.com/ByhFcnF.jpg here he is again http://i.imgur.com/8FOxbSQ.jpg

TheManWhoLovesUs5 karma

The size of pygmies http://i.imgur.com/H7t6IaN.jpg

TheManWhoLovesUs4 karma

Efeosa!!! The man who loves us. This is my grandpa who named me...


TheManWhoLovesUs3 karma

How we hiked from place to place :-) http://i.imgur.com/wtsqLye.jpg

Kasseev23 karma

This is one of the more interesting AMAs I have seen around here, much respect for what you are trying to achieve. I have a couple questions:

After your year in the field is done, how do you plan to protect and expand the progress you manage to achieve?

What is the education level of the Pygmies you are working to free? What do you need to provide for them to become self sufficient?

And finally: How can the rest of us help?

TheManWhoLovesUs47 karma

Thanks bro!

I do NOT want the success of this to be dependent on me. We want to develop them in sustainable ways of life. This is why it is absolutely CRUCIAL for me to see how I can raise the funds to get a University Research Center on the land that will function year round.

Here are how we are kind of going about sustaining them. This is one rough draft I made of a project we are planning to implement. It's a visual aid for you. [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/TSSp4.png[/IMG]

You can help me spread the word! Tell your loved ones, share it with your facebook friends, tweet it to your twitter followers... Reach out to any media outlets you know or that you would want to be an advocate for the cause for. Here is the link www.indiegogo.com/projects/fight-for-the-forgotten If you can contribute, please do!

bobospleasurehut22 karma

I just wanted to give a quick 'thanks' for being a good human ambassador. The world is truly a better place with you here. I wish you the best of luck in your year long adventure and look forward to hearing about your successes!

TheManWhoLovesUs25 karma

THANKS! I fly to NYC to meet with my literary agents next week and a network I can't name yet. We are going to document this. Thanks so much!

Buschfan22 karma

It's very amicable what you're doing but may I ask why these people in particular?

Also, do you ever see yourself fighting professionally again?

TheManWhoLovesUs65 karma

I like doing things weekly on the local leve, monthly on the national level, and annually on the international level. Now I've changed it instead of doing something once a year on the international level, I will do a full year on the international level. -Why did I choose the Pygmies? Honestly I felt it chose me. I couldn't see more need anywhere in the world. It use to scare me with the seemingly impossible need. I couldn't choose a better cause for personally. They are the most peaceful people on the planet. They are small, they are bullied, they are awesome, and they are FAMILY. Family is WORTH fighting for.

elijahf10 karma

This brings tears to my eyes. You don't have some PR team or professional video... It's just you, your heart, and anyone who can help. Amazing. This is the sort of thing I dream of... but you just fucking did it.

Thank you, from every human who wishes they did the same.

TheManWhoLovesUs8 karma

This just BLESSED me mucho! Thank you... Hey, you should find a cause, a dream, a difference that you want to make and do it yourself. One man and a dream is a DANGEROUS thing to the injustices in this world. We gotta have more men like you step up to the plate... You're ready :-)

thegrassyknoll21 karma

1) Was Kimbo a legit threat during TUF or was he just a sideshow act for ratings?

2) Do you think Roy Nelson will become a title contender at heavyweight?

3) Do you ever see yourself returning to the Octagon?

TheManWhoLovesUs51 karma

1) Kimbo is not legit... Just legitimately popular. He's got the look, the persona, and is marketable. 2) Roy will always be available for title contention. He has the skill, he has serious KO power (multiple KOTN awards), he has the chin/cement for a brain (I know, I hit it)... 3) When I get back from Congo I will take another look at it. It can DEFINITELY be another platform to get the cause out there. I'd be dangerous then. Head on straight, and fighting for a MUCH higher purpose than myself.

MySperm20 karma

Man i was having a fucking shit day til i read this IAMA, good luck man

TheManWhoLovesUs22 karma


riftenthief19 karma

Good for you man. My stepmother was raised in the congo, and my father (a physician) has a charity there. They go quite often. If you would like to speak with them let me know.

