I used to race motocross from the age of 7 years old till the day I got hurt. I broke my neck May 7th, 2006. I was at a local track where my Mom dropped me off with a family friend so I could ride for the day. I went out for one more ride, and there were 3 jumps in a row and each got bigger and bigger. On the 3rd one (the biggest one around 65+ feet), when I was in the air my bike shut off, which caused my front end to fall forward. I ended up bailing off and landed right on my neck. Breaking my C4 and C5 vertebrae's. I was flown to the hospital, had a few surgeries, and then was admitted to a physical rehab center in Philly for 4 months to gain strength and learn the new ways of how I had to live.

My sister and I the day after my injury. http://imgur.com/mKsbr7j

A lot of people I meet today always have curious questions about all sorts. So I thought I'd do an AMA for anyone who's been curious about anything.

EDIT: I should have mentioned this. I'm a quadriplegic. Therefore my fingers have little to no movement, and my arms are pretty weak.

EDIT 2: Some updated pictures

EDIT 3:Ramps/Room/Van And thanks for all the questions guys!

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PerpetualDick81 karma

Can you still get a boner?

mxer981113 karma


Croctane32 karma

Are there any benefits that have come from this unfortunate accident?

mxer98190 karma

I became such a better person. I was kind of a little punk before I got hurt. But I'm a lot more positive than I've ever been before.

paralegs25 karma

I'm 21 and a c7 quad. I broke my neck last year and it's awesome reading this from you. There are so many times I want to just give up but I know I can still have a happy normal life. So thank you so much for this

mxer98120 karma

Glad I could ya out. Just don't be so hard on yourself. I know how ya feel and it sucks ass a lot. Just got to keep your head up!

PsychoticOnI22 karma

So because you can feel touch, does this mean you can have sex? Sorry if this has already been asked and or is too personal.

mxer98146 karma

I was waiting for this. hahah. But yes, I can. My girlfriend is the only girl I've had sex with. I can stay hard for a while, but can't cum.

PsychoticOnI16 karma

The best part.. Noo... Well, maybe you can make the proper neurological connections with proper therapy. You might find it someday! I hope it is at least enjoyable? I apologize again if this isn't something you want to talk about, but after all you are backed with the anonymity of the internet!

mxer98131 karma

It is enjoyable! I love it. But I have no problem talking about any of this. It's kind of hard to offend me. I usually laugh at those who attempt to do so.

cr0nage18 karma

Did you get to masturbate before your incident, or were you a late bloomer?

mxer981115 karma

Masturbating was my job, dude.

PsychoticOnI13 karma

Oh good! I am just wondering if the "sensations" are pleasurable. Things that involve loss of feelings perplex me, I believe you are truly unique in the way you can still semi feel things. Terrible as it is, you may have gotten a small ounce of luck. Also, another question is how do you type? special adaptation stuff or voice? Thanks so much for the answers.

mxer98134 karma

Kind of hard to explain, but I sit sideways and type with the knuckle of my one pinky. If that makes sense.lol. I have the Dragon Speak. But nobody got time fo dat!

the_zorn_legacy6 karma

So you are saying that typing with the knuckle of your pinky is more efficient than a program that can wreck a nice beach?

mxer9818 karma

Yup. I do fairly well with after so many years.lol.

cloom156 karma

Sorry if you already answered this but how much upper body mobility do you have?

mxer9818 karma

Just my arms really. My fingers barely work that much. I still manage to make them work though.

PsychoticOnI4 karma

Considering that you prefer that method which sounds like it does take forever, then I could only imagine.. Indeed, AINT NOBODY! Thanks so much for those, this is my favorite AMA so far.

mxer98118 karma

Hahah this AMA is giving me quite a work out. But gee, thanks! I really appreciate, and glad you enjoyed it.

Rc14513 karma

Sorry, But I'm curious now, can you only stick to one position?

mxer98147 karma

I'm usually on the bottom. We try sideways shit. I tried being on top once, it was quite difficult.lol.

