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Did you ever want Jo to come and rub those massive tits in your face?

I mean, you were 13 and all...

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My wife and I debated whether OP would deliver or not, but OP surely did :)

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Thank you for recognising that the war did not only affect Jews - so many people forget that homosexuals, trade unionists, mentally ill, Roma and Sinti were also killed.

I visited Sachenhausen a few years back and there was a memorial to ALL the victims of the holocaust and not just the jews.

It was especially poignant to walk past the ovens and the camp and to know that so many people died there that are so often forgotton by history.

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At least they were practicing safe sex.

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I thought the required visas was E-11?

It depends on the circumstances.

An O-1 is an "Alien of extraordinary ability" and has different criteria to other, employment based visas.

I know of one (video games) programmer who moved to the states on an O-1 and he had to supply the US embassy with photographs of his former team at international award ceremonies as evidence of his "extraordinary ability".

tl;dr speak to an immigration lawyer.