EDIT: I'm calling it a night. Some great questions! If I can, I'll drop in periodically over the weekend and answer a few more.

Proof: Imgur

Hi my name is Jessica Cox and as I write this, I am typing with my toes. I was actually born without arms as a result of a birth defect. My parents raised me just like my two siblings, never allowed me to be treated differently, and encouraged me to chase my dreams. Thankfully I also grew up at a time (I just turned 30) when people with alternate abilities like mine were encouraged to attend school and given opportunities. As a result of a lot of support and a lot of hard work, I've been able to live a normal life. I received my college degree from the University of Arizona, learned to drive a car, and even earned two Taekwondo black belts. In 2008 I fulfilled a lifelong dream by earning my pilot's license. That achievement put me into the Guinness Book of World Records and allowed me to achieve a new sense of empowerment. It also allowed me to pursue another goal -- to tell my story and become a spokesperson for the alternately abled. I'm now an internationally recognized keynote speaker and I've traveled to 18 countries and met Pope Benedict, President Obama and many other leaders.

Something very exciting is happening for me in just a couple weeks! I was recently invited by the Nobel Prize winning NGO Handicap International to visit Ethiopia in support of a program they have there to promote the inclusion of children with disabilities into the schools. I'll be there from March 30th to April 7th. This is extremely important and a cause dear to my heart, as alternately abled are often badly discriminated against and face dismal futures. While in Ethiopia I'm planning to mentor children, speak to educators and leaders and families. I'm also planning to fly over the capitol Addis Ababa and hopefully attract some media attention for these important programs and my goals. You can read more about this effort and see videos about it at this link: http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/rightfooted-the-documentary-about-jessica-cox?c=home

Ask me anything. Normally I type with my toes but I may ask my husband Patrick (I got married last year) to type some of my responses.

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Assbarnacle61 karma

How do you wipe?

rightfootedwoman51 karma

I've figured out my own way. ;)

juxtap0zed36 karma

Kind of random, but do you have 'footedness' the way that we have handedness? Ie, right or left foot dominant for different tasks?

rightfootedwoman71 karma

Yes, I'm right footed. That's actually my web address www.rightfooted.com

jamie7951228 karma

Do you ever get foot cramps?

I hate foot cramps with a passion. And I can't imagine how many I'd get if I used them for half as much as you do.

rightfootedwoman25 karma

I don't get as many as most people because I'm using my feet all the time.

blahhthrowaway25 karma

Serious question. How has the lack of arms affected your sex life? Masturbation? Do you give...foot jobs to your husband?

rightfootedwoman30 karma

It hasn't.

SangfroidSlackJester25 karma

Inspiring stuff!

How long have you been practicing Taekwondo?

Thanks for doing this AMA!

rightfootedwoman26 karma

I started Taekwondo when I was 10. It took me 4 years to earn my first black belt. In fact I'm at the American Taekwondo Association Spring Nationals earning a few certifications.

You're welcome!

Emerson735 karma

Has there been any advantages for you in Taekwondo?

rightfootedwoman17 karma

Tae kwon do requires more kicking and because of my extreme flexibility I did have a little of an advantage.

ngumu22 karma


rightfootedwoman17 karma

Aww, that's so sweet. Thank you for sharing.

I'm excited for my trip to Ethiopia where I'll be able to help more kids like Brian. It's only a couple weeks away!

seafoodmedley10 karma


rightfootedwoman13 karma

I would love to. Can you please send me a message via my website: http://www.rightfooted.com/contact/

OneHotProcessor17 karma

You're awesome - read you on Tiff's blog. :)

Curious question - what is your WPM typing with your toes?

rightfootedwoman29 karma

I can type between 25 and 30 words a minute. For the longer answers my husband Patrick is helping me type a little quicker.

calltheball2213 karma

As a fellow pilot, how did you get your PPL? Did you have to get some sort of waiver? I don't see how you would be able to use the rudder pedals and work the stick at the same time. Thanks for providing proof!!

rightfootedwoman19 karma

I do not actually have a Private Pilot License. I have a USA Sport Pilot Certification. I can fly with my Driver's License acting as a medical.

