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Justin, I've been following your story, and it truly is inspirational.

For a long time I have wanted to get involved in foreign aid work, but have never had the opportunity present itself. I began investigating ways I could follow a dream, and investigated an International Development program through University, after more and more research I realized that program was not what I wanted to do. It was more involved with the economics and government relations, then actual helping people on the ground which is what I am interested in.

My question is Justin, what avenues do you know of that I can begin a path to do something similar to what you're doing? As both a huge MMA fan, and a passionate supporter of 3rd world development, you truly are a hero of mine.

Thank you for the time.

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Man, it means a lot you replied that fast with the answer I needed to hear. I need to start doing, and the rest will follow. The dream thing being scary feels so daunting so often. I have a problem with fear, and it's something I need to get over, as it's been a problem for awhile. I've never had dreams that anyone around felt were realistic. I went through some shit when I was young, and still am (I too have addiction problems, haven't had any six month benders yet, and sincerely hoping it doesn't take that for me to change.) I've always felt like because of this I've had to try and and see things from different perspectives. I had to try and understand why things happened, always asking why. I'm coming to realize, a lot of the time, that question doesn't have an answer. The question that's important is the 'what..?' That's what takes you to the next step.

When you were planning your first trip, what was your initial plan? Did it change when you got to the Congo?

Thanks Justin

ps. wtf was Matt Mitrione like in the house really on TUF? He seems so fucking off the wall.

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Hey Ryan. I am not a philosophy major, or a business magnate, or a member of a championship team - but I am someone who has been deeply influenced by your writing. I first listened to the Obstacle is the Way audiobook this summer, then quickly acquired Ego is the Enemy and did the same.

I’ve suffered from major depressive disorder for a long time - I’ve been living with, and working on it for my entire adult life. I’ve tried numerous counsellors, and self help books and medication temporarily.. nothing was giving me ‘the answer’ that I felt I was looking for. Nothing that is, until I found your writing.

I don’t believe everyone would have the same results, but for me it wasn’t the answer I thought I wanted - but you provided the framework that I needed. You gave me back a sense of control that I don’t remember ever having in my life. The ability to break things down, to embrace what is in front of me, to live in the present moment, to find joy in problems and obstacles that are in my way.

And now with Stillness, a reminder to embrace those moments of reflection, of appreciation, and of personal development. Making a point of slowing down and tuning in to what really matters and making a point of finding that space as often as possible - in the face of challenge, as well as times of peace.

Thank you. Thank you for your ability to distill thousands of years of knowledge down for us. Thank you for doing what you do. Thank you for getting me back to reading, a passion and love I had lost.

I am currently doing the ‘Read to Lead’ challenge. I’ve reread the Alchemist, I’ve started my common place book and have been writing in it daily since I began. My question for you is;

If you could recommend a banned non fiction for myself to read, what would it be?

Thanks again Ryan.

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Have fun. Live every second, and nothing can go wrong.

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And nothing in life is guaranteed, which is why people tell you to work hard. Hard work breeds success. Does that mean you will be successful? Again, obviously not, because nothing in life is guaranteed.