I was born with a normal left hand, and a right hand that was and still is a sight to see. I think my hand is like this because either I had Symbrachydactyly or there was some amniotic banding going on up in the fetus.

I know there was a girl who posted about this two years ago or something, but since I'm a dude, the questions may differ! Ask me anything.

Proof#1: http://imgur.com/P2pz05E

Proof#2: http://imgur.com/avZrKQI

Official Timestamp stuffz proof: http://imgur.com/ulKfpxl

Oh and I live in South Korea now so yea...

Edit #1 The digits on my right hand are not fingers, they are TOES. So I now have 4 toes on each foot. I guess I'll need to put a picture up for proof, but since I'm at work, itll have to wait.

Edit #2 Here is a video of me typing/speaking about my hand! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uU16dnI7kik

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oliveij1829 karma

Have you ever considered getting a doctorate just to make Dr. Claw jokes?

tboasis71582 karma

That is an excellent idea.

Chili_Maggot958 karma

You would fit right in at a metal concert.

tboasis7842 karma

Never been to a live concert....ever.

Yes, I would be the # 1 rocker.

I think I need to be a band leader and make my hand our first album cover.

phokas632 karma

When you said claw, I literally thought you had a giant metal thing, with sharp knives for fingers that you could rip people's hearts out with.

I'm not mad, I'm just slightly disappointed.

tboasis7653 karma

Who said I couldnt rip out hearts....?

kimchi_station488 karma

Have you ever masturbated with your right hand?

tboasis7869 karma

Just as a sub. The pleasure is slightly overbearing.

Sarahsmydog353 karma

I notice your "bad" hand is your right hand...did you find it unnatural to write with your left hand? I mean could you tell that you would otherwise be right handed, but had to teach yourself to be a lefty?

tboasis7562 karma

Yea, good point there. I was born right handed, so writing left handed for a long time was unnatural and very difficult for me. Long story short, Lots of training and patience, now my handwriting is .....decent.

tboasis7458 karma

Excellent. I have a memeeeeee

Sarahsmydog237 karma

Impressive. I swear to God I can't even brush my teeth with my left hand.

tboasis7245 karma

I'll have to upload a pic of my right hands writing compared to my left.

Sarahsmydog168 karma

What about shaving? Is it basically like gambling with your life every time you go to shave? I couldn't imagine shaving with my left hand. I'd end up looking like leather face for sure. Basically I only use my left hand for fapping (convenience with the mouse)

tboasis7263 karma

Since I'm really coordinated with my left hand, shaving is reallly easy.

I have like mega strength in my left arm now from relying on it so much to do everything. A delivery guy and myself hauled a clothing closet up the stairs the other day. Me one handed and him double handed. Let's say he was quite surprised.

TheCrowMan101341 karma

How do people react to seeing your hand?

tboasis7607 karma

It's mixed. You should have asked how they react when they shake it.

TheCrowMan101320 karma

Wait, what? They shake it? Why? What happens?

tboasis7840 karma

Well since its my right hand, and usually I just dont care what they think, yea they shake it.

Best reaction was when I went to a bank in America and this big rasta guy in a suit with dreads and all that came out to help me. He shook my hand, and he literally jumped out of his skin. teeheee.

staaate354 karma

My principal in HS had a claw. I instinctivly went for the left handed shake at graduation, thinking that was what he would want (his right was the claw). Awkwardness ensued

tboasis7387 karma

Yea, that was a silly move for you haha. I bet that was awkward, but then again some of us with the claw get kicks out of making these kind of situations. :)

staaate214 karma

Awesome, please bring as much awkwardness to the world as super-humanly possible

tboasis7205 karma

Will do, its needed.

mayonnnnaise99 karma

How do you properly shake your right hand? Would it be rude to grab closer to the wrist but give a firm handshake or give a wimpy insecure handshake where I awkwardly grab your permanent hang ten sign? I'm just being honest about how I would react.

