Update 4/15: I'm being rented a room by a family that took me in when I was homeless in middle school. They're picking me up as soon as the shelter lets me go in to get my belongings. I inquired about an old job I had in the area and was offered to start tomorrow at 6:30am. Done and done. Thank you to everyone for the positivity. A special thank you to the to all the negative users, rude comments, and to the trolls for the laughs. I have a long way to go but this is a great start. Thanks again.

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everyonehasfaces36 karma

How are you using reddit? Library?

ROTP91 karma

I know I'm going to get shit for being homeless and having a smartphone, but when I bought it a year ago when i had a pretty well paying job, I had no idea I'd be homeless now.

everyonehasfaces37 karma

No no its fine I was just sitting here thinking about it.

Hey you need some kind of outlet.

Ricktron303089 karma

Yeah those things have a short battery life.

ROTP58 karma

Budum ch

dontuforgetaboutme232 karma


ROTP5 karma

Yes, but I'll save you the scrolling. My mother is an alcoholic hoarder who cannot take me on and my father hasn't spoken to me in almost ten years.

dontuforgetaboutme232 karma

Thanks, I looked through the whole thread to find it. Have you tried speaking to your father or were there a bunch of questions about your parents that were already answered?

ROTP4 karma

I answered them, but I have tried numerous times. He has never wanted anything to do with me (or any of his children).

PotheadCallingUBlack12 karma

How are you paying the bill?

ROTP25 karma

My ex's family is paying for it until the contract is up because he's living in the apartment that I payed most of the first, last, and security for.

SlowFoodCannibal24 karma

You sound so classy, smart, and mentally healthy - I suspect you might be doing an AMA in the future about being extremely successful in your career and FORMERLY homeless. No questions, just wanted to compliment you on the way you are handling life, homelessness, and some tacky redditors' stupid questions, and to wish you all the best!

ROTP22 karma

Thank you for the motivation. I can't wait to prove you right!

freemarket2718 karma

Does the shelter require that you do any work?

ROTP52 karma

I'm not sure if you mean house work, or off-site work, so I'll answer both. Yes, I'm required to do basic chores like cleaning the bathroom, mopping, and just other basic house chores. I'm also required to actively look for housing and jobs (who wouldn't want to do that, anyway?).

clsteveparks4 karma

The homeless people in my city that live in the library during the hours they're supposed to be getting back on their feet, for one.

Best of luck to you OP. Stay away from drugs.


ROTP43 karma

Hm, I find that the library is one of the best places for finding resources for gettinf back on my feet, is it not?

K0N5TANT1N17 karma

How did it happen to you?

Edit: punctuation

ROTP39 karma

I put a lot of money into moving into an apartment with my now ex-boyfriend in another state. Things collapsed between the two of us, and I now have nowhere to stay for the time being.

MidgardDragon2 karma

How south did they go? I actually shared a house with my ex-wife for a while and it did not ruin our lives or anything. Obviously if he hit you or was emotionally abusive or something this would not work out, but is it totally impossible for you to continue to share the apartment until you are on your feet?

ROTP4 karma

I found out he was cheating for months right before I got there and that he had been lying about ever having a girlfriend. (We'd been together for almost three years at this point.) The girl he had been having a side relationship with (and her friends) wouldn't stop harassing me and he refused to stand up for me. He told me that if I had such a problem with it that he'd have to bring me back home (NY).

hellobeau14 karma

How is the food? Do people know that you're homeless when you meet them at first ?

ROTP43 karma

The food is all pre-cooked and frozen. In the few days that I've been here I haven't seen a single vegetable, save the meals that have been provided for me elsewhere. I'm not complaining, its free; There are children and pregnant women in this house, and the lack of vitamins in the food is slightly off-putting

Neovalis11 karma

Does the shelter accept donations?

ROTP49 karma

It's a shelter funded by the salvation army. (Good thing they don't know I'm bisexual and have no religion!)

skarface64 karma

How much do you know about the salvation army? I don't think they care about things like that. They provide for anyone, regardless of beliefs.

ROTP11 karma

Hm, I know a lot of places aren't strict, but I have read about them shutting down shelters in order to avoid treating homosexuals as equals. I haven't had any issues personally , though.

thesmackmansayeth-2 karma

Do you feel bad that you omitted that info to the people who run the shelter? I mean I understand, you do what you have to do, but do you even consider things integrity-wise when your in your situation?

