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Correct. Correct.

It does seem crazy. I think it involves how there is a very active community and culture around being Deaf. People in wheelchairs can still communicate and interact with everyone whereas if you're Deaf you need other Deaf people (well, people who know ASL) in order to talk or just hang out or get anything done.

A lot of new parents nowadays are suggested by doctors to get the implant for their baby and the Deaf community thinks this is highly unethical as being Deaf is not a bad thing, just different. Many people feel the choice of getting the implant should be saved until the child is older and able to make the choice him/her self.

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NOW they do.

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The first time hearing things like crickets and birds made me cry. I had no idea what they were and had to ask my husband (well, for the crickets at least.)

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I have been openly ridiculed before. A friend of mine came over and looked me up and down and checked out my ears and said something along the lines of, "I'm really disappointed in seeing you having those. Why do you feel you need them?" I simply explained my reasoning as I did on here. We were friends for a long time but are not really friends these days.

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It is and thank you! I am getting upgraded in May so I can't wait for those!

I have also heard of some of those types of things. I once heard from a friend that a boy in class had an alarm that would go off every time the same day but couldn't hear it so each day all the kids would stare at him until he turned it off.

Although that really doesn't involve safety the same still applies.