tboasis7159 karma

my thumb kinda will just go over the space between your thumb and index finger while my other digit will just kinda jam into your center palm.... i heard its kinda weird but still firm.

abraham399191 karma

I find it funny how you refer to it as the claw lol, or maybe it's just really late and it's not that funny

tboasis7196 karma

Nah its pretty hilarious^

grant0-14 karma

he literally jumped out of his skin
literally jumped out of his skin

I do not think this word means what you think it means.

tboasis755 karma

Whatever man.... although Im gramatically incorrect, everybody seems to understand and I frankly dont give a shit

_Born_To_Be_Mild_327 karma

Are you really unable to stop it from tickling people or was my Grandad lying to me?

tboasis7421 karma

No ....it has a mind of its own.

Komotaxy232 karma

Are you aware how easily it would be for you to perfectly jab somebody's eyes?

Also, have you ever considered taking a hand-gun training class while pretending your left hand doesn't function? Just so you can witness how people would react.

My third and final question; I've been drinking. Have you been drinking? If so, what's your favorite alcoholic beverage?

tboasis7274 karma

Jabbing eyes is a specialty of mine.

Hand gun training.... a little hard in a country (Korea) where guns are illegal.

Im a gin man.

Komotaxy74 karma

I figured you'd ignore my drunken comments, so thank you for responding.

Gin is one of the only liquors I haven't tried. I keep getting lazy about it. While we're on that topic, what common brand do you recommend?

I think the reactions would be better in Korea. When you pull the trigger either a "bang" sign or confetti would come out.

tboasis7116 karma

Stick to Bombay saffire or beefeater for gin tonics.... get some roses lime or just a slice of lime.... yum

LitAFartOnce178 karma

Can you snatch a salmon swimming upstream with that bear claw? (I assume you have a pretty good sense oh humor, given that helmet you got).

tboasis7610 karma

Catch a salmon... screw that I go for the bear, snake style his throat and take allllll his fish.

midgeawful161 karma

You are super cute, which your magic claw only enhances;

tboasis7235 karma

Im taken ladayssss.

Thanks anyways.

midnightoyster125 karma

Have you discovered any practical uses for your "human claw"? Things that mere humans could never comprehend doing with their simple hands.

tboasis7439 karma

I used to use it as a goal for flicking pieces of paper through in High School, the teacher's face was priceless when she caught me doing it. Other than that, my hand makes a damn good yogurt pot holder, beer opener, and ..... potentially the ultimate shocker ;)

LitAFartOnce128 karma

Holy fucking hell that is officially THE Ultimate Shocker. Do the ladies request it?

tboasis7322 karma

Requests, yet to come.

I think porn would have been a better field for me if I really wanted to exploit my situation

nalydtnuc9656 karma

so have you or have you not done it?

tboasis7225 karma

Oh, its been done!

Sisphys_1109 karma

Has your "claw" (if you're not offended by that terminology) impeded you from following your dream job, or have you been discriminated against in any other sense?

tboasis7349 karma

My "claw" has never kept me from doing anything I wanted to do, unless I was foolish enough to want to learn to play a saxophone. Never been discriminated openly, only by silly bitches in high school. My dream job is to just help people so .... I'm a teacher now so. I guess I'm there haha.

My nickname was "Toes" during University for 2 years, nobody knew my real name. For real.

Sisphys_187 karma

That's some rough shit, man. The worst I've had to deal with is immature ass holes calling me fat. Props to you for not letting that bring you down. Cheers.

tboasis7363 karma

Yea, in elementary and middle school it was pretty rough. I had some days where I just hated being me. Super dark shit really when I think about it. I'm so glad that those days are far behind me. I had one kid really pick on me for the longest time, so I basically took his little finger with my "claw" and bent it backwards until it broke. Outcome was good, that fucker didn't bother me ever again. You are lucky man, you have a chance to change your situation now if you want. Although sometimes I think about what it would be like to have two normal hands, I don't think I could do that. I have a girl that loves me for who I am and I really love my hand. It's me and I don't give a damn about what others think really.

