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At X-Games 13, you were commentating the Big Air skateboard competition. After you saw Jake Brown fall 50 or so feet onto the halfpipe you said:

"Wow, I can't believe he´╗┐ hit the 720."

Did you say that to try and break the tension? Because looking back at it now, that was one of the worst/hilarious thing you could say at that situation.

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Have you ever eaten a turf 'n turf?

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A friend of mine was getting bitched at by a teacher when the teacher said, "You're going to be in big trouble when I talk to your parents." He replied, "You can't talk to my parents." "What do you mean I can't talk to your parents?" "They're deaf." And the teacher lost her shit and left the classroom.

Has this ever happened to you?

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Kill, fuck, or marry as they are right now: Michelle, DJ, Stephanie.

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Whose idea was the chalkboard scene/Simpsons opening? Do you have a favourite one?

What was the worst idea you've ever heard in the writer's room?

When you watch Breaking Bad, do you still sometimes see him as Malcolm's dad running a meth lab?