Olao991 karma

Now I got deppressed, I don't have a girlfriend nor had sex ever

mxer98139 karma

Give it time. Don't rush.

circledrive21 karma

What do you want to do when you walk again (I'd be willing to bet science figures this out within 20 years)?

mxer98136 karma

Ride and drive a car.lol.

HanMcFly18 karma

Would you recommend trying motocross to young children?

mxer98133 karma

They have races for kids as young as 4 years old. Kids love it. My accident was kind of rare. Yes, people get really messed up riding/racing, but it's the risk you take.

twerkz18 karma

How long have you and your girlfriend been together? How old is she? (sorry if personal.)

mxer98123 karma

Little over a year. We met on tumblr/twitter. And she lives in Minnesota, while I live in Pennsylvania. She's 20.

BumDarts6 karma

howd you guys meet? just a random message?

mxer98110 karma

Yeah, pretty much. I told her happy birthday in 2011 and that pretty much set it all off.

BumDarts8 karma

atta boy champ. I hope you and your gf have a long and prosporous relationship. On another note, is there any chance of you being able to walk again?

mxer98110 karma

Thank you. I appreciate. But I don't think so. Unless stem cell gets going.

iarecylon16 karma

Hi! In 2007, my husband broke his neck when he landed incorrectly, attempting a backflip.

After his injury, 2 months in a hospital, and extensive surgeries, he had a 100% personality change, by all accounts. He wasn't a super angry, bitter guy anymore, but turned into a kind, gentle sweetheart. We've done some research, and this seems like a common thing to go from polar ends of the personality spectrum following a traumatic injury to the neck or spine. Any major personality changes in your experience?

mxer98114 karma

Like I've said, I'm so positive with everything anymore. I tend to stay on the bright side of things. And I tell myself that it could always be worse when I get down. I've seen people in way worse situations than me. I take notice and appreciate a lot in my life too.

iarecylon5 karma

And right after posting, I saw that answer. :P

The spouse likes to tell people that breaking his neck was the best thing that ever happened to him because of that. Now, you couldn't find a more pleasant, cheerful person, but according to everyone else, he was pretty much a dick before.

Anyway, I'll think happy thoughts for you and yours, and please accept these hugs from Utah: love

mxer9815 karma

Glad he found the positive side! And thank youuu.

annieokay16 karma

How did you adjust to the lack of mobility?

mxer98144 karma

I did okay. I was young and didn't have much to really worry about anything. But I give a lot of credit to my parents. I need help with almost everything everyday. My Dad passed away when I was 14, but my Mom helps me with everything. And my girlfriend helps a lot when she can too. I love that I have so much support.

Josh-ooo-as16 karma

How did your dad die? That's awful. I'm so sorry.

mxer98136 karma

Suicide. Parents went through a messy divorce.

Josh-ooo-as31 karma

I'm sorry. Hugs.

mxer98140 karma

Appreciate it. hugs

idratherbeblind2 karma

I am sorry to hear about your dad. My dad did the same thing. Do you ever feel guilty? I am not trying to imply that you should.

mxer9813 karma

I do some days. I wish I talked to him about how he felt more. He was very bipolar. So it could get scary at times.

chrissypeppers6 karma

Hows your momma? She sounds like a tough woman!

mxer98111 karma

She's doing great. She can still lift me in and out of bed like it's nothing. Amazing woman I tell ya.

CopperMyDog15 karma

Any feeling below the waist

mxer98131 karma

I can actually feel touch everywhere, but from my nipples down, I can't feel hot or cold.

CopperMyDog14 karma

So you feel touch in the legs? How old are you know? 17?

mxer98140 karma

Yes. If you were to squeeze anywhere on my leg, I could feel it. It's rare for this to happen. I'll be 20 on Wednesday.

