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Verified here.

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Thanks for calling Funkmaster Joe! I'm sorry Funkmaster can't get with you. My name is Ted Williams, the man with the golden voice, but I will make sure if you leave your name and number, Funkmaster Joe will get right back to you. Thanks again, and you know you love it!

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Doral Chenoweth! His name is Doral Chenoweth, and yes I am. He is very very much concerned with a lot of my successes and any type of hardships that I'm facing right now in terms of my sobriety or my relationship issues. But yes, Doral Chenoweth is truly my friend, my angel, and my mentor.

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We're doing fine right now. As a matter of fact, we're so close together that the prayer that I prayed 25 years ago for our relationship to have mended and healed as it has, I'm saying my prayers are answered. We're doing very well together.

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