TheManWhoLovesUs27 karma

Would I like to speak with them? Of course! If someone has a heart for Congo, been there, from there, started a charity there... YES! Link them to www.indiegogo.com/projects/fight-for-the-forgotten and have them email the cause contact and they will get them to me [email protected]

Yamato718 karma

Hey! Thats a really amazing and inspiring story! I have not been to the Congo yet, I have been other places in Africa but I am currently volunteering at a community development and environmental conservation organization that works in the DRC.

The DRC has such a tragic history, what is the most soul shattering thing you've seen there and what is the most inspiring? Also, seen any cool animals like bonobos in the forest?

Thanks again for doing this! :)

TheManWhoLovesUs63 karma

Heartbreaking, but not soul-shattering things... Widows and orphans hut's roof had to be replaced daily... http://i.imgur.com/cHa4f.jpg

10-12 hours of work got "Harry" paid only 2 minnows. His wife was sick... You don't work you don't eat so this was their days pay... and their food for an entire day. http://i.imgur.com/6qqmY.jpg

My little sister fina is still battling tuberculosis http://i.imgur.com/jVz2h.jpg?1 This is how she looked before TB http://i.imgur.com/1YWJl.jpg

This one is self explanatory... http://i.imgur.com/u7O7ZrC.jpg here was her slave wages... http://i.imgur.com/NX4pvU3.jpg & http://i.imgur.com/qKv25WZ.png

here was how the hardest part for me... http://i.imgur.com/Fwks36n.jpg 1 year old Andibo died of being denied hospital treatment.. Not once... TWICE! I buried him. It was $1 for the one pill cure... maybe 2 dollars for treatment. The box I buried him in was $48.

your_real_father14 karma

I can't believe people are wasting time with jerkoff canseco. This is the guy.

TheManWhoLovesUs11 karma


ace42513 karma

How can I do this??? To me this sounds like the trip and opportunity of a lifetime!!! How would one go about getting to spend a month, or two, or six with these people?? Can you please provide some more of the specific details on how you went about getting to do this? Or did you just fly out there and show up hoping for the best?

TheManWhoLovesUs27 karma

I'm thinking of having different crews come in and out. Like medical missions teams. Also maybe a team that knows how to build Eco-domes/Earth-bag homes. Then also maybe a team of radical people that want to love in a radical way for a month or two serving these people in any way possible.

couponsnob15 karma

You need to hook up with some engineering colleges that have Engineers Without Borders programs. I used to work for Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology in Indiana, and their student EWB helped build septic systems and poultry houses in places like Ghana and Dominican Republic (http://www.rose-hulman.edu/ewb/). These young engineers have the skills to do these projects and make a real impact on the day to day life of people.

TheManWhoLovesUs8 karma

I will definitely look into all options. Thanks for the reply bro!

bigger_than_my_body6 karma

I second the idea of contacting Engineers Without Borders (amazing organisation working for long-term sustainable change, not just claiming that) and universities with engineering programs- this sounds like an opportunity they'd want to participate in.

TheManWhoLovesUs6 karma

THank you guys for this idea!!!

xlThalionlx13 karma

I just wanted to drop in and say Ive follower Justin's career since his TUF debut, and he is truly, truly passionate about helping these people. I know Reddit has many Atheists that jump at the chance to devour and put on display half hearted religious people, but Justin is not one of those religious nut jobs. Justin is the true example of how people should reflect their faith in a positive way; completely selfless and kind.

TheManWhoLovesUs29 karma

Hey bro, this blessed me mucho grande style. I just want to love God completely, love myself correctly, and love others compassionately. Loving people with an agenda other than loving them isn't love. My goal is to just love the Pygmies well. Do my part. The results aren't left up to me... The love I show them is. Appreciate your post. Do I love God? Yes! Do others have to love God? No. My choices are mine, others choices are their own. I can't make choices for people... I can make mine, and hope the result is that they know they are loved, and that they feel their lives are better for it :-) Hope that makes sense.

kensukekimachi13 karma

No questions but noticed that you'd be staying with the Mbuti people, we just finished reading about the Mbuti in my cultural anthropology class (The Forest People was the book). Aside from all the political bullshit they go through their lives sound great. Big ups man!

