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I'm going to argue in defense of the psychoactive properties of Nbome. I've used these drugs and their relatives probably more than I care to admit. (25c,b,etc) I honestly enjoy them. The problem is blotters dosed with these chemicals are usually dosed extremely high. Comparatively most LSD blotters are extremely weak. People having scary intense highs can happen on any psychedelic if you take enough, even LSD.

These experiences on these drugs can be great, perhaps less insightful, but a lot of fun nonetheless. Although for lack of research it's hard to ever recommend them.

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What is the most common similarity in experiences reported by people who take psilocybin?

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I've done acid a shitload of times and those people never took acid, either that or they are just exaggerating and making shit up.

I mean seriously, I've never been so fucked up i'd mistake cheetos for dirt. That's dumb. Psychedelics are the most fascinating thing i've experienced in my entire life. You don't see dragons and eat dirt.

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Geraldo was an idiot. Just like almost all the reporters that interviewed manson.

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Just came across this song from you guys randomly and wanted you guys to know I LOVE IT!! Takes me to heaven everytime! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C5nksHJ0pvc

I'll have to check out your other songs now :P