DamnColorblindness32 karma

Happy early birthday, bro.

mxer98124 karma

Appreciate it!

intentsman14 karma

You're probably used to it by now, but was it awkward at first being 13 and your mom giving you a bath?

mxer98127 karma

I am.lol. But yeah, it was. And still kinda is sometimes. Hahah.

Orangesquashed13 karma

What is the most annoying thing about being in a wheelchair?

Can you drive?

How is your house adjusted for you?

Thanks for the AMA!

mxer98120 karma

Most annoying thing is being so dependent and not being able to drive. I wish I could go and do things by myself. So that answers both questions. But I do plan on getting a van set up for me to drive.

And my Dad was very crafty. He built all my ramps and redid the whole game room into my room, and made me a shower/bathroom. I'll take picture tomorrow for you. Getting too dark for pictures outside.

Orangesquashed6 karma

How old are you now?

Sounds like you have a great family, how else is your house adopted for your living?

Sorry for being intrusive, I have plenty more questions if you don't mind!

mxer98111 karma

I'll be 20 Wednesday. But just ramps really. Our counter top is extended a bit when we got our granite in, just so I could pull up underneath.

Keep em' coming. I'm open with this subject.

adventurousnails2 karma


mxer9813 karma

adventurousnails2 karma


mxer9814 karma

Oh I could! They have set ups so I could go right up to the steering wheel and drive that van. That's just kind of an example.

adventurousnails2 karma


mxer9812 karma


MANCREEP13 karma

You should start live-streaming video games that you play. You know, for money.

mxer98114 karma

I play a few games since I modified my computer. I'll keep it in mind!

valueape12 karma

Thank you for the AMA. you seem like a great kid, you've lightened my spirits with your attitude. Who are some of your favorite bands? Do you live by any ski areas? have you tried assisted sit-skis and stuff? i used to assist at Adaptive Sports Center in Crested Butte, Colorado and i know there are a number of these types of rec centers across the country.

mxer98118 karma

I'm glad I've done so! But I listen to a lot of metal. Metallica, Lamb Of God, Alice In Chains, Chevelle, Heaven Shall Burn, Volbeat, ect. I'm really not a winter person.lol. Sorry to burst your bubble. But props to you for helping them. I know people who've done it, and they love it.

vicki12210 karma

I'm sorry for your accident. My late mom contracted polio and spent her life in a wheelchair after age 29 until her death at 51. She was luckily "only" a paraplegic. She did well raising three children with my (drunken) father and the help of our grandmothers.

mxer9819 karma

Jeez. That's incredible of your mother. I'm not very educated on polio, but it's very serious from what I know. Sorry to hear about your loss though.

railwaycat8 karma

How did you react to the news that you wouldn't be able to walk?

mxer98120 karma

I don't think they ever told me. I was so drugged up I can barely remember the first week or so I was in the hospital. My parents just made sure I was happy and in a positive mood a lot of the time.

Spinalzz8 karma

whats the thing you miss most since you broke your neck?

mxer98118 karma

Honestly. Cleaning and building stuff with my dad. I was so hands on with everything and neat freak.

intentsman7 karma

what was high school like?

mxer98113 karma

I went back in 7th grade. But had a lot of health issues, so I got home schooled all through high school.

Rc1457 karma

How'd you meet your gf?

mxer98110 karma

Scroll for it. I just answered this.

daneyalanwar6 karma

did you have to relearn anything you could easily do before your injury? how well have you recovered to present day?

mxer98114 karma

EVERYTHING. Texting, Typing, eating, brushing my teeth, ect. I forgot to mention I'm a quadriplegic.

daneyalanwar7 karma

how long did it take to get back to where you are now?

mxer9816 karma

um, probably around 2 years.

zephyrionitis6 karma

man, you make me feel really lucky. I used to race motocross myself, and had to stop because I got in a collision with another rider and now I have carpal tunnel. I miss it so much. What kind of bike did you ride? Do you still have it?

