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On a scale on 1 - 10, how afraid are you that NK will go to war?

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He does a job, like most everyone. Hate the system, not the man.

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Is there any censorship that you don't agree with?

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Have you traveled out to Northern BC to delve into the so called Highway of Tears? Highway 16 west from Prince George to Prince Rupert. It's quite the hotbed of missing Native women since the 60's.

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Why do they turn people away at voting areas when they come to the wrong location?

I was in line with my registration card, and the lady in front of me had her and her mothers registration cards, but they were at the wrong location. The Information Officer turned them away - the lady in a huff said, "Fuck this, I'm not voting," and stormed off. This seems terribly inconvenient! I know that following simple instructions for some people is difficult, but it was frustrating to see.