socksmyworld59 karma

I teach in SK too. The kids are not nearly as subtle about physical things as they are in the west (I get told I have a big nose daily). How do they react to you?

tboasis7153 karma

I let them ask questions in the first class and then they know abiut it from then in. After that its just ..."Teacher you so handsome... talll... big eyesss wowww"

Danesk2 karma

Is your GF Korean?

tboasis74 karma

Yes. Very much Korean.

shksprsmnstr2 karma

Good point, I watched this little tid bit the other day aimed at inspiring people to do "what they want" and "follow their dreams" Great inspiring little clip, and it was ruined with a comment in short: " My son is in a wheelchair, how can he follow his dream of something unreasonable due to his is impaired ability" Part of me was annoyed that she would taint this video with that film, that she should instead be focusing her and her sons energy on doing what he CAN not being all mopey about what he CANT do. Sure I don't understand what hes going through, but still I feel that feeling sorry for himself is the most debilitating aspect of his circumstance.

tboasis72 karma

Yea its always what you CAN do not what you cant. I get frustrated but I never give up.

Brodinsky101 karma


tboasis7155 karma

um .... no

sorry to dissappoint you .....

davis9882 karma

Do you have spidey powers?

tboasis7170 karma

You betcha.

And my coteachers think I take a bus to school, oh, what they don't know muahaha

YachtRigger75 karma

How are you typing this AMA? Do you have a one-handed keyboard, or just a unique typing method?

tboasis7126 karma

Again, this is another video I need to do.

For the most part I only use my claw for the letters IOPJKLM and then every function key to the right of that.

I type fairly quick considering my situation.

InTheFury41 karma

Follow-up on that: Lets say you play a PC-ego shooter, are you using your right hand on the mouse, or using your left hand on the mouse?

tboasis7135 karma

pc shootera are a NO GO :(

iamaredditer74 karma

Do you fap with that hand or afraid the claw might pinch it off?

tboasis7198 karma

Having my goodies pinched off is always a risk I have to take, but for the most part its just used as a sub while I change the video.

strong123472 karma

have you ever slapped somebody with it and screamed "raaawwr" ?

tboasis7144 karma

Probably... drunkenly

Dreea59 karma

mygod you're gorgeous...

tboasis752 karma


vakomatic59 karma

Fellow claw here. Looks like you have more dexterity in yours though, lucky! I have no joints in my digits.

tboasis767 karma

Ah man im sorry to hear that but yea when i was in rehab after the op. my mum told me that she didnt even attempt to help me as she thought it would prevent me from being as good as i am today. Did you have to wear weights on your wrists as a kid to keep your muscle mass on level with your other arm

akjester2456 karma

I played baseball with a guy that had a similar hand (he actually pitched for the Marlins, Chad Bentz, albeit briefly, that's a story for another time) and he gave the most powerful titty-twisters EVER. Have you ever tried rippin some nipple? And if so, how'd that go?

tboasis787 karma

I give some nasty titty-twisters too.

The outcome was .... not pretty.

Merry_Bastard50 karma

Do you have a preferred reaction when people notice? Ignoring it, light hearted joke, question?

Also, it's hard for me to tell from the pictures, do your fingers close in? Do they oppose each other, or your palm?

tboasis780 karma

My usual reaction is just to ignore it, but if I'm a little drunk I usually slam them with a joke.

I never attack anyone for any reaction, obviously some people might be quite shocked so I give them some room for that.

Yea the fingers close in, opposing each other. I only have motion on my ring finger's middle joint though, the knuckle is fixed. The thumb though is opposite with full knuckle motion and no joint movement.

FumerTue31 karma

I think Merry_Bastard meant how would you like others to react to it ? I'd be quite interested in knowing. Whenever I meet someone with abnormal physical features I pretend nothing is different, but I'd really like to just say something about it to get it over with.

tboasis760 karma

Well Id prefer for them to kinda ignore it and the politely ask me later about it.