The Ercoupe Airplane was built with the rudder interconnected with the ailerons.

rob1177 karma

What about pitch? I'm curious how you work that, along with the other controls?

rightfootedwoman15 karma

In the Ercoupe, pitch works the same way as any other pretzel yoke. I pull or push to control pitch.

The hardest part of flight training was learning to land. My flight instructor was worried about how quickly I could adjust the throttle. So I went though a couple different kinds of throttles to find the right one. I still like to land a little fast just for safety.

weareyourfamily3 karma

I would love to see video of this, I just can't imagine having that kind of precision with my feet.

rightfootedwoman3 karma

It's just some muscles you haven't used much. There's some close up footage in the RIGHTFOOTED trailer that I like. http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/rightfooted-the-documentary-about-jessica-cox

CoasterLady11 karma

I have a friend who was born without arms, and it is rather amazing to watch her complete tasks that she shouldn't be able to. She writes and types with her mouth (using a special stick type device) and eats with her feet. She completed college and is now a teacher : )

I'm glad you are able to be so successful in your life : )

rightfootedwoman24 karma

That's awesome! Please tell her I said "toes up!"

Thank you. :)

SoCal_Sapper10 karma

Have you ever thought of doing a modern rendition of "My Left Foot"?

rightfootedwoman13 karma

I'm the subject of a documentary (still in production) that will be about as close as I will get to "My Left Foot." You can watch the trailer on Indiegogo: http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/rightfooted-the-documentary-about-jessica-cox?c=home [edit: fixed the link]

SoCal_Sapper4 karma

I watched the trailer, good stuff. Good luck in your quest!

rightfootedwoman3 karma

Thank you!

damnBcanilive9 karma

Have you competed nationally in TKD?

rightfootedwoman19 karma

I have. I tied for first place in weapons form competition using a nunchuk.

damnBcanilive6 karma

Excuse me if I come off as offensive but how does one use a nunchuck without arms?

rightfootedwoman12 karma

seven6 found the link I would have gone searching for that will answer your question.

No offense taken.

clisztian8 karma

No questions or anything, just a comment. For some reason, I knew you'd be good looking. But then I saw your inspirational video and realized you're not good looking, but in fact drop-dead gorgeous. So not only talented, gifted, intelligent, inspirational, and athletic, but also gorgeous. Your husband Patrick is a lucky guy.

rightfootedwoman7 karma

Thank you! You made Patrick blush. ;)

seven68 karma

Given all of the advances currently happening in neural enhanced prosthetics, would you consider trying some of those technologies out?

rightfootedwoman9 karma

Great question! I personally do not currently use any prosthesis. I wore them from 3 years old to 14. They were never as quick or effective as my feet. It's hard to compete with flesh and bone.

However, the advances recently have been phenomenal! A couple years ago I met the gentleman who had the arm transplants. The technologies in prosthetics and transplantation has come a long way.

Luminair8 karma

I hope this isn't insulting in any way, but if technology ever got to the point where some sort of prosthetic, naturally-articulating arms were invented, would you consider undergoing surgery to "add" arms? While this is a different situation, my grandfather was without a finger due to an accident and had mentioned a few times that if science could accurately replace his appendage, he'd do so. What are your feelings on these advancements?

Irregardless, thank you for your AMA! It has been a fascinating read!

rightfootedwoman14 karma

Thank you.

I would still say no. I have lived with only my feet from day one. And I think that's the difference between your grandfather's perspective and mine. I never had the arms to begin with. Introducing a new body part at this stage would be the same as attaching a second set of arms to you. You could learn to use them but they still would never feel right. Your grandfather, on the other hand, was born with the finger he later lost. He had it from day one and identified it as part of his body.