ROTP10 karma

They never asked me about my religion or orientation.

ROTP8 karma

Also, there is no sign that says "you must be a straight Christian to stay here". If I wasn't a redditor, I probably wouldn't have known that the salvation army discriminates against gays and non-christians anyway. I don't think I have a reason to "feel bad".

ROTP24 karma

No one knows that I'm homeless except my ex and my best friend.

GuitarmanCali9 karma

Your ex knows your homeless after you helped him move and he's not even offering to help??

ROTP31 karma

I suppose he did help by bringing me back to NY and bringing me to DSS, and then to the shelter. After all of the emotional trauma he put me though, I'd rather he stay far away from me. I'd rather do it on my own, or with the temporary help of the state, than let him help me only to shove it back in my face as he's done.

Stealin4 karma

I am really curious as to your friends. I know not many people have those, but you seriously don't have a friend you could crash with for a month or two and just snag a job to get you on your feet asap? I seen you mention getting kicked out of your current place when you get a job or whatever, but I find it hard to believe you can't find some place to crash and work to get yourself back on your feet. Friends and family may have problems, but if they can't board you up for a month while you work so you can save money for rent/etc... that's some pretty shitty family/friends.

ROTP22 karma

I have one friend that I trust, that lives in the nearby area that has offered me her couch countless times. I've taken the offer before, but I feel extremely awkward and unwanted there. She and her boyfriend share an apartment in a house his mother owns, and I've over heard him saying, to his mother, that he wanted me to leave. They're going through their own issues as well. I have no place there. I feel that this is my best and only option if I'm going to get myself out of it.

flippityfloppityfloo14 karma

Proof? (See sidebar for details)

ROTP44 karma

http://www.imgur.com/fqUX4p4.png I'm trying to figure out what better proof I can provide.

Entheogenix13 karma


ROTP45 karma

A lot of the women here tend to have come out of some pretty shitty situations, so the mood is generally hostile. I keep interaction to a minimum, but I really try and smile and be friendly to the children. The hardest thing here, by far, is dealing with the way some of these women treat their children. It makes me physically ill, and a lot of times I have to remember to bite my tongue to avoid being kicked out. I try and be a bright face for the little ones. I try not to let it get to me.

ROTP41 karma

For example, this morning, we were at the table eating breakfast. A curious four year old boy asked his mother what kind if bread was on his plate and she replied with "It's fucking french toast, you mutt." and no one even batted an eye. Then she got angry when he asked what kind of fruit was on my plate, because apparently, "Peaches" was the nickname of the woman her ex had cheated on her with. Because apparently, the anger should be taken out on the four year old, as it must be entirely his fault. /s /endrant

ROTP40 karma

There's one little girl, maybe two, who cries non-stop, not necessarily making any noise, just sobbing. She's obviously very sick and has a constant running nose. I handed her a tissue and her older brother, around three, tells me she's sick from drinking water from a puddle.

Entheogenix12 karma


ROTP25 karma

If I'm one minute late past curfew (11pm for single women, 9pm for women with children), I'm immediately kicked out. There are other fairly obvious rules, such as no fighting, music blaring, etc. Two violations of such rules and I'm out. Pretty simple stuff.

Ricktron30307 karma

No restrictions on drugs?

ROTP18 karma

I'm not sure, they told me not to bring any alcohol into the house. I don't have an issue with drugs or alcohol which is something they address before placement in this specific shelter. I'm assuming that they place addicts in treatment before placing them in a shelter like this one, but I'm sure some slip through the cracks. Sorry I can't answer your question specifically.

ROTP19 karma

I forgot to mention that on weekdays, everyone has to leave the house from 9am-4pm

ZachMettenberger6 karma

Where do you go?

ROTP21 karma

Library, coffee shops, sometimes I just take a walk. I have a friend or two i see sometimes. Luckily I became homeless after the worst of the cold weather

daydreamingmama3 karma

Where do you go during the day? I know someone who had to stay in two different shelters I believe and he said the same, had to leave during the day. That part doesn't make sense to me. What does women with children do during the day?!

daydreamingmama6 karma

Plus, what about winter months? I hope it's not cold where you are! I live in MI so our MI winters aren't fun to be out in when the temps really drops. :/

ROTP5 karma

I explained a bit about what I do during the day, but women with children too young for school usually go to the library. On the weekends, we aren't required to leave, so this makes it a bit easier for the mothers and children. You sound like an excellent, caring mommy. I bet your children absolutely adore and admire you.

