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What is the most annoying thing about being in a wheelchair?

Can you drive?

How is your house adjusted for you?

Thanks for the AMA!

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I can't imagine what it would be like to loose someone so suddenly. How did you family (particularly you) react upon finding out the news?

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Do you go to school? If so, do you like it and what is your favourite subject? If not, would you like to go and what subject do you think would interest you the most?

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How old are you now?

Sounds like you have a great family, how else is your house adopted for your living?

Sorry for being intrusive, I have plenty more questions if you don't mind!

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I can't even imagine how horrifically hard that must have been for you.

My sister died three years ago but it was completely expected (cancer) so we had time to fully prepare ourselves- to the point where she made a hilariously deadpan video for her family and friends telling us she had secret love children (she was 17 and definitely did not) and plenty of far more inappropriate things my family can look back and groan about!

How has your family dynamic change after he passed away?

What was your brother studying at college?

What are you up to now?