I have noticed this usually holds true for congenital verses traumatic amputees.

jordan3148 karma

You're very inspirational. The video of you using chopsticks and playing piano was awesome. Which was hardest, getting your driver's license, pilot's license, or Taekwondo black belts?

rightfootedwoman9 karma

Definitely getting my pilot's certification. It took 3 years, 3 instructors and 4 airplanes.

mrmpr34 karma

Most people would have quit after wrecking the first airplane!

rightfootedwoman21 karma

LOL! All the planes I've flown are still flying. Switching planes was logistics not because I broke them. ;)

CantUseUsualUsername8 karma

This may be hard to answer since you've never had arms, but what do you think is the most challenging thing to learn to do without having arms? Also, how do you put on/off a bra?

rightfootedwoman10 karma

I'm still trying to figure out how to tie my own ponytail. Any suggestions?

I clip the bra together with my toes before putting it on. Then I put it on over my head like a t-shirt.

seafoodmedley13 karma


rightfootedwoman4 karma

Thanks, I'll have to take a look.

buttons3015 karma

Your hair is straight right? I'm assuming that you can touch your toes to the back of your head. Maybe if you used your big toe and second toe to gather your hair between them, then you twisted it in one direction until it was a skinny rope type shape, then used the toes on your other foot to open the elastic and bend your hair through, then kept twisting and pulling through. Or if you get these and you slipped it just off your head and kept twisting until there was no more left to twist. You'll get it. I have slight fine motor delays in my hands, so it took me until college to perfect the ponytail. I'm currently working on learning how to paint my nails! Best of luck!

rightfootedwoman4 karma

Thank you for the suggestion! Good luck with your nails.

kgunderson6 karma

You sound super cool, congrats on all of your accomplishments. Do you think you are more driven because of not having that arm? (ie: you felt you had to prove to people you're "normal" and capable?)

I also noticed you used the term "alternately abled" and I really like that term as it is more positive than differently abled. However, I've noticed at times people are very weird on politically correctness so I am curious on your thoughts on people being PC. Would you find more people who are insensitive and demeaning (ie: saying you crippled, or something like that), or people being hypersensitive (ie: avoiding acknowledging it)?

rightfootedwoman7 karma

I am more driven by being alternately abled. I don't think I would have accomplished as much if I had been born with arms.

I personally do not mind being non-PC. But that's something I find is up to each person.

Polite_Werewolf6 karma

If there was a zombie outbreak, what would be your zombie plan?

sourdsmokin5 karma

Do you feel your life would be less fulfilling if you were born with arms?

rightfootedwoman7 karma

I think it would be fulfilling in different ways.

alwayslearningx5 karma

Do you have any favorite inspirational quotes or personal motto you use to motivate yourself?

rightfootedwoman10 karma

Eleanor Roosevelt said, "Identify your greatest fear and walk directly at it."

alwayslearningx7 karma

Here I come rattle snakes!

rightfootedwoman9 karma

Go for it! Just don't get too close.

moonglow3595 karma

have you ever been so depressed you thought of suicide ?

rightfootedwoman15 karma

I have had my share of down moments. Never to the point of suicide. I've relied on my faith and support from my friends and family.

moonglow3597 karma

thanks for answering.

rightfootedwoman33 karma

I know this is a public forum but are you struggling with this question yourself?

2ndsegundo4 karma

Have you been in a conversation with someone (friend, acquaintance, stranger) who tried to 1-up any of your accomplishments?

rightfootedwoman15 karma

I raced my armless friend Barbara up a rock climbing wall once.

i_cant2 karma

but did you win?

rightfootedwoman3 karma

Watch the video and find out http://www.youtube.com/embed/bZYYbwhy_AY

vtbuxton4 karma

First off, thank you for doing an AMA!