TheManWhoLovesUs15 karma

The Forest People is an old book right? Someone just sent it to me. Lots has changed, but YES they are AWESOME! Now they call themselves The Forgotten People

Ladranix12 karma

A drink to you my friend, you're doing good out there. What's the most interesting thing that's happened to you thus far relating to the Congo and Pygmy people?

TheManWhoLovesUs24 karma

Being made family. Sleeping in the mud. Burying a 1 year old who shouldn't have died... BEYOND HARD... And almost stepping on a black mamba... PROOF! http://i.imgur.com/ogFdl.jpg

iwasonceblue11 karma

Thoughts on sonnen defending his LHW belt against jones?

TheManWhoLovesUs17 karma

Jones... TKO... In first 3 rounds.

LitAFartOnce11 karma

I have never heard anyone refer to Andrew Zimmern that way. I can't wait to see if he has a rebuttle today. Hopefully he will say, "That guy look delicious. A little gamey, and a tougher meat than I am used to, but all around, surprisingly palatable." And yes you would kick all their asses. So here are my questions: 1. What do you think of the elbows that are deemed illegal? 2. Did you meet your Kickstarter goal from last week? 3. Why in the FUCK are any elbows considered illegal? Is it because of brick-breaking demonstrations? 4. Should headbutts and head kicks to downed opponents (my favorite part of PRIDE) be legal? 5. Are you ever threatened when in the Congo by armed rebel factions, and are you yourself armed, or accompanied by armed men? 6. Are you working with any other groups or agencies to see this overall goal through?

TheManWhoLovesUs13 karma

I'll reply to questions soon... I just have to say.. I LAUGHED at the beginning two sentences!

jaybee1510 karma

Hey man, big fan of what you're doing! 2 questions..

  1. Do you ever miss fighting in the UFC?
  2. What do you think is necessary to fix the problem?

TheManWhoLovesUs17 karma

It was my childhood dream... I'm only 25... I see people I either beat up in a real fight or training doing great things, I see people I know I could take right now doing awesome... I'm happy for them, but yes... I miss it. However, I wouldn't trade what I'm doing for it. No way, no how. What I am doing now... MATTERS!

Iam2ndAmendment9 karma

How instrumental was the church in your road to recovery?

TheManWhoLovesUs23 karma

The Ekklesia is what changed me during my recovery, not the church that we see in America. It was The Ekklesia that we read about Jesus living out, not going too. The church is some place, at sometime, on some day. The Ekklesia is anywhere, anytime, on any day. In the church there is one eyes on many, in Jesus' Ekklesia it was one to another. In church there is an emphasis on "come here, we will teach you." in Jesus' Ekklesia there was an emphasis on we will come to you, AND show you. The church, well the majority of churches talk about a God of love... Jesus and His Ekklesia DEMONSTRATED a God of love. They didn't talk it, they walked it. They didn't just think about it, they did it... They didn't just kinda live it... It was their life that they lived... And they loved it, and loved God... and loved people. That was what led to my REAL recovery... REAL love... A love that could only come from above. That is my belief, my outlook. Their are a lot of "churches" that are country clubs with a steeple.

kerrgon9 karma

I am not into MMA and frankly don't know you but after reading this and also recently watching "Machine Gun Preacher" which is very relevant to this, I just wanted to say you have a new fan.

Its actions like this that truly make the difference and I have major respect for your choices and for doing your part in restoring these individuals lives.

So on behalf of like minded people I thank you.

you sir, are a gentleman and a scholar.

Edit: I also want to mention I have gone on a viral campaign to share your indiegogo campaign and will do my best to spread the word.

