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You can test your internet speed here if you are interested.

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How can I do this??? To me this sounds like the trip and opportunity of a lifetime!!! How would one go about getting to spend a month, or two, or six with these people?? Can you please provide some more of the specific details on how you went about getting to do this? Or did you just fly out there and show up hoping for the best?

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Where in NM and when is this event held? Is it open to the general public? Or is it a private tribal event?

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Technically they are licensed doctors. Once you graduate from medical school and get your MD / DO degree, you are a "doctor". Being a junior doctor over there is the equivalent of being a resident here. You are a doctor, you just haven't aquired your specialist licensure / certification yet. Think of it as being a journeyman electrician or plumber working on your Master's license. You are still an electrician, you just don't have the same practicing rights as a master level electrician.

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Military experience is HUGE on the oil industry, regardless od your MOS. Basically if you can survive long enough to get an honorable discharge, it is almost completely assured that you can work long hours and follow direction without screwing up.