I've always been curious about people with disabilities such as yours and their religious beliefs. I'm an atheist and I enjoy having respectful religious discussions so my question is: Due to your disability; are you a religious person and if you are, how does it influence your daily life? If not, what convinced you to shy away from religion?

rightfootedwoman12 karma

I would not say I am religious BECAUSE of my disability. Many people with disabilities find this a difficult question to answer. Some find life better to live with faith and others without. It's another one of those things that's unique to each person.

Jedmac904 karma

Very inspiring!! How did you and your husband meet? And do you have any plans to start a family someday?

rightfootedwoman5 karma

We met through Taekwondo. I was invited to perform at ATA World Championships. I needed some extra training and knew a friend of mine was running a Taekwondo school near where I lived. I showed up and Patrick was one of the instructors in the school. We got to know each other over the next couple months and when he moved to another school we started dating.

This is a big part of the RIGHTFOOTED documentary.

1911dan4 karma

have you read reach for the sky by Douglas Bader? if so what did you think?

rightfootedwoman4 karma

I have not. Can you give me a summary?

sharmaniac3 karma

Not really in your league, but he was a fighter pilot who lost his legs doing silly stuff (aerobatics close to the ground). He got artificial legs and went back to piloting fighters. Also was a pow who had his legs confiscated for a while after an escape attempt. He was definitely a strong personality, but the obstacles you have overcome are even greater!

rightfootedwoman2 karma

I will definitely take a look at that book!

SoCal_Sapper4 karma

How do you deal with personal hygiene?

rightfootedwoman11 karma

I use my feet just as you use your hands. I'm real particular about dirt and germs on my feet. A little OCD, actually.

this_is_normal4 karma

What are your favorite type of shoes to wear? Have you reached out to footwear companies to sponsor your endeavors/ motivational speaking?

rightfootedwoman8 karma

That's a great idea. Do you have suggestions?

I prefer shoes I can slip on and off quickly and easily. I usually sandals. It gets a little complicated when I visit places like Alaska, though.

this_is_normal5 karma

I wish I had some professional ones, but I'm not in the industry. Honestly, since you're going to Ethiopia, I would reach out to Tom's; you could spear head an amazing charity campaign for them and give motivational speeches. Happy kids = everyone wins :)

rightfootedwoman3 karma

Thanks for the suggestion. :)

belgianaddict4 karma

Are you being watched a lot when you are walking through the streets?

rightfootedwoman8 karma

I get stared at all the time. But it's part of my life that I had to learn to accept.

Boegter3 karma

Have you ever been very angry for not getting something done without your arms?

rightfootedwoman12 karma

I get frustrated still since I have not figured out how to do my own ponytail. My husband is getting better at them, though.

2ndsegundo3 karma

What about acting? .....Have you ever considered a TV or film gig? (Besides the documentary)

rightfootedwoman3 karma

I just spoke with a couple people who own a Fil-Am station in LA. They had some great ideas about hosting a show. Something to think about.

shiv4m3 karma

I think I saw you on TV one day.

  • Did your feet involve into feet-hands?

rightfootedwoman8 karma

I use my feet as my hands. And if you take an x-ray of foot bones, they look a lot like hands.

rightfootedwoman3 karma

Which show? I've been on a couple.

shiv4m3 karma

Could have been Dateline or 60 minutes.

rightfootedwoman3 karma

Maybe the BBC?

Gravy-Leg__3 karma

Do you have any special devices to help you with daily tasks? Ever have an assist animal?

rightfootedwoman9 karma

The only assistive device I use is a dressing hook. It's a windshield repair man's tool. Basically it's a hook mounted onto a large suction cup. I push it onto a smooth wall or cabinet and point the hook down to undress. Then turn it up and hang my pants on it and then step into them.

hlabarka3 karma

Why do you keep your keyboard and mouse on the desk instead of on the floor? It seems like this will eventually lead to some sort of RSI situation.

rightfootedwoman6 karma

I usually do have it on the floor. When a news or film crew stops by it doesn't make for a very good shot. It just looks like I'm sitting there watching the screen.

