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How do you feel about the fact that so many indigenous languages of Latin America have been lost, and that most people have adopted Spanish and Catholicism? Is there any resentment still in Guatemala for these colonial legacies?

Thanks for doing the AMA :)

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Hey! Thats a really amazing and inspiring story! I have not been to the Congo yet, I have been other places in Africa but I am currently volunteering at a community development and environmental conservation organization that works in the DRC.

The DRC has such a tragic history, what is the most soul shattering thing you've seen there and what is the most inspiring? Also, seen any cool animals like bonobos in the forest?

Thanks again for doing this! :)

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Can I have an internship? I have a lot of international experience, work experience, I speak French, and Im studying Global Health.

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I just wanted to say thank you for doing this AMA. Many people on reddit know little about Sub-Saharan Africa and are quick to generalize about issues the continent faces without a proper understanding of history and context.

My question for you is, do people in the CAR see the continued violence as part of the legacies of colonialism? Or are they very open to more French and European troops? Thanks!

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Have you heard or researched a lot about the differences between chimpanzees and bonobos?

i think it is really interesting to see two species of animals that we are so closely related to be so different in terms of their behaviors. I guess you might be gone but it is interesting to see that evil and good, however you want to define them, might be coded in our genes more than anything.