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Hi Trevor!! I'm a huge fan!

Is there a story behind WKUK playing the women characters also? or whose idea was that?

How did you come up with the name WKUK?

Keep up the good everything! :)

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Hi Kevin huge fan!

What has been your favorite part about filming Weeds? Except getting up close with Mary's boobs in the hospital room scene. That's too obvious.

Also is Alexander Gould anything like his character?

Thanks for doing this AMA! I love comedians on Reddit. :D

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damn that shit goes hard, you got a new fan sir

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I know of you only because of this AMA. I listened to Just a Bill, shits gangsta ha.

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Thanks for doing this AMA, I'm reading a lot of it!

Is it uncomfortable to sleep? Also random, what kind of music are you into?