NotMathMan8213 karma

Can you swim? I imagine as a pilot you would spend some time in the air over water, so it seems like a handy skill to have.

rightfootedwoman19 karma

I love swimming! I started when I was five years old. Not having arms doesn't stop you from swimming. I just kick hard enough. I'm also SCUBA certified.

NotMathMan8212 karma

That is awesome. You rock!

rightfootedwoman3 karma

Thank you!

rightfootedwoman7 karma

One of my mentees, who was also born without arms, was a candidate for the Paralympics in swimming. I also got to teach a four year old without arms how to swim and captured it as part of a documentary. We have not finished it yet so there's no video online, but you can see a little bit about the four year old on the documentary's Indiegogo page: http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/rightfooted-the-documentary-about-jessica-cox?c=home

Gravy-Leg__3 karma

How do you wash your hair?

rightfootedwoman10 karma

I sit on the floor and put shampoo on the instep of my right foot. Then I reach up and wash the hair on the left side of my head. Then switch.

Pringlespringles3 karma

In the original post you noted that you were married (congrats). How old were you when you got into your first relationship and how were you treated by men growing up?

rightfootedwoman6 karma

Relationships were not a high priority for me. My parents were never the type to insist on eventually getting married. I enjoyed my independence. I dated but nothing was really serious until I met Patrick.

seven62 karma

Do you have any brothers or sisters? How did they treat you growing up?

rightfootedwoman5 karma

I have an older brother and a younger sister (both have arms). They treated me like any other sibling. However, it frustrated them when others had expectations that they should give me special treatment.

BrianChiou92 karma

First off, you are truly inspiring!

My question is: what type of hand writing did you prefer as a child (cursive or print)?

This is probably one of the coolest AMA's I've seen!

rightfootedwoman6 karma

Thank you, that's great to hear.

I liked printing as a child but now prefer cursive so I don't have to take my foot off the page as often.

Stand_2_Reason2 karma

No question here, just wanted to say how inspirational you are, you are a machine!

rightfootedwoman3 karma

Thank you!

LukeEnglish2 karma

Do you know anyone else without arms? I could imagine a million types of shenanigans that could ensue.

rightfootedwoman16 karma

Several. I've used it to my advantage many times. I have a friend without legs and we've entertained the idea of starting a band called the Amps.

LukeEnglish5 karma

I was thinking more of having you all in a bar and when someone walks in, you all turn to stare at them, chanting "one of us. one of us.", with on of you holding a machete in your foot.

But the band thing is pretty cool too.

blargh90013 karma

Or use fake arms and dramatically have them 'cut off'. For Halloween or something.

rightfootedwoman7 karma

Done that one :)

krsnow3 karma

Details? lol

rightfootedwoman5 karma

I was playing a practical joke on a neighbor in college.

DexK2 karma

I had the privilege of training in taekwondo with you when I was at UA for a semester back in 2009. Do you still train at all? Are you still in touch with any of the old club members?

rightfootedwoman3 karma

I've actually just met with a bunch of people from the club at Spring Nationals today.

DexK2 karma

Awesome!!! Best of luck competing, ma'am :)

rightfootedwoman2 karma

Unfortunately I can't stay for competition. But thanks anyway!

fringefigure2 karma

Ever thought about entering politics?

rightfootedwoman4 karma

I'm not really interested in getting involved with politics. I'm happy with my job as a motivational speaker and advocate. It keeps me busy enough.

bucknakid142 karma

I'm just now trying to develop public speaking skills as I want to become a motivational speaker in the future. Have any advice for me?

(a little background info: I was raped/molested by my stepfather for years in my teens, witnessed many deaths, went through drug abuse, abusive husband, and damn near poverty. I want to help girls who are going through this/went through this, as well as the police/cps workers/emts/etc. involved in helping them towards their own road to recovery.)

rightfootedwoman4 karma

The fact that you want to give back and make it different for others is a great start. The next step is to just start speaking.

