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Not brownies, that's for sure.

Womp, womp.

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He is the garbage bin.

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No she wasn't embarrassed, she was very excited about being out on a date. I, on the other hand, was extremely shy, and maybe said two words the entire time. I don't really know why she stuck with me.

I found this adorable.

You seem like a stand up dude OP. All the best.

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As a Chinese Canadian, I'm surprised many people don't know about the Nanjing Massacre. A lot of 2nd generation Chinese have no clue either. When you say the Aremenian Genoicide is on par with the Holocaust, I say the exact same thing about the Nanjing Massacre.

I've never heard of the Armenian Genoicide but I'll go and read up on it now.

Thanks for sharing.

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And then finally cut off someones face and have it surgically attached to your own.

They should make a movie about this.