TheManWhoLovesUs8 karma

You sir... Are the man! Thank you! I just recently watched that movie. I liked it... He gets in there and get's his hands dirty. He gets skin in the game, and puts his life at risk. With great risk comes GREAT reward! Our approaches are different, but like minded.

Dannyboi938 karma

It's rare that i cry... but this post brought me real close! You've basically won man! That's it, once you've completed this - you'll be amongst the greatest humans that ever lived.

I wouldn't be surprised if you were seen as a god. Some people spend there entire lives doing nothing, not being sad but not being happy... just being comfortable. You've done the exact opposite you've gone from one extreme to the other. You have more wealth than any person on the top 100 wealthiest people. I'm finding it hard to think of words to put down right now... I'm completely dumbfounded. I don't know of many people who wanted to commit suicide and then sat down and correctly said "I changed the world". What is even more exciting is the possibility that you might start a snowball, imagine if one of the slaves you had freed became an ancestor of the 21st-22nd most influential person? Imagine if there was a person who managed to create world peace... all because of your actions?! I'm done, have a good life. You deserve it!

TheManWhoLovesUs13 karma

Holy moly ravioli with a side of guacamole... You are FULL of passion bro! It pops out of your writing... It's probably amplified in your life! Or... It COULD be... and SHOULD be Danny! I'm telling you man, living a life of passion and purpose isn't just for me! You can do the same, I encourage you to do the same. Find your "Congo" find your "Pygmies" find your "family" that you want to leave a legacy with... And then ACT on it... PASSIONATELY! It will ROCK them, it will MOSTLY... ROCK you!


What's your favorite type of sandwich?

TheManWhoLovesUs36 karma

"That ain't sand... That's kitty litter!"

-Lil Rascals

kunderthunt7 karma


TheManWhoLovesUs12 karma

I need some help hitting them up! I hit them up, Dana said come to Vegas and he'd meet. I did, we tried to meet up, he got busy, so I didn't get to meet with him. I think it'd be GREAT. They like good causes, I fought for them, I might fight for them again... And they could have an aspect where they fight the typical "those guys are barbaric." It could have a whole aspect to it where the UFC starts picking up campaigns of... We fight FOR people too.

Arat907 karma

I've been reading through this AMA so I don't have any questions. I do want to let you know that you have a huge heart and are very inspirational. Your enthusiasm and optimism is overwhelming, I can really tell you are a genuinely awesome person. Keep up the great work, you are really making a difference in the world!

TheManWhoLovesUs4 karma

Badabing badaboom :-) Thanks! This made me smile! It really did... Thank you for that.

ThrowTheHeat6 karma

I'm not going to ask you anything. I just want to say that this is one of the most insightful and enlightening AMAs I've ever read. Great answers. Great work you do. More people should be like you. I'm glad you kicked the bad habits.

TheManWhoLovesUs5 karma

Really encouraging, thanks!

tackle_bones6 karma

Hi there! I think what you are doing is great and hope to one day shun my worker bee-like job to contribute in a positive and impacting way such as you.

My question is this:

When you leave your family to come back stateside what is their reaction - and likewise, yours?

TheManWhoLovesUs8 karma

Great Question! It's been hard at times. My mother cried multiple times. My dad and I got in arguments. My gf cried as well, she is my future wife. They each asked me not to go. No one close to me REALLY supported it until lately... It's hard, but worth it.

wordsinwater5 karma

what are some of the legal hurdles your mission is faced with in freeing these people?

you mentioned the acquisition of land as one obstacle, but does the congolese legal system recognize the people as real property too?

thank you for using your notoriety for a good cause, our society needs more solid role models.

TheManWhoLovesUs15 karma

They don't recognize them as real property... but they do not recognize them at all. They are denied citizenship. The excuse given... Is that they don't have anyone educated to represent them as a tribe in the government. This is going to change. We are building them a school, educating them due to REQUEST by the parents of the children saying "We want our kids eyes to be opened." is how they state it. Once they are educated, they have representation, once they have representation, they have citizenship, now they don't need me or other advocates as a voice... now THEY have a voice.

mmwood5 karma

Its refreshing to read your post. You'd make a great role model for children.

