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it really kinda did.

porn has gone from expensive as fuck, to free for everyone and now a bunch of idiots are paying for porn again and now the free porn is getting shitter.

the worst of it is, it wouldn't be an issue if they just posted normally while doing porn, but basically every gonewild account (or atleast the related subreddits) is now a sales account, which means 20x of the same image reposted every 3 months.

always with a title to make it seem like it was JUST TAKEN.

apparently /r/asiansgonewild got so fed up with this shit that they banned even linking onlyfans and other paid content. i.e, do it for free like it was built upon or fuck off.

hell there's been growing vote manipulation and stuff too (which was bound to happen when $ was involved). i imagine the subreddits that do keep it/allow it get a ton of it still.

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How much urine or faeces would you need to get out of a frictionless saucer (made from the bottom 10% of a sphere with 100m radius) ? Which would be more efficient in terms of work done by you (not including the effort in producing it, unless you really want to...)?

You may pick the bristol stool chart number, you are not allowed to exhale or inhale whilst doing so to swing out with momentum, you are not allowed to just fill it up and swim/float out.

bonus points for absurd strategy. Your life is on the smelly and somewhat disgusting line!

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you have basically an unrelenting source of people who would be willing to do it for free, you don't even need the $50/month to automate it.

hell you could do most of that shit with a script or two, this just sounds like you're trying to weasel some money out of it.

yeah it's hard work and yeah you do it for free and we're all grateful but i really don't like this idea whatsoever, too slippery of a slope for something seemingly fixable without that sort of thing.

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Any differences in how people treat/act around you in SK compared to where you used to live?

I mean being a foreigner you must get stared at a lot so it might be hard to tell?

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thank you for putting the time in.