mxer9817 karma

Sorry to hear. But I had a KX 250F. And no, sold it to a close friend who kept it alive until it blew up.lol.

spatatat5 karma

have you ever seen legit?

one of the main characters is disabled, and they deal with it in a hilarious but also respectful and sensitive manner. that actually describes the tone of the whole show. I'd recommend it to anyone who can take a little vulgarity with their humor

mxer9814 karma

I'll defiantly check it. Kind of sounds like my life!

jadudek5 karma

Did they have to fuse your vertebrae, or could they just stabilize you in a brace since there wasn't much risk or you twisting too much?

mxer9816 karma

They fused them together with a little plate and 6 screws. Had one of those neck braces on for a while though.

Goorilla973 karma

For a second I thought you're girlfriend was your sister from the first photo (on the day of the accident) and thought: Ohhh... But now I know I was wrong, anyway, good thing you're doing good. Now on to my question. What do you plan to do now that you're incapacitated? Like as a job? I don't want to be mom but just wondering and what did you want to do before the accident?

mxer9813 karma

Lol glad you got it cleared up. But I'll probably do something in the computer field. If love to make an addicting game for iPhones or something. Or even some kind of graphic designer. But before my injury? I couldn't tell ya.lol. Sorry!

Itstheadhd3 karma

Did you ever get bullied because of this?

mxer9814 karma

Not yet.lol. But my buddies and I joke around with it a lot.

advancix3 karma

Glad that you're joking about it.

My mother is in a wheelchair, too. Sometimes, when we're at a restaurant, I tell her "You can't get up until you finished your plate!" the horrified looks make us laugh everytime.

Have a nice day. :)

mxer9815 karma

Hahaha! My Mom always tells my girlfriend to go upstairs if I piss her off since I can't go up them.lol.

DamnColorblindness3 karma

I dated a girl who's dad had a spinal injury that left him in a wheel chair ( also a quad). He often talked about how portions of his body (from the chest down) felt like pins and needles. The sort of feeling like when your foot/arm falls asleep.

Do you feel this? I'm curious to understand if this is a regular symptom.

mxer9814 karma

Um, not just randomly. Usually when I leave my textbook on my lap for a while my legs will start feeling like that a bit.

keeja3 karma

Your'e a pretty inspirational guy. What do you want to do in the future? Any jobs interest you? Would you have to work from home?

mxer9815 karma

I'd love to make game apps. It's a hot market. I do coding every once in a while. Graphic design would be good too.

amstan2 karma

This might be of help for coding: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8SkdfdXWYaI

mxer9812 karma


tasteofchaos083 karma

i'm sorry to hear that buddy. I really am. thankfully you have a girlfriend and a community that is here for you

mxer9812 karma

Appreciate it!

jobrahs3 karma

I have a buddy who is a paraplegic from an accident at a lake so this kinda hits home. props to you for doing this. I wish you the best of luck and hope you can gain some independence in life.

mxer9812 karma

Thank you! Hope all goes well for your bud as also.

jaycatt73 karma

What do you do for fun?

mxer9817 karma

I play a lot of games on my phone and computer. Go to Flyers games. I still go to local races to see friends, and go watch the pro racing once a year down in Maryland.

Wizardmon533 karma

Are affiliated with any religion at all? Sorry, just when I read that you still have feeling, and you said it is rare, I couldn't help but think that maybe you've thought it could have been worse and have thanked some higher power that you believe in.

EDIT: Glad to see you're so positive! Very inspiring.

mxer98116 karma

No, I don't believe in God's and such. People say they pray for me and everything, which I don't mind at all. I just never got into it. I just believe in, "luck" and "shit happens". hahah

imnotHeisenberg3 karma

Fair play for keeping the attitude positive man good on ya, p.s. your sister is/was/will be pretty hot!

mxer9815 karma

Waaaatch it buddy. Hahaha

mclunchboxx3 karma

Is it offensive to say nice wheels to someone in a wheel chair?

mxer9813 karma

Hahah nope. I get it all the time. Don't be afraid to joke around with wheelchair people. Most have a good sense of humor.