Rox4Rix10 karma

Best advice-- no matter how weird it gets, stay true to your own values. It's too easy to make bad decisions when you get that helpless depression thing going. Fight that shit hard. Yeah, you took a tough hit. But I'm hearing a person that is learning acceptance, which is a strength, not a weakness. And don't forget to share the shit that works for you. Others need help, too, even from you. You seem to be far more interested in 'saving yourself' as opposed to those who expect rescue. Good for you. Not being afraid to work is way to your advantage. Some folks do lose that and never seem to get back any social graces whatsoever, nor desire to control their lives. Stay strong... sounds like you have some pretty good mojo going on...

ROTP38 karma

Acceptance is one of the things I'm trying to embrace the most right now. I think the people that are going through downvoting all my comments are thinking that I'm doing this IAMA for some sort of handout, and that's just nonsense. I'm not really sure why I'm doing it, really, maybe I just need an outlet. Either way, this comment is definitely making it worth while. I'm taking your advice wholeheartedly. Thank you, a million times over.

syndicated_writer8 karma

Is this temporary or are you stuck there?

ROTP11 karma

I'm stuck here for the time being, but I'm confident that I'll be out of here as quickly as possible!

flambyisyou6 karma

How long have you been there?

ROTP6 karma

Homeless for almost a month, in the shelter for three days.

captain_fluff_17psi8 karma

OP what are your previous work credentials in? I may be able to help with something in the job area. I'm in Va,but I do freelance work for a clothing company in brooklyn.

ROTP11 karma

I appreciate it, but I don't live in NYC. But to answer your question, I work mostly in foodservice. I do have customer service representative experience as well. Mostly waitressing and coffee shops, though. Once I find a room to rent, finding work will be easy! I answered other questions on why I need to find housing first. Thank you so much for your concearn.

hervethegnome7 karma

I am so sorry that this has happened to you. Being a 14-year old kid, I hope you find a way out of it and never have to deal with it again. But my question is, what are some of the strangest things you've seen happen while being homeless? Have you ever met anyone who has become homeless from a similar situation that you have? And what are some of the cruelest things you have seen happen to some other people?

ROTP12 karma

I don't think I've seen many strange things, save the normal strangeness that you'd see anywhere else. Some of the people at the DSS office were probably the most cruel. They made me feel like I was less than a human being. I'm sure that they do deal with a lot of bullshit at that job, though. The mothers here at the shelter treat their children rather cruel as well. I gave a few examples above. I've witnessed many people become homeless in a similar manner that I have. Some have made it out, some haven't. I grew up poor my entire life. I'm confident ill break the cycle. Thank you for your questions! Have fun being 14!

Entheogenix6 karma


ROTP12 karma

When checking into the shelter, they provide the women with a list of websites and other resources to find a job and a home. Luckily, the library is only a block away, so there are few excuses to give for not complying with the manditory job and home search.

bennytheguy6 karma

What do you do to pass the time by? I have always wondered this about homeless people. And finally just out of curiosity, what music do you like?

ROTP9 karma

I pass the time by looking for ways out! I just checked out Carl Sagans biography and a few of his books (Contact, Cosmos) so that keeps me busy. I workout a lot, too. I have a pretty diverse music preference. Chili peppers, black keys, modest mouse. Nas, Pac. Old school R&B, dancehall reggae. A bit of everything!

Svarte6 karma

I don't have any questions. I just wanted to offer consolences. I've been homeless myself more than once and have also worked with the homeless. I hope you make it out of this situation and get back on your feet quickly. You seem to have a positive attitude about things though, which will work in your favor. Good luck.

ROTP9 karma

I definitely plan on helping out in shelters once I'm out of here. Hope everythings going well for you!

_TaylorSwift4 karma

What are you doing to get yourself back on your feet?

ROTP23 karma

I have 4+ years of work experience and a strong work eithic, so finding a job will be pretty easy. The tricky thing is that once you find a job, you're out of here. NYS is providing my first month of rent and security at a max of $375 per month, so my first priority is finding a room. It is very difficult to find a landlord willing to accept DSS, but I just have to keep calling. Once I find that room, I'm out of here. I see myself finding and starting a job within days of that. From there I'd ljke to get my GED as soon as possible and I am very much looking forward to starting school in the fall!

