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Hey Hank! You rock! I'm curious about your role as David on Friends. Did you expect it to be a recurring character on one of the biggest shows of the time? What other guest spots have you enjoyed?

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Well for what it's worth I always thought Phoebe should have ended up with David!

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I love Metric's version of Black History Month almost as much as the original. Did you know Emily was working on a cover of it? If you had to cover one of her songs which would it be?

Also, any hope of you returning to Saskatoon sometime?

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You sound super cool, congrats on all of your accomplishments. Do you think you are more driven because of not having that arm? (ie: you felt you had to prove to people you're "normal" and capable?)

I also noticed you used the term "alternately abled" and I really like that term as it is more positive than differently abled. However, I've noticed at times people are very weird on politically correctness so I am curious on your thoughts on people being PC. Would you find more people who are insensitive and demeaning (ie: saying you crippled, or something like that), or people being hypersensitive (ie: avoiding acknowledging it)?

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I'd totally listen to that!