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Are you aware that edibles can trigger psychotic breaks even among people who have no issue smoking flower (tiny percentage but)? How do you plan to mitigate this? Quick google search results.

EDIT: I'm all for legalization but I had an experience where a gf ate half of pea-sized piece of cannabutter and was "attacked by wring wraiths" trying to suffocate her for 40 minutes afterwards. So I looked up and it turns out it's a thing.

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Great trailer. How/where can we watch the film?

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Thanks for the reply. I wish you the best and I suppose it's not a huge issue given the number of outfits making/selling edibles but that was one night I wish I could forget. It wasn't simply a bum trip, she was hallucinating and inconsolable. And the dosage was minute.

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Ha! I just upvoted you like I have any idea of what i'm talking about in here lol

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i changed apartments in the same complex. a couple weeks after moving, i was lost in thought and entered my old one when i got home. I realized as soon as i opened the door (That was a freaky feeling) but no one was home or prepared to shoot.