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There were 2d barcodes on them that, when scanned by the child's smartphone, would open up a webpage with a video of a hologram. They would compare that hologram to a hologram also found on the helping hands to confirm their authenticity.

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half the people on reddit dont know what you mean by "traditional" vs. "online"

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In the movie I kind of felt like Muse was a clever character and when he went on board he was thinking, either they are telling the truth and I'll talk to the elders, or they are lying but I will stay alive. He knew the one crazy guy wasnt going to surrender. When he asked if they killed his friends, he was confirming that plan b had worked out.

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Always Be Closing, LiterallyFuckPandas.

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When you have $0 you want a $100k house. When you have $100k you want a $2.2mm house. When you have $15mm you want to buy the house that celebrity x is selling that comes with its own island.