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How did you get into acting? Did you always dream of being an actor?

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just googled it, very interesting concept. Couldn't begin to imagine how that works though, or even how it scales. It raises so many questions.

I'm a biocentrist myself, which is kind of on the same lines. However, with biocentrism its not that everything contains consciousness, but more that nothing could exist without it. In panpsychism, everything in the universe must have consciousness. In biocentrism, every universe must have consciousness.

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It's rare that i cry... but this post brought me real close! You've basically won man! That's it, once you've completed this - you'll be amongst the greatest humans that ever lived.

I wouldn't be surprised if you were seen as a god. Some people spend there entire lives doing nothing, not being sad but not being happy... just being comfortable. You've done the exact opposite you've gone from one extreme to the other. You have more wealth than any person on the top 100 wealthiest people. I'm finding it hard to think of words to put down right now... I'm completely dumbfounded. I don't know of many people who wanted to commit suicide and then sat down and correctly said "I changed the world". What is even more exciting is the possibility that you might start a snowball, imagine if one of the slaves you had freed became an ancestor of the 21st-22nd most influential person? Imagine if there was a person who managed to create world peace... all because of your actions?! I'm done, have a good life. You deserve it!

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also, tell people... let them know a tiny program is having a huge affect on you. People dont usually have it on to purposely fuck your revenue, its just annoying.

If you talk to them man to man, and say that whitelisting goes a long way for everybody, people will be more inclined to do it.

The product is free, the least they can do is whitelist, and a majority will. They just need to be reminded, not because they're assholes but because they forget it has an impact on another human being.

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How do I pronounce your surname, is it 'mans back'?