CoolDude186841 karma

Just wondering. Assuming you are straight, do you play with girls with your "claw." I see it could be used as an awesome shocker in more ways than one.

tboasis790 karma

Play, play.... alll day

They love it.

chicostatelegend27 karma

Came here to ask this.

The fingers you do have are very strategically placed

tboasis764 karma

Yea, I had a fantastic surgeon. The small finger on the right is actually a bunch of bones put together to form what is called a static post. It helps me hold a knife for when I use a knife and fork ( which is rare now that I live in Asia.)

TheAtomicBrainFart36 karma

What was your current best friends reaction to the claw? Has it lead to any amazing experiences?

tboasis7202 karma

I think my current best buds reaction was something along the line of ...." Oh shit, you got a claw... it led to this in high school.... god i was skinny


FaKeShAdOw21 karma

Please use this to get ladies

tboasis762 karma

Once they see the control I have of this bad boy..... the ladies are overcome by curiousity. ;)

RandyRedstone36 karma

What is the biggest challenge that you face in your day to day activities?

tboasis7144 karma

buttoning my left sleeve on my work shirts.... I have literally ripped shirts off in frustration, that is if I'm having a really bad day.

Luckily I have a wonderful girlfriend to help me.

nkotowsk34 karma

Do you play baseball, and if so, can you throw a killer split-fingered fastball with that hand?

tboasis796 karma

Nope.... I throw like a kindergarten girl with my right hand.... :(

850enthusiast27 karma

what's it like to live in South Korea?

tboasis754 karma

It's pretty cool, I teach as a Native English Teacher here so the life is pretty chill.

Decent cash and low stress.

Many people complain, but I have no idea why, most people here teaching would have a lot more stress in their home country.

Icyrow26 karma

Any differences in how people treat/act around you in SK compared to where you used to live?

I mean being a foreigner you must get stared at a lot so it might be hard to tell?

tboasis763 karma

Yea since Im a big tall foreigner in SK, usually people just stare at me first and then when they meet me its the hand that they notice.

I have a lot of practice concealing my hand, so I know how to go unnoticed.

TheSnow739 karma

Extensive use of the ol' "hand in pocket"?

tboasis7123 karma


My girlfriend hates it... shes always yelling at me to take it out. Im glad she does, good confidence booster.

giantcreep124 karma

Ever thought about getting a prostestic?

tboasis763 karma

Never, ever, ever. I love my hand, I think having a prosthetic is a horrible idea for me. I think people with them get judged more.

PoorHustler29 karma

Yes. But yet again, judged or not, you seem to be a man of independance. Not giving a single fuck of what insignificant people think of you, I respect that. Thus, from a practical point of view, wouldn't a prostetic hand come in handy? (Had to make that last pun)

tboasis742 karma

haha im sure if it was like star wars shit.... id give it a go

huushuur24 karma

What part of Korea? I live there too

tboasis762 karma

Daegu. The best part.

noseforsharpies14 karma

Hey man, I currently live and teach in daegu as well! Chilgok, more specifically..do you frequent any bars around here? You should come to Beatles bar in chilgok sometime!

tboasis725 karma

Im in seongseo .. west daegu... come down here its much better ^

huushuur5 karma

haha been to Seoul much?

tboasis717 karma

Yea. Ive been quite a few times and despite all it has to offer, I really prefer my smaller city. Im still in training haha. Seoul is awesome. I love the club scene up there^

Lunra24 karma

How strong is your claw compared to your other hand strength?

tboasis740 karma

its about 2/3 the strength. which is good enough for me

hazelnut_swirl22 karma

If the technology becomes super advanced would you consider exchanging you claw for the bionic palm?

tboasis780 karma

Never.... claw for life.