As you develop your skills you will be able to create a powerful message. Best of luck! The world needs you!

Gravy-Leg__2 karma

This question is late to the party, but after scanning your AMA, I don't think it's been asked: A lot of amputees have phantom pain (i.e., they can feel sensation in the limb that has been amputated); my question for you is do you ever have phantom pain in your arms, given that you were born without them?

rightfootedwoman4 karma

No. In my experience, phantom pain is more often associated with traumatic amputations as opposed to congenital.

mihirnawathe2 karma

Which leg do you use more?

rightfootedwoman3 karma

I am right foot dominant and that's why my website is rightfooted.com. Therefore I am also right leg dominant as well.

EDtor2 karma

So if you were to stand on a skateboard you would have your right foot forward? Just making sure.

rightfootedwoman2 karma

Yes, and I surf goofy foot too.

ThatGuyFromFark2 karma

How do you control the rudder pedals if you are using your feet for pitch and power? Did you have trouble at first with coordinated turns?

rightfootedwoman4 karma

The Ercoupe Airplane was designed from the beginning to have the rudder interconnected with the ailerons. So I can control pitch, roll and yaw with the yoke.

seven62 karma

What kind of shoes do you wear? I assume you wear a lot of slippers. Have you ever tried Vibram FiveFingers?

rightfootedwoman3 karma

I usually wear sandals but I've always wanted to try shoes with toes. What are they like?

seven63 karma

They take some getting used to. I am not sure if they have the dexterity that you would need. And they can be a pain in the ass to get on. But they are great for running and doing stuff outside.

rightfootedwoman4 karma

Dexterity is needed. I use my toes to open doors and pick things up so if I can't grip things it might be a problem.

rightfootedwoman4 karma

What about the sense of touch? It's an important part for me.

seafoodmedley4 karma


rightfootedwoman2 karma

I'll be sure to take a look.

LukeEnglish3 karma

You lose a fair amount of sense of touch compared to being barefoot, but nowhere near as much as traditional shoes. When I'm barefoot, it hurts to walk on gravel, but I can do it with ease when I'm wearing my Vibrams.

As for dexterity, that might be a little troubling as well. I imagine it would be like a pianist wearing gloves. You've mastered using your feet, but Vibrams would make it more difficult.

I love them and wear them every day (that it's not raining. I hate getting my feet wet in them), but for you I would suggest sticking to sandals. Sandals are easy to slip on and off and won't hinder your abilities to use your feet.

rightfootedwoman2 karma

Thanks for the info!

ttsci2 karma

I saw an interview you did a few years back and it was really awesome.

What's your favorite thing to do in your free time? I also see you have a tablet - do you prefer a touchscreen or keyboard when using the computer?

rightfootedwoman8 karma

I haven't had much free time lately between my speaking career and being the subject of a documentary. But when things do slow down I still train in Taekwondo, swim and bike.

I really prefer a physical keyboard. Touchscreens don't always respond to my toes. Probably because they've become calloused. That's why pedicures are so important.

ReverseAbortion2 karma

This question might sound silly.. I believe that you've been to a lot of fine dining restaurant, so.... How do you eat? And in what position do you usually sit during eating? It's hard for me to imagine.

Thanks for the AMA. I hope you are not too busy being awesome! :)

rightfootedwoman5 karma

I eat sitting up just like most people. But I am flexible enough to use my right foot to eat. Chopsticks, forks, spoons, knives, whatever you can think of I use between my big and second toe.

whentheredredrobin2 karma

Is your right foot (or the toes on it) at all bigger than your left foot? The reason I ask is, my right hand's fingers are visibly slightly bigger than my left hand's fingers because I'm very right-hand dominant, and I was just wondering if it's the same for feet.

Great AMA, by the way :)

rightfootedwoman2 karma

I end up using both even though I'm right foot dominant. So I don't see much difference in the size.

gusllywiggum2 karma

How are you typing this AMA?

rightfootedwoman3 karma

I'm using my toes on my laptop. But my husband Patrick has helped me get a few posts out more quickly.

