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Sarahsmydog2640 karma

This couldn't have come at better time. I am at work and got hot sauce on my shirt. How do I get it out? Please fix my problem.

Sarahsmydog2152 karma

You're amazing.

Sarahsmydog353 karma

I notice your "bad" hand is your right hand...did you find it unnatural to write with your left hand? I mean could you tell that you would otherwise be right handed, but had to teach yourself to be a lefty?

Sarahsmydog237 karma

Impressive. I swear to God I can't even brush my teeth with my left hand.

Sarahsmydog168 karma

What about shaving? Is it basically like gambling with your life every time you go to shave? I couldn't imagine shaving with my left hand. I'd end up looking like leather face for sure. Basically I only use my left hand for fapping (convenience with the mouse)