Perceptes22 karma

It seems from your replies so far that you both have a girlfriend currently and have had some prior luck with the opposite sex. Can you provide some more detail about how women react to you as a potential partner?

tboasis756 karma

I think my prior partners put some though to it and decided for themselves they were cool with it.... Most were cool with me being upstairs but obviously thought it was too kinky when i tried to go down south with the claw....there were exceptions.

ska_robot21 karma

On a scale on 1 - 10, how afraid are you that NK will go to war?

tboasis737 karma

3... the rest of Korea... by that the South Korean people.... 1

miss_kitty_cat19 karma

Can you describe the surgeries you've had? You mentioned that they took your toes to form the claw: has losing your toes had any impact on you?

tboasis731 karma

I had two major foot to hand transplant surgeries. I dont realllly know all the details since my mum doesent really like to talk about it and my Dads in like Africa or something ... and i live in Korea. All i know is that they were both split into multiple surgeries maybe 2 at most with each surgery lasting about 6+ hours each. I was so young so the nerves and joints and all that were pretty immature so they were easy to link up. I guess rehab did the rest.

Feet are good, i just have a gap where the other toe used to be on each foot

Tru-Queer17 karma

Any creative Halloween costumes involving the claw, or did you just want to be Batman like all the other cool kids?

tboasis726 karma

Grew up in rural England... didnt do too much trick or treating but im sure i would have wanted to be batman for sure.

Sovietrussia9213 karma

Is the affected hand your writing hand?

tboasis720 karma

Nope,although it was naturally my writing hand, I now write left handed and have done since I first started writing.

mayonnnnaise11 karma

Do you play video games? what are your favorites?

tboasis719 karma

I did. Mostly racing games and call of duty did it for me

Yamamoto1211 karma

Do you/your friends make a lot of zoidberg jokes/references?

tboasis722 karma

Nope.... i dont really know who that is.

Fyi ... didnt have a tv growing up

mayonnnnaise10 karma

I pop my fingers like crazy. May be a bad habit. I eventually started popping the joints in my toes. Do you pop the joints in your toe-fingers? I must be OCD if that's the first thing I think about.

tboasis723 karma

Shit i shouldnt but i do.... bad habit

talon9999 karma

What has driving been like?

Do you have full coordination of your right hand?

tboasis718 karma

Driving is a breeze. No problems, I can even drive stick. ^

friedjumboshrimp9 karma

Do you ever slip 'the shocker' to to your girlfriend?

tboasis719 karma


neime6 karma

Do you have full mobility with your right hand?

tboasis717 karma

Yup, full mobility. There are a couple joints that don't realllllly work but I get by without them and I dont think they would make much of a difference anyways.

SharpenedPenis3 karma

What is the most difficult everyday task you have to do?

tboasis711 karma

As stated earlier.... the hardest thing would be shirt sleeve buttons.

titanchip2 karma

I've got an older friend that has something similar to this and she said it was a side effect of a medication that her mother took while pregnant with her. Any chance this is what happened with you, and maybe your mom A. doesn't realize it or B. just doesn't want to tell you?

tboasis73 karma

Asked her multiple times and I am not one of those.

Judojitsu1 karma

I Hope you strive to do everything with supreme confidence, passion and intent that this is not a disability; It is an advantage.

An idol of mine, one of the highest ranked and greatest Brazilian jiu-jitsu practitioners ever has a "claw hand"; Something he never let stand in the way of his goals.


tboasis72 karma

Man, Ive always wantes to learn a martial art... that looks awesome.

djcreek1 karma

Interesting how both fingers resemble thumbs.

(Actual question) I see scar marks. They from an operation? http://i.imgur.com/avZrKQI.jpg

tboasis74 karma

Yup those scar marks are from the two very long operations i underwent when i was an infant.

desert_dessert1 karma

If it was banding in the womb, would you have been born with some scar tissue there around your fingers? And was this something your mother knew before you were born, i.e. could your hand be seen on an ultrasound?

tboasis72 karma

As far as I can remember, the hand could not be seen. I had a rather poor upbringing so Im sure that my mum didnt visit the doctors toooo much. As for the scarring.... Im sure if it was there its gone from all the surgeries.

tkdodo991 karma

your sense of humor is awesome and you must make for a great teacher.

tboasis72 karma

Eh the kids like me .... I think.