2ndsegundo2 karma

Pet peeves?

rightfootedwoman3 karma

People standing on my sandals, dirty feet, dirty floors, and people easing their own awkwardness by pretending I'm not there. There's probably a few more I'm not thinking of.

MCML2 karma

Where is your favorite place to fly to? Also, any words of inspiration for those who feel their dreams are out of reach?

rightfootedwoman4 karma

The Ercoupe isn't designed to fly far so I'm usually happy to fly around San Manual, AZ where it lives when I'm not renting it.

Never give up on a dream. If I can fly a plane, what can't you do?

GreenJohnable2 karma

Ok we all want to ask. How many foot cramps do you get?

rightfootedwoman4 karma

Honestly I seldom get foot cramps. On rare occasions, I will and that is because I over stress my feet in the same way you can get a hand cramp.

gururyan2 karma


rightfootedwoman4 karma

I have not broken anything but I severely sprang my ankle in a car accident. I spent a miserable month in a wheel chair. My brother had to push me around Milan when I went to receive my Guinness World Record medal. It made it tricky when I then gave the medal to the Pope.

adammoffatt2 karma

Since you have already accomplished so much, what else do you want to accomplish in life? Also you are amazing!

rightfootedwoman3 karma

My immediate goal is to finish the documentary rightfooted (www.rightfootedmovie.com). I would also like to finish a book, and become a mom when the time is right.

TJB922 karma

How flexible are your legs by this point in your life? I imagine them being similar to tensile spider monkey tails.

rightfootedwoman4 karma

Think of the flexibility of a young child. They can easily put their foot in their mouth. It's something we all had. I just never lost it.

FUupStraydog2 karma

How did you learn to type with your toes? Because that's pretty awesome

rightfootedwoman5 karma

They were all I had to use. So I put them to work.

Lionspridde2 karma

Do you have children? If not, do you want children?

rightfootedwoman2 karma

My life is too busy right now to have a family. I'm on the road more than home. Patrick and I do want children so when the time is right we will find a way.

dragonhunter212 karma

As a private pilot in training, how much of a bitch was it to get your pilot's licence? Did you have to do a SODA? How do you handle the rudder/aileron inputs?

rightfootedwoman2 karma

I earned a Sport Pilot Certification so my Driver's License acted as my medical.

The rudder and ailerons are interconnected so I can control pitch, roll and yaw with the yoke.

LazyAssRuffian1 karma

You are an absolute inspiration. Without this AMA I never would have known about you. I am glad I came to reddit today. Can't wait to show your post to my kids later.

rightfootedwoman3 karma

Thank you and you're welcome. I have a number of videos on YouTube I'm sure your kids would find interesting. www.youtube.com/user/rightfootedwoman

Canihavesomeshoes1 karma

You're incredible. Now I feel like shit. Typical day on reddit.

rightfootedwoman2 karma

I hope you can take away something a little more positive. Here's to a better day.

Canihavesomeshoes1 karma

The positive thing is you are the most incredible inspiration I've seen in a while. Blackbelt, pilot, SCUBA cert, motivational speaker.... just, WOW.

rightfootedwoman1 karma

Thank you!

carvedog0 karma

Just wanted to say thanks for braving the occasionally murky waters of Reddit. I am inspired. For a cynical bastard like me that is saying something. Thanks..

rightfootedwoman1 karma

Thank you. It's been fun!

dddash-2 karma

Have you ever beaten Battletoads?

rightfootedwoman3 karma

I usually just stick to Mario Cart.

2ndsegundo1 karma

Follow-up: are you a gamer Jessica Cox?

rightfootedwoman1 karma

No, not really. But my husband is.

batman_never_faps-4 karma

Would you say sexy time is better without arms?

rightfootedwoman12 karma

How would I know the difference?