_TaylorSwift3 karma

Good Luck!

ROTP7 karma

Thank you so much!

Not_Brandon4 karma

What are the demographics in the shelter? I've stayed at a mens' shelter and it was mostly drug addicts and mentally ill people. I'd be interested to know how womens' shelters compare.

ROTP10 karma

Honestly, I haven't gotten to know any of the women here on a personal basis. A lot of the women just stay in their rooms and keep to themselves. Most women are here, so I've heard, because of domestic violence issues. I'm pretty interested in why they're here, but I don't want to be invasive.

Notgolems4 karma

Do you have a Paypal account so that us Redditors can help you out?

ROTP31 karma

I don't feel comfortable accepting money from strangers. Thank you, though. Very thoughtful.

Scaryblueberry3 karma

What is your dream job?

ROTP12 karma

I want to be the next Dorothea Dix! Prison reformation. That's a pretty powerful role, I think. That would definitely be my dream job. I'm going to start off by majoring in human resources. Prison reformation or not, though, human resource jobs are abundant.

saikenchasofito3 karma

I believe in an earlier comment you stated that you were pretty much abandoned in another state. I find this to be extremely deplorable if what I'm thinking is true. I've moved a girl twice from another state but I never totally abandoned them when I broke up with them. I either gave them money to get back home or let them live with me until they could arrange that. Could you elaborate on why your ex didn't do what he was supposed to do?

ROTP12 karma

He actually did bring me back to New York. He brought me to the DSS building and stayed until my paperwork was done and then brought me to the shelter. It was my choice to leave him, allthough I didn't have much of one.

saikenchasofito2 karma

So you are actually in your home state?

ROTP16 karma

Yes. I just have no one to stay with. Alcoholic, hoarding mother and absent father.

saikenchasofito6 karma

If only you lived in Tennessee. I'm sorry it's going rough for you. But when you do get past this, you'll be able to conquer any situation _^ Don't give up, ever! You're awesome!

ROTP7 karma

Thank you! I appreciate it a lot.

squeeeeenis3 karma

What is one of the homeless steriotypes that you found to be completely untrue?

ROTP8 karma

Ill start with the stereotypes that are true: No high school diploma, grew up poor, absent father, on temporary government assistance Untrue: I don't "look homeless" (if that's even a thing) or beg for, or even accept money, I don't push around a shopping cart, I'm not addicted to any drugs and I don't drink, I don't sleep on park benches, and I certainly don't have a beard! Hope this answers your question!

mintzee3 karma

Does it feel lonely there?

(On a side note, I was having a terrible day and feeling upset. Things are not going great in my life and I don't know how to fix them. Your IAmA started to make me feel stronger somehow. My sincere wishes for you.)

ROTP5 karma

Honestly, yes. Especially after just coming out of a breakup, I do feel lonely. Luckily I have ways to keep my mind busy. I really appreciate you telling me that, though. You simultaneously made me feel better as well. I thank you for that :)

Databit2 karma

This is from my 10 year old step daughter: How much do you get to eat?

ROTP2 karma

I would say that the food portions are about average. They put the food in big bowls and you scoop out the food onto your plate yourself, so I guess it's up to me how much I eat. There definitely isn't enough to get stuffed, but I would say that I do get full, or at least close to it. Thanks for asking!

sciencemax2 karma

You are very beautiful. I hope everything works out!

ROTP5 karma

Thank you so much, I know it will.

BertRenolds2 karma

First I just want to say, I am not making any assumptions about your circumstance or your priorities/ morals etc.

Have any men upon finding out you were homeless tried to pay you for sex?

ROTP13 karma

I don't tell anyone I'm homeless.

kokain7112 karma

Do you think your boyfriend is supposed to be blamed for this? Not completely but to a certain extent..

ROTP8 karma

I blame him for the fall of our relationship for sure, but I'm really trying hard not to blame anyone for my homelessness.

saikenchasofito3 karma

Technically, yes, I think so anyway. If you get someone to move to a new state/country/etc, you are pretty much their only guide to that particular area. I think it would be the morally correct thing to do is to guide them back home at the very least.