AspieDebater4 karma

Justin, long time mma fan. Sorry to hear about struggle a few years back. I can empathise.

Damn but you have turned it around, your doing great things, ill be donating $50 via indiegogo for sure. What a fucking way to make a difference after a suicide attempt, my fucking hero!!

TheManWhoLovesUs5 karma

You are the man! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

javacafe3 karma

This is one epic IAmA! Much respect to you. Many people will justifiably ask what they can do to help and, in return, receive valuable counsel. That is great news. My question, though, is, "How could we, if at all possible, make people like you?" That is, how how do we get the younger generation to think like, act like, and -- most importantly - inspire like you do? Perhaps, there is no answer to this question . . .

TheManWhoLovesUs4 karma

I think we can definitely replicate passion bro. I think we can definitely replicate purpose and value in life! Now make more people like me? I'd rather us make BETTER people than me. You know what I mean? I am not a special dude... Like I wouldn't want to make people look like me. I'd rather make people look like how only they could look. Inspire them to take action. Show them that love is a verb, it is an action word, and show them that they can SHOW it to others.

cuntpuncherexpress3 karma

Your story is awesome. Honestly, I know nothing about professional fighting, but you sound like an amazing person.

Would you rather fight a horse sized duck or 100 duck sized horses?

TheManWhoLovesUs9 karma

1 horse sized duck! I've been kicked off a horse... Didn't end pretty for me... Couldn't imagine fighting 100 little ones! If I beat the huge duck... That be one big tasty rotisseri duck!

cuntpuncherexpress2 karma

Holy shit you are on top of this AMA. And I like the way you think

TheManWhoLovesUs2 karma

I like your questions... ha!

stanfan1143 karma

Good for you, OP. Do you want me to call your family when you don't come back?

TheManWhoLovesUs10 karma

I'll already be with some of my family :-)

0r10z3 karma

So you think cats are cute and cuddly and you just want to hold them? How often do you think about cats?

TheManWhoLovesUs7 karma

As often as you think about rainbows... :-P

OztinL2 karma

Do you only visit destitute non-white people?

TheManWhoLovesUs27 karma

No... I've spent the night with local homeless and grilled hot dogs on a fire in a trashcan under a bridge too... One thing I can promise you. I'm colorblind. I don't care about skin color, if I see someone in need, and I can address that need I will. As long as I check my perspective to make sure my "helping" isn't really hurting in the long run.

Ehlmaris2 karma

Stopping by just to say that you're awesome and have the best AMA title I have ever seen. Keep up the good work, sir!

But since this is an AMA I have to ask a question... so, mister "I <3 cats", what breed of feline would be the most effective sidekick for your efforts to end slavery, and why?

TheManWhoLovesUs4 karma

I think a hairless breed would go to balance out my unusually hairy self. That would make the most sense. A hairy feline around me can be a deadly combo because it has to cough up my hair too because I shed quite a bit as well.

caffeineTX2 karma

You had me at cats.

TheManWhoLovesUs4 karma

I knew that'd get ya!

xlThalionlx2 karma

Justin! MY MAN! Your buddy from Fist2MouthMMA here...thanks for being the very first interview I ever did. Im enjoying seeing how great of an ambassador you have been for the sport. Keep it up!

TheManWhoLovesUs3 karma

Hey bro-heem! Thanks man. Hope you and your family are well!

BleauGumms1 karma

This is your obituary.

TheManWhoLovesUs23 karma

Could be, but it'd be better to go out risking everything for the something I believe in... Than not risking anything and being 80 years old wondering what could I have done? What would have happened? What should my life had been like? That would be a living nightmare maybe even worse than the depression I came out of. I want to know my life mattered. That when I interacted with people I was a benefit to them. When I went to a place I left it better than when I came. Hopefully that makes sense. I believe this is my purpose, it's my family... People that love their family would do anything for them. This is my "anything."