Fluffow3 karma

How do you take a shit? (´・ω・`)

mxer9817 karma

Hahah this one is going to be kind of weird/awkward. But I shit in my bed. No joke.lol. I take laxatives the day before, and lay on my side with this thing called a chux, slide it under my butt, and let er rip! It's and odd way, but it works!

TheShroomHermit2 karma

What was puberty like?

mxer9813 karma

Already went through most of it before I got hurt.

afisftulofpesos2 karma

Which arm is stronger? Is there any way you can work out your upper body?

mxer9815 karma

My right for sure. Mostly because I type with that hand/arm. And I have these rubber band things I hook to my foot plates and I can do curls in my chair.

baconperogies2 karma

Is there anything about the accident that could have been preventable? Did you wear a helmet?

Glad to see you're staying upbeat and positive. Way to be.

mxer9819 karma

Of course I did! But about 2 weeks after I got hurt they came out with these new neck braces that almost everyone wears anymore. Kind of a bummer on my part.lol.

bpbanners212 karma

is it hard for you to eat bananas or apply chapstick?... also, on a serious note, what has been the greatest revelation or change in your philosophy of life that has come out of all of this? :)

mxer9813 karma

Hahahah not really. But I just appreciate life a lot more. I'm generous and don't get mad over stupid shit. I always want to help anyone if I can.

sterlingarcher00692 karma

Any plans for the future?

Why is your sister smiling in the photo?

mxer9816 karma

Well we're planning on moving to a smaller house. Hard to afford what we have now. But might do some community college before I pick something serious. Most likely computer science field.

Think I was being goofy and had everyone laughing. So they were all in a decent mood I guess.lol.

AdventureVoid2 karma

Can we see a current picture?

mxer9813 karma

I'll make an edit in the text above. Give me a sec.

StooftheGoof2 karma

How are you typing right now? Do you have someone doing it for you?

mxer9814 karma

I type with my pinky knuckle.

sambchops2 karma

I fell off a balcony and broke my c6 and c7 vertebrae. Do you also have a metal plate kind of near your adams apple? I have been upset because I can barely do a lot of the working out I used to now because of it, and now I feel I have nothing to complain about.

My bones were very close to a lot of nerves, and I could and should have been paralyzed.

It's nice to see that you are in good spirits!

mxer9812 karma

Mines in back. Just a little plate with screws. Take it easy on yourself, stay in good spirits also!

adventurousnails2 karma

I'll be honest, this is kind of cool for me because I took a neural anatomy course in uni and it covered injuries to the spinal cord. It was fun trying to remember what I learned and using it to diagnose you. So...thank you, I guess.

Anyways, you seem like a pretty cool guy! Have any hobbies?

mxer9812 karma

Haha it's very interesting! But I'm into a lot pc gaming and recently RC helicopters.

GoodEddHaveEdd2 karma

I'm physically impaired as well (I have very bad legs).

Would you mind giving a quick run down of what you current life consists of? You seem really proactive about your condition. What do you do in your free time? Do you work? I find myself bored and distracted because of the pain, sometimes.

mxer9812 karma

I probably sound like I do a lot. But really I spend a lot of time on the computer. I play a lot of games. I don't work or am enrolled in any schooling. But I do get bored at times. I been getting into gaming. /r/buildapc and /r/gaming helped me a lot. But I also go to hockey games too. You just got to find things you enjoy. It's hard to stay busy while you have an disability. Netflix will keep you busy too! Lol.

GoodEddHaveEdd2 karma

Netflix is the best thing in the world.

How do you survive, financially? I'm in the UK and we have a lot of "undemocracy" about these days. I've been told I might not be able to walk without great trouble and I'm kind of worried about it.