PotheadCallingUBlack-1 karma

He did drive her back to New York, where her family lives. If OP doesn't want to ask her family for help and would rather live in a homeless shelter, that's her decision.

I know I sound like an asshole, but it sounds like she is just accepting this situation instead of actively trying to improve it.

ROTP3 karma

My family can NOT help me. They cannot even help themselves. Why would I be living in a homeless shelter if I truly had any other options? Have you ever experienced living in a homeless shelter? How can you possibly think that I'm not trying to help myself after reading this iama?

SatanMD2 karma

Do you feel shitty about it? Or do you feel just as happy as if you had a place to live? Im a 20 year old female that lives in a car. So Im on a somewhat similar level. And I have been happier in the time I have been homeless than I have ever been.

ROTP5 karma

I'm happy that I escaped a shitty situation. Sure, the physical things around me aren't pretty. But in my head, I'm at peace. That's the most important thing. I know things are improving. Good luck to you. Keep that positivity!

flambyisyou1 karma

You seem to be a nice person and well educated, I'm not in the US but my door is wide open for you. You can try coachsurfing? It's usually for traveller but if the feeling is good you it can be a good solution, I hosted a man in the same situation as you for a few months.

ROTP3 karma

I would definitely couch surf, but only if I was on my feet. I see that as more of a temporary solution.

Bongomc1 karma

Has anything dangerous/scary happened to you since being homeless?

ROTP11 karma

I honestly can't think of anything dangerous or scary. I tend to be either at the library reading or at a coffee shop reading, so that eliminates most threats

fernandough1 karma

I don't understand why you're homeless...

You say you can find a job... Why not get one? Why can't you find somewhere to live?

ROTP1 karma

If you read through the IAMA, I'm certain your question will be answered.

Chancewjm1 karma

Where do you live?(which city) sorry evil question. Everyone needs a helping hand... Even a place to stay?

ROTP3 karma

That's not an evil question, I just don't feel comfortable answering. Thank you, anyway! :)

tayfray1 karma

Where's your family? Do they know anything about your situation?

ROTP10 karma

My immediate family is nearby, but they each have their own set of issues to deal with. My father doesn't know my situation because he's been hiding from child support collection for almost ten years. I haven't spoken to him since I was ten. Before that, I would see him maybe twice a year with years of gaps in between. Interestingly enough, he's the only person in my family that has money. I hope this answers your question.

intentsman4 karma

No offense intended towards you, but your dad sounds like a dick.

ROTP9 karma

He once showed up to child support court with an ounce of weed on him so that he'd be arrested and therefore avoided paying/dealing with the fees at the time. Another time he loaded a whopping $0.73 onto the child support card. Imagine my face when I saw the envelope, got excited and then looked inside. He's a real winner!

ChipsAndCurrySauce1 karma

Well if you know where he is, can you not/should you not report him to the child support people?

ROTP2 karma

He has been on the run from them for years now. They tell me that they can't find him. He never shows up for court.

freemarket271 karma

You are not working? Are minimum wage jobs that hard to come by?

ROTP20 karma

You're right! They're easy to come by. The trouble is, as I mentioned, once I find a job, I'm no longer qualified to stay here and therefore I will not have a place to sleep. My priorities are to find a place to stay first, then a job will follow within days.

karma1337a1 karma

What state is your ex-boyfriend in, and what state are you in now?

ROTP7 karma

I'm in NY, but I don't feel comfortable answering on his part for the sake of anonymity. It is a neighbouring state.

greensign1 karma

Are you going to college or plan on it?

ROTP14 karma

Yes, I plan on it 100% and I'm hoping to be able to start in the fall! I'm beyond excited to go back, I've been reading and writing like crazy to get myself back in the groove.

Pronto_Breakneck2 karma


ROTP4 karma

I didn't say go back to "college", I said back to school. I've been to school before. Never college. Sorry if I worded that incorrectly.

bee_inked1 karma

have you thought of couch surfing? you can go online and find people who are willing to let you crash on their couch while you look for a job. they do them all over so i'm sure they're are some available in your area. just an idea, good luck!

ROTP6 karma

I think I'm most comfortable staying in the shelter for now, I feel stable here, at least for the few days that ill be here. Meals, my own bed, etc.. I mentioned earlier that I see couch surfing as more of a temporary solution. Thank you for the advice! I do plan on couch surfing one day, and eventually even hosting!

insidiousdoc0 karma


ROTP1 karma


AHistoricalFigure0 karma

This may be an uncomfortable idea for you, but have you considered joining the US Military?

