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To Ice Cube:

Thank you for all of your work. The Predator remains in my car as one of my favorite albums to listen to on longer drives. The famous line "mama cooked the breakfast with no hog" is said to refer to your conversion to Islam. What inspired you to convert? And has its role in your life changed over time?

Secondly, did the escalation of the East-West rivalry in 1991-93 seemingly bypass you since you were no longer with N.W.A.?

I appreciate your time and thank you both for this AMA!

EDIT: Oh well...

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Awaiting a photo from Dean. I will edit this post when verified.

EDIT: Verified! Ask away!

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Barry - You are a hero to the NFL and athletes everywhere. Your play was exemplified by your character. Thank you.

My question is: What do you believe is/will be your legacy in the NFL?

EDIT: For all of those who don't know Barry's story, please watch this. He is sportsmanship.

EDIT2: Oh my. Two people each giving Reddit Gold for my comment? Thank you, kind strangers!

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Have you eugogalized?