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That really sucks. How bad is CVS for you, and have you thought about creating a 'reverse effect'? Like for example when people smell dog shit, they start to gag and vomit, but since you do that already, you can constantly sniff dog shit to relieve yourself from these horrible issues.

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Can I assume you're skinny as fuck and drink a lot of gatorade?

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  • What is something you miss about China?

  • Do you have the 'Chinese hair style?'

  • What is something you enjoy about the US?

  • Will you be staying in the US forever and ever?

  • What is something you hate about the US?

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I'm 22 years old and I first began to lose hair at age 19. I did not notice it at all until one of my friends told me I was thinning. Till that day I spent a lot more time in the bathroom staring at my hair because I had very thick hair which I LOVED. As of right now, I've lost most of my hair but I can hide the baldness by doing a comb over. Generally people never notice that I'm losing hair unless I sit down because I'm 6'5.

Any who, questions for you - what kind of procedure was this? Did it hurt? How much did it cost you? What was going through your head on that day you decided to shave your head, did you like it?

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I'm going to be straight forward here, can you get me a job at Boeing?