So long as you're in reasonable physical health (no asthma etc.), don't have a drug problem, and have a relatively clean criminal background you'll almost certainly be accepted. They would provide you with housing, food, good medical care, steady pay, and money for college after your enlistment is over. Depending on the service you join and the jobs you apply for, you can be almost guaranteed to never see combat.

Basic training may seem intimidating, especially if you're not in great physical shape, but modern basic is nothing like Full Metal Jacket. Furthermore, it's a program which is designed so that basically anyone can get through it.

I know the prospect of joining the military is probably not all that attractive to most people, but it could help break you out of a bad rut and it wouldn't be a bad experience. There are all sorts of military jobs with real world application, or that will complement a college degree.

A quick internet search can tell you how to get into contact with a recruiter. Just read carefully before you sign anything.

ROTP9 karma

I actually plan on starting college in the fall. Thank you for your advice, though.

PotheadCallingUBlack1 karma

How are you going to pay for that?

ROTP2 karma

Given my financial situation, I'm almost guaranteed full tuition coverage with grants. If I have to take out loans, I will.

flambyisyou1 karma

To study what?

ROTP8 karma

Human resources. I explained earlier that I'm interested in prison reformation. I'm considering accounting, too. Maybe Master's in HR and a certificate or Associates in Accounting.

intentsman0 karma

read most of the comments... Do you have / can you get a transit pass?

Reason being to expand your radius. Why?

So you can hang out in coffee shops farther from the shelter. Why? Independent/Mom&Pop owner/operator who will hire you and let you couch surf until payday.

ROTP1 karma

I don't have a transit pass, but I do have a little bit of money for light travel. Where are you located?

chang-ed-2 karma

How do you want people to treat the homeless? I live in a city with a lot of homeless people and I'm unsure how you'd like to be treated.

ROTP12 karma

Not to sound rude, but I'm trying to understand why you think homeless people would like to be treated differently than anyone else?

chang-ed-1 karma

I should rephrase, I don't mean to offend you. In my city homeless people aren't treated like everyone else. They are avoided and in some cases made fun of. Besides giving money to you, does a simple smile help your day?

ROTP13 karma

Would a smile not brighten your day? How would a homeless person feel any different? Some people like to be smiled at, some don't. Its not a matter of homelessness. Besides, you could never tell that I am homeless unless I told you. I would never accept money from anyone I don't know, anyway. Not all homeless people carry bags of clothes and push around a shopping cart. Again, not trying to sound rude.

DCromo-2 karma

are you hungry? lol i'll be in the city later. Always looking to help a fellow ny'er and you def earned your credentials after staying in a shelter (unless you moved back to ny and now have no where to live, in which case you'd still be a ny'er but i'm off topic) pm me if you'd like

ROTP4 karma

I appreciate it, but I don't live in New York City.

[deleted]-4 karma


ROTP4 karma

I don't really care how you know, honestly. I just think it was rude of you to comment about it instead of messaging me. I'm not going to answer any more of your questions, and I hope a mod removes your comment.

freemarket27-5 karma

Why do people need a homeless shelter? Can't a person get SSDI, food stamps and section 8 housing and get a place of their own?

ROTP12 karma

People need a homeless shelter for the gap in between. There are not many landlords willing to accept people struggling on DSS.

ididntgotocollege-9 karma

would you like fries with that?

ROTP6 karma

I've had plenty of jobs making well over minimum wage, and I am competent enough to go much further... nice try, though. Try not to generalize, if your simple mind can handle such a task. I pity you.

anotherguy2-3 karma

you never answered their question.

ROTP5 karma

Yes, I would like some sweet potato fries, actually.

anotherguy2-8 karma

you obviously think you are too good to work fast food though... but not too good to live in a shelter.

ROTP2 karma

Maybe if you'd read the Iama, you'd get a little sense of what's actually going on. He didn't say "Hey, maybe you should get a job at McD's". He said something that was very obviously meant to be offensive. I'm not "too good" for anything.

ppppppppppppppppplll-26 karma

Have you ever banged anyone for coke?

ROTP12 karma

Interesting that you think that'd be a priority. No, I've never banged anyone for anything except an orgasm, and I've never done coke.