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I'm sure it was a poll conducted by an independent source including responses from a statistically large and ethnically/geographically diverse group of Ukrainians.

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You'd be more likely to get a response if your question was less loaded and agressive.

Did you ever concern yourself with the the magnitude of labor that involves a single sortie?

There is no inflection you can read that sentence in that's anything other than combative. Not to mention, what does that even really mean? Have you ever concerned yourself with X? Are you looking for a shoutout, or a slap on the back?

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*Might have misunderstood what you're saying in asking this question

But what's the reason for a team specifically made of one male and one female?

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Al Jazeera is a great place to get your news so long as you don't care about anything that happens in Qatar.

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As someone coming from engineering who is running against a man who is hated for his stance on internet bills, your campaign so far seems to have a laser focus. How do you compare to Lamar Smith on other issues important to your district that do not relate to internet freedoms?

Also man, you really need proof on this stat.