What games do you play?

mxer9812 karma

I'm not sure how the UK works with disability stuff but my mom actually gets paid to take care of me. Plus I'm on disability. So it helps a bit.

But I play a game called MX Simulator and SimCity. SimCity is a pretty fun game to kill the time. I high suggest it. I had to modify my tower so I could run better graphics, but it's a fun game to mess with. It gets pretty stressful too.lol

Sykedelic2 karma

Are you happy and content, or do you feel bad and depressed about how your life could have been had you not had the accident?

mxer9813 karma

I'm defiantly happy. I get down in the dumps at times. But I'm in a good mood most of the time. But I do think about what it would be like if I could still walk too.

IVIagicbanana2 karma

You mention you play video games and computer. How do you do this being paralyzed? (No disrespect intended with my question.)

mxer9812 karma

I hooked my ps3 controller up to my PC and play a game call MX Simulator. Dirt bike game obviously. But I manage a way to hold my controller to where I'm able to play. And I play SimCity here and there.

0martinelli2 karma

You can play video games?

mxer9812 karma

Yup. I figured out a way to hold my controller so I can play certain games. Mostly into racing games though.

Jberrow2 karma

I read almost all the replys on this AMA and I have to say you are the most inspirational person I've read about. I wish the best for you and hope you have a wonderful future. Stay strong :)

On a side note you wanted to learn some coding?


mxer9812 karma

Well thanks! And that's exactly what I use. Great site to learn.

hiphopperchic2 karma

Do you ever forget you are paralised and try do do something? For example, do you ever wake up and TRG to get out of bed, then remember.

mxer9818 karma

I remember one time my Mom told me to come to her and it seriously felt like I was about to just stand up out of my chair and walk over. It was pretty freaky.lol.

rsubalex2 karma

Thanks for doing this AMA, I'm reading a lot of it!

Is it uncomfortable to sleep? Also random, what kind of music are you into?

mxer9816 karma

Not really. I just stay on my side most of the night. But there are nights where it's a pain in the ass.

Mostly metal. Metallica, Volbeat, Lamb of God, Chevelle, Alice in Chains, ect.

Glad you're enjoying my AMA!

robfsumcc1 karma

So you said your fingers have little to no movement, how do you type or use a mouse?

mxer9811 karma

It's the knuckle on my pinky. Kind of hard to explain.lol.

TolkienScholar1 karma

At age 13, how difficult was the transition?

mxer9812 karma

Probably understanding my body. Everything reacts differently. I have a lot of muscle spasms now, but they feel good sometimes because they help me stretch and what not.

dxt781 karma

Any idea why the bike shut off? And why would this cause the front end to dip?

mxer9812 karma

When you pull the clutch in a Tap the back break it'll level your bike out in the air. But I didn't pull the clutch in far enough and the back tire locked up and lost my momentum in the air making the front end drop.

pregotastic1 karma

If you had kids, would you let this race motocross? Or, would you think that the potential risks outweigh the benefits?

mxer9812 karma

I'd let them. I can't dwell on my mistakes and then force them on my kids. But I'd let them try it for sure.

mandalaybay11 karma

So what muscles do you have use of and which ones do you not have use of?

mxer9811 karma

My neck muscles and biceps are pretty much all i have. Everything else is not much. You realize how often your fingers come in handy once they're taken away.

MrCallum1 karma

What type of bike where you on at the time of the accident?

mxer9813 karma

KX 250f.

Dtamlin171 karma

What type of bike did you ride? Also what track? Edit: you already answered the first question

mxer9812 karma

Track called Blue Diamond in New Castle, DE.

Dtamlin172 karma

Oh that's cool, I ride and race in Canada.

mxer9812 karma

Tracks thaw out yet? lol

Dtamlin171 karma

Lol, some. Mainly down in southern Ontario. Most the ones that are close to me are pretty much still snow covered.

mxer9811 karma

lol I hear ya. Have a safe season!

[deleted]-9 